Verdi: Weaving natural fique fibres into works of enduring design

Preserving the essence of its country of origin, Verdi is a family business transforming fique from a small town of weavers in Santander into works of unique design.

Bogotá Food Week: Two weeks of fine dining with fixed price menus

The 3rd edition of Bogotá Food Week presents three course meals with a fixed price in best 27 restaurants of the city.

Bogotá’s observatories are 2,600 metres closer to the stars

Bogotá’s observatories are witnesses to the galaxies and stars, but also the very history of Colombia. As they look towards what is far beyond us, they also capture what is deep within us.

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Colombians arrested in Interpol’s crackdown on ‘WhatsApp’ pedophiles

In a coordinated effort between Spanish Police, Europol and Interpol, 38 individuals have been arrested after authorities bust an online pedophile ring that used WhatsApp.

Second concert of Bach in Bogotá headlines with French organist Leroy

The second free concert of the Ministry of Culture's Bach in Bogotá brings to Bogotá French organist Ghislain Leroy of the Sapporo Concert Hall.

Maripaz Jaramillo and the art of monochromatic relationships

Artist Maripaz Jaramillo's most recent exhibition 'Abrazos' explores the art of the embrace and is a poignant statement at a time in which Colombians must "embrace" the peace process.

How cities can help solve global problems

Urban areas have a front-row seat for global issues like climate change and social welfare. Increasingly, it will be these spaces that provide the leadership and the wherewithal to address them.

Editorial: Colombia, a kind nation

The tragedy in Putumayo has shown Colombians that this country can come together in the face of a natural disaster and efficiently coordinate humanitarian relief efforts.

Molas, sacred music and a very ‘Romantic’ agenda

With the start of Semana Santa, The City Paper presents a listing of some of the cultural highlights taking place in the capital and colonial Villa de Leyva.

Editorial: So, stay tuned Colombia

There are plenty of reasons to get stressed out with the state of the economy and ongoing corruption scandals. But maintaining a sense of humour is necessary for living in Colombia.

Opinion: Can Colombia actually put its peace plan into action?

The slow implementation of the final peace accord with FARC is generating fears that the financial costs and security concerns may be too much for the administration of President Santos.

Opinion: America First? Not So Fast

Donald Trump’s goal to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States seems to ignore the economic realities and business practices that dominate the global economy.

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