High expectations for Colombia’s medical cannabis reveal experts

Five leading physicians spoke with The City Paper about how medical cannabis is helping health professionals deal with the symptoms often associated with terminal illness.

Gallery: “Semana Santica” in Mompox

Before the start of Holy Week across Colombia, the colonial town on Mompox celebrates Semana Santico, a week-long religious festival in which children lead the processions.

Spanish National Ballet opens FITB at Teatro Mayor

The Spanish National Ballet presents a dazzling performance of Zaguán y Alento during four nights at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo.

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Olga de Amaral’s tapestries head to Brussels in first ever showing

The renown Colombian artist Olga de Amaral is hosting her first exhibition in Belgium and which present 40 works elaborated during the last 15 years of a prolific creative life.

FITB 16: Bogotá ready for a weird and wonderful theatre festival

The curtain rises on the largest theatre event in Latin America. The 16th edition of the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival presents works from 13 countries.

Nueva Esperanza: A Muisca town surfaces in Soacha

A grassy knoll near Soacha has revealed one of the most complete archaeological discoveries of the Muisca period.

Bogotá’s Gold Museum joins Golden Kingdoms exhibition at the MET

A beautiful exhibition titled Golden Kingdoms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York includes pre-Columbian artefacts from Bogotá's famous Gold Museum.

Editorial: Reason, not populism, as Colombia’s political landscape shifts

High voter turn out during Sunday's legislative elections shows a trend towards backing rightwing candidates as Colombians challenge the peace process and second term of Santos.

International Women’s Day: Overtime and Underpaid

Efforts to harness the economic potential of women are being hampered: There are only so many hours in the day, and women are already busy tending to their homes and communities.

Editorial : Bogotá sidewalks and semantics

In theory, there is plenty of sidewalk in this metropolis of 9 million and growing. But a garbage collection crisis and broken bicycle pathways are turning sidewalks into a treacherous obstacle course.

Editorial: A watershed year for Colombia

A final editorial of a year that consolidated a difficult peace process with FARC and faced legal hurdles in the Congress.

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