Olga Amaral, Jim Amaral

Bogotá’s Mambo inaugurates “De la línea al espacio”

The Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá re-opened after a two month renovation with an exhibition featuring the works of artists Olga Amaral, Jim Amaral, Ricardo Cárdenas.
FICCI 57 Cartagena Colombia film festival

‘War and Peace’ makes celluloid as conflict tales headline Cartagena film fest

The 57th edition of the Cartagena International Film Festival, beginning March 1, offers grassroots documentaries and a focus on stories of conflict.

Who is behind the recent rash of bombings in Bogotá?

A recent wave of bombings in the Colombian capital has authorities on alert. Sunday's explosion in La Macarena neighborhood targeted the National Police.

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9 Disparos FICCI Colombia Film Documentary Jorge Giraldo

9 Disparos: A “reel” testament for peace in Colombia

A Colombian soldier has turned his life, and near death, into a harrowing documentary of survival and enduring faith in his country.

At 40, Colombia’s Shakira is having the time of her life

As her music continues to top the charts, the Barranquilla-born artist with a foundation to help vulnerable youth has become a vocal critic of Trump's immigration ban.

The Colón Theatre tributes Teresita Gómez and her 60 years as pianist

The Colón Theatre presents a one-night tribute to one of Colombia's most admired performers, pianist Teresita Gómez.

Tackling the refugee crisis can be of virtue and profit

The resilience and tenacity refugees demonstrate in their journey to safety often means they will also make exceptional entrepreneurs.

The Colombian chiva and Pineda’s mandalas in motion

Colombian photographer Carlos Pineda spent years documenting the art of chiva bus design in the coffee region to discover unique mandala designs.

Editorial: The hats we wear as periodistas

As the Colombian conflict writes its final chapter, as journalists we must focus our profession on covering those stories that were sidetracked or shelved by the war.

Biodiversity: Just how big the body count?

There can be no denying that habitat destruction is the main reason why human actions drive species to extinction. Organizations such as SavingSpecies can play a role in helping local conservation efforts.

Leading the way for women in the Bogotá Women’s March

As millions marched around the world to protest Trump's inauguration, Bogotá hosted its own gathering of concerned citizens for the first ever Women's March.

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