Colombia: Failed infrastructure and the “optimist” of our roads

The collapse of one of Colombia's Fourth Generation road engineering marvels, the Chirajara bridge, reveals an urgency to examine this country's infrastructure.

Colombia’s legendary forests and a few mythical creatures

Colombia has plenty of pristine forest to conjure one's imagination. Several of them, even have mythical beasts.

Editorial : Bogotá sidewalks and semantics

In theory, there is plenty of sidewalk in this metropolis of 9 million and growing. But a garbage collection crisis and broken bicycle pathways are turning sidewalks into a treacherous obstacle course.

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Spain inaugurates 18-months of cultural exchange with Colombia through ‘Foco’

An intensive cultural exchange between Spain and Colombia will keep you busy during the next 18 months. Here, some of the highlights.

Former “El Bronx” turns stage in Bogotá’s Festival Centro

For its ninth edition of Festival Centro, the Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño (FUGA), has incorporated a street in "El Bronx" to host live concerts.

MamBo: Cultural icon “For Rent” or stunt for “subversive” art?

Bogotá's Mambo put the art world on edge with a "For Rent" sign. Is this cultural icon moving to a new home or is it a tactic to announce an upcoming exhibition?

Birthplace of Colombian Nobel García Márquez to get library for his works

Colombia's Ministry of Culture will construct a library in Aracataca, birthplace of Gabriel García Márquez, to house his literary works.

Wiener Akademie Resounds with Beethoven at Teatro Mayor

The Orchester Wiener Akademie under Martin Haselböck are performing all nine of Beethoven’s Symphonies at Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo.

Editorial: A watershed year for Colombia

A final editorial of a year that consolidated a difficult peace process with FARC and faced legal hurdles in the Congress.

Editorial: A ‘Day of the Dead’ in Bogotá

Colombia wants tourism to be its post-conflict economic resource, but in order to achieve this, more needs to be done on the ground to keep visitors safe.

Editorial: Colombia, time to get moving

In an crowded presidential electoral race, the future of Colombia's peace can't be muddied by populist rhetoric. Too much is at stake, including food security and prosperity for rural communities.

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