Photo Gallery: Images from the Paro Nacional in Bogotá

The Paro Nacional in Bogotá has witnessed the participation of large representations of Colombian society marching in solidarity with the unions and victims of the internal conflict.

Thousands marching across Colombia during day of protest and strike

Thousands and marching across Colombia in protest over the social and economic policies of the government. The demonstrations in Bogotá are concentrating in Plaza de Bolivar.

Will 21N mark Colombia’s entrance to social protest in Latin America?

Thursday's nationwide protest is being heralded by left-wing politicians as Colombia's entry into the social protest that has gripped many Latin American nations. For those who oppose, the future of democracy is at stake.

Mayor Peñalosa outlines security plans for Bogotá ahead of Paro Nacional

Bogotá Mayor Enrique Peñalosa outlined the security operations for the capital to guarantee peaceful protest during the national strike on Thursday, Nov 21.

Teatro Mayor presents its 2020 program, Canada named Guest Nation of Honor

Canada has been named Guest Nation of Teatro Mayor's 2020 program, and theatre that embraces global talent.

Current Issue

Colombia enacts tough security measures for Thursday’s nationwide strike

The Colombian Government will guarantee the right of citizens to protest peacefully during Thursday's national strike while, at the same time, enforcing security to combat violence and vandalism.

Dance beyond imagination: When I’m Not Around by Barcelona’s La Cerda

The Barcelona dance company La Cerda gave a performance of When I'm Not Around and one of many highlights of the XII Danza en la Ciudad festival.

Colombia’s Doris Salcedo makes art history with Nomura Art Award

Colombia's Doris Salcedo has been awarded the world's most lucrative art prize, Nomura Art Award, fo works that honor the victims of the internal conflict.

Bicycle donation in Cundinamarca helps rural children get a leg up...

The C.C Andino is helping rural children across Cundinamarca and Boyacá get to their schools with bicycle donations, and award-winning social responsibility initiative.

Cinematic epic Birds of Passage sweep Colombia’s 2019 Macondo Awards

Colombia's film awards Premios Macondo gave Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego's Pájaros de Verano (Birds of Passage) is top prize. Other winners included Calendaria and Somos Calentura.

Bogotá’s Danza en la Ciudad takes to stage and street with 70 performances

Bogotá is a city on the move as the high voltage dance festival Danza en la Ciudad takes to stage and street for 13 days. Canada's Compagnie Chouinard in the international program.

With Orange Economy, artists serve food for thought…and Art

Two Bogotá artists are challenging the notion of the Orange Economy by serving food for thought in their installations....oranges included.

Editorial: Endangered ecosystems and Orange Economy that thinks green

President Iván Duque is pushing the Orange Economy to combat a host of environmental threats, including deforestation. Are digital ecosystems a smokescreen for failed infrastructure?

Editorial: When August fanned the flames

The wrath of the news maelstrom in August didn't exclude Colombia from making world headlines after ex-FARC dissidents announced their return to arms.

Editorial: Colombia is a nation on the move

The improved security situation across Colombia is presenting many with the option of living in smaller cities, and that offer good quality of life and new-found business opportunities.

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