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Tackling the refugee crisis can be of virtue and profit

The resilience and tenacity refugees demonstrate in their journey to safety often means they will also make exceptional entrepreneurs.

Editorial: The hats we wear as periodistas

As the Colombian conflict writes its final chapter, as journalists we must focus our profession on covering those stories that were sidetracked or shelved by the war.

Biodiversity: Just how big the body count?

There can be no denying that habitat destruction is the main reason why human actions drive species to extinction. Organizations such as SavingSpecies can play a role in helping local conservation efforts.

Leading the way for women in the Bogotá Women’s March

As millions marched around the world to protest Trump's inauguration, Bogotá hosted its own gathering of concerned citizens for the first ever Women's March.

What does Donald Trump think about drugs?

Will a Trump presidency continue with the reformist policies of Obama in the war on drugs or will there be a return to the belligerence of the past with Latin America.

Editorial for 2017: We’ll see you “ahí”

The year has begun with the implementation of the Tax Reform, an economy showing signs of economic growth and a capital that urgently requires leadership.

Is there a “nuclear renaissance” on the horizon?

With the world fixated on lowering fossil-fuel emissions, now is the time for nuclear energy to come to the fore. But, it’s not working out that way: the nuclear option is fading.

Year in review: Putin’s breakout year

2016 saw a major step toward Vladimir Putin’s vision of the world – it remains to be seen if the United States and Europe will remain committed to challenging this vision, or will seek to accommodate it.

Opinion: The decline and decline of Los Mártires

Ineffective regulations and lack of political will all contribute to the preservation of urban poverty and decay in Bogotá.

Editorial: Our ‘Spiral of Silence’

It couldn't get any stranger than 2016, a year in which "change" swept across the world and Colombia with its peace came out relatively unscathed.

Opinion: A change in rhythm to life in Colombia

Columnist Richard McColl reflects on how, after a 10-year sojourn in Colombia, the time has arrived to "change rhythm."

A new peace accord for Colombia with its November rain

With a new peace accord reached in Havana with FARC, Colombians now brace for a wet winter.
Wagner Moura plays Pablo Escobar in the hit Netflix series "Narcos."

In defense of Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ and its depiction of Colombia

Few television shows have generated as much controversy in Colombia as the Netflix series "Narcos," which has found tremendous success abroad and detractors at home.

Understanding Colombia’s peace with a carrot and a stick

A new round of talks have begun in Havana to find a negotiated end to the Colombia conflict. But recent history has shown us that only former presidents Santos and Uribe can salvage a peace on the brink.

Central America’s gang menace is triggering a humanitarian disaster

Gang-related violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is driving tens of thousands of people, including unaccompanied children, on perilous journeys to the U.S. border, in search of asylum.

A Colombian journalist recounts why she marched for peace

Thousands have marched this week across Colombia to pressure the government and opposition to accept the final peace accord with FARC. Here a perspective from the street.

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