First Bogotá Madrid Fusión puts spotlight on capital as a culinary destination

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce announces the creation of a new business platform to promote the capital as a hub of gastronomic talents.

Bogotá mayoral race in dead heat between Galán and López shows poll

With less than two weeks to go in the Bogotá mayoral race, Carlos Fernando Galán and Claudia López are in a dead heat according to pollsters CNC.

Macondo Awards 2019: Covering Colombia’s cine-magic terrain

The 2019 Macondos will sweep through Colombia's cinematic landscapes starting in Medellín, host city to the award ceremony.

Bogotá’s El Dorado welcomes more carriers and new international routes

As a major aviation hub in South America, new carriers will soon be connecting Bogotá with new international destinations, resulting in more competition also on key routes.

Bogotá is ready for a metro, but are the mayoral candidates?

The Metro de Bogotá is a bid away from becoming reality and mega infrastructure project that has been promised for decades. The future of the metro depends on the Oct 27 election.

Current Issue

Galleon San José’s treasure will not finance salvage, claims VP Ramírez

In an important announcement regarding the future of the San José galleon, Colombia's vice-President Marta Lucía Ramírez said that the treasure will not pay for the shipwreck's recovery.

Film director Luis Ospina of Caliwood movement dies (1949-2019)

Filmmaker Luis Ospina inspired generations to pick up a camera and tell stories, The last member of the Caliwood cinematic movement died Sept 27, 2019.

Kendall Messick and his fleeting glances on Bogotá streets

Photographer Kendall Messick is presenting "Visión Ciega" (Blind Vision) at gallery Casa Grau and series inspired by the fleeting glances on Bogotá streets.

The Music Festival of Cartagena presents its 14th edition

The Julia Salvi Foundation hosted a gala reception for the unveiling of the official image and music line-up of the 14th edition of the Music Festival of Cartagena.

Envionmentalist Martin von Hildebrand and The Path of the Anaconda

As Colombia's most influential environmentalist, Martín von Hildebrand is working to secure a massive biological corridor to guarantee the survival of the Amazon.

ARTBO 2019 opens in Bogotá with anniversary celebration (gallery)

Thousands of guests turned out on Wednesday evening for the opening of the International Art Fair of Bogotá (ARTBO), and one of the most anticipated events in the art circuit calendar.

Editorial: When August fanned the flames

The wrath of the news maelstrom in August didn't exclude Colombia from making world headlines after ex-FARC dissidents announced their return to arms.

Editorial: Colombia is a nation on the move

The improved security situation across Colombia is presenting many with the option of living in smaller cities, and that offer good quality of life and new-found business opportunities.

Why a long-term vision for Bogotá is crucial in the 2019 mayoral race

The race for the Bogotá mayoralty is underway with candidates presenting their agendas on how they would govern the Colombia capital. What is urgently needed is a long-term vision.

Editorial: The scourge of vandalism and incivility take hold of Bogotá

The recent attacks against brand new TransMilenio buses and destruction of historic landmarks during a farmers protest show how vulnerable Bogotá is to vandalism.

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