Audiences across Colombia captivated by Fajardo’s one person debate

The presidential candidate of Compromiso Ciudadano, Sergio Fajardo, found himself in a one person debate with Colombian journalist Vicky Dávila. Audiences were captivated.

The Museo Nacional presents Colombia at a turn-of-the-century crossroads

The period between the 19th and 20th centuries is the focus of a sepia-tinted exhibition at the Museo Nacional. Dress accordingly.

Saddling up for Colombia’s majestic Chicamocha Canyon

The Chicamocha Canyon is an endurance test for cyclists. But, the reward is in the breathtaking scenery of Santander.

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Bogotá’s MAMU challenges the way we see “rational art”

An exhibition on “rational art” with some of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary artists questions how we perceive the creative process.

Colombia’s vallenato meets Cajun zydeco’s “Sunpie” Barnes

During the Legends of Vallenato Music Festival last month in Valledupar, Louisiana musician "Sunpie" Barnes teamed up vallenato superstars to forge new musical traditions.

Italian Film Fest returns to Bogotá with mix of contemporary and classic

The fifth edition of ItalCine opens in Bogotá, May 24, with a slew of films that present different directorial visions of Italian life, culture and wartime history.

Enjoy a weekend of art in Bogotá with ARTBO’s second Fin de Semana

ARTBO's second edition of its Art Weekend opens May 18 with 70 events scheduled, including installations in two public landmarks, and a free shuttle service between the city's art districts.

Elections 2018: Can Colombia’s fragile peace hold?

The arrest of a former senior peace negotiator of FARC on drug charges has raised the stakes on the future of the peace process in the 2018 elections.

Opinion: Honor victims of the cartels, not victimizers

Netflix's mini-series Narcos reinforces a stereotype that Colombia is a nation of drugs and cocaine traffickers. Medellín's mayor wants to clean up this image.

Editorial: Reason, not populism, as Colombia’s political landscape shifts

High voter turn out during Sunday's legislative elections shows a trend towards backing rightwing candidates as Colombians challenge the peace process and second term of Santos.

International Women’s Day: Overtime and Underpaid

Efforts to harness the economic potential of women are being hampered: There are only so many hours in the day, and women are already busy tending to their homes and communities.

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