Colombia and ELN begin talks to reach “total peace”

The last remaining Marxist guerrilla in Colombia - ELN - and Colombian government formally resumed peace talks in Venezuela to end a six decades old conflict.

Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor rolls out stellar 2023 program

Bogotá's Teatro Mayor has rolled-out its 2023 program with Spain extending its role as Guest Nation of Honor. Among the highlights is La Belle Époque, Renée Fleming and Ute Lemper.


Among the sugarcane cutters of Valle del Cauca

The sugar mills of Valle del Cauca employ up to 12,000 cane cutters. The work inspired photographer Sergio Bartelsman.

Ciudad Bolívar builds its own history in one-of-a-kind museum

Residents of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá's sprawling south are building their museum to document social issues, political activism and cultural revival of their locality.

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A choir from Nazareth, hymns from La Guajira

At the tip of Colombia's department of La Guajira is the small town of Nazareth and at the heart of Wayúu culture. The girls boarding school is one of its most important landmarks.

Fundraising with the AWC’s Masquerade Ball

The American Women’s Club - AWC - annual Masquerade Ball and fundraising event was held on october 1 at the Country Club in Bogotá. The event raised funds for 10 charities.

Nadin Ospina opening at El Museo gallery

The Galeria El Museo inaugurated three exhibits on Saturday, September 17, showcasing the works of artist Nadín Ospina, Edwin Monsalve and a women's collective.

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Should the US eliminate tourist visas for Colombians?

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