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Editorial: Bogotá is strong

Despite a tumultuous end to 2019 with the national strike, Bogotanos have shown to be resilient when dealing with the fall-out of anti-government protests.

Editorial: Endangered ecosystems and Orange Economy that thinks green

President Iván Duque is pushing the Orange Economy to combat a host of environmental threats, including deforestation. Are digital ecosystems a smokescreen for failed infrastructure?

Editorial: When August fanned the flames

The wrath of the news maelstrom in August didn't exclude Colombia from making world headlines after ex-FARC dissidents announced their return to arms.

Editorial: Colombia is a nation on the move

The improved security situation across Colombia is presenting many with the option of living in smaller cities, and that offer good quality of life and new-found business opportunities.

Why a long-term vision for Bogotá is crucial in the 2019 mayoral race

The race for the Bogotá mayoralty is underway with candidates presenting their agendas on how they would govern the Colombia capital. What is urgently needed is a long-term vision.

Editorial: The scourge of vandalism and incivility take hold of Bogotá

The recent attacks against brand new TransMilenio buses and destruction of historic landmarks during a farmers protest show how vulnerable Bogotá is to vandalism.

Lifting of Canadian entry fee to attract more tourism revenue for Colombia

As of May 1, Canadians no longer have to pay upon arrival in Colombia. The decision to lift the tourism fee will attract more visitors and boost commercial ties between both countries.

Editorial: From a border to broader chaos

Colombia's Iván Duque has waged foreign policy capital on regime change in Venezuela. But, the arrival of Russian military experts to back Maduro will extend the migrant crisis and geopolitical stalemate.

A letter to Roger Waters from this side of the Moon

Roger Waters' tirade against the Venezuela Live Aid concert organized by Richard Branson seems incongruous with the lyrics of this humanist, poet, rock star.

Short story: Poshlost or Masterpiece?

Installment of author Jimmy Weiskopf's portrayal of literary anti-heroes.

Essay: Is Colombia “Trapped by the Impossible?”

Colombia defies all categorization as history has shown, explains Jimmy Weiskopf.

Editorial: In search of Colombianness and other year-end thoughts

With a mandate of change, Iván Duque must jump-start the country's economic engine and work towards consensus in Colombia.

Editorial: The final word for the Latin American left

As migrants flee abject poverty and crime across the region, Venezuela's Maduro can use Trump's anti-Latino rhetoric to give the left in Latin America a voice with the electorate.

Duque and Trump: A shared vision

President Trump is scheduled to visit Colombia next month, at a time in which the country faces a surge in coca production. Counterpart Duque must prove he isn't "just another Colombian president."

Editorial: The tragedy of the Caminantes

The movement of Venezuelan refugees across Colombia is straining the country's welfare system at a time in which the government of Iván Duque must implement tough economic measures.

Editorial: Inaugurations and a dateline “Colombia”

President Iván Duque's inauguration was covered by 600 international journalists who braved wind and rain to deliver the news. But, it wasn't always easy to get a story from Colombia out there.