Bogotá launches ‘Men in Care’ schools to build more just society

The district has launched a program to help men become "agents of change" within their homes by taking on more domestic chores and responsibilities.
Chamba pottery in Colombia's Magdalena region

Traveling Colombia’s silt road to a lost Chamba

The town of Chamba, Tolima, is home to Colombia's emblematic black earthenware, handmade and polished by artisans.

Military capture of Otoniel most important for Colombia since Escobar

The capture of Dario Úsuga, cartel boss of the Gulf Clan represents the largest blow to a criminal organization since the death of Pablo Escobar in 1993.

Colombia signs memorandum with U.S biotech INOVIO for COVID-19 vaccines

The Colombian Government signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.S biotech company INOVIO to produce COVID-19 vaccines in the country.

Bogotá gets security boost with 500 extra police

Bogotá Mayor Claudia López officiated the incorporation ceremony of an additional 500 members of the police to work in intelligence and judicial investigations.

Current Issue

Ex-Venezuela spy chief claims Petro recipient of Maduro money

Venezuela's former intel chief Hugo Carvajal presented a Spanish high evidence of illegal campaign financing by Maduro of South American left-wing politicians.
Composer Jorge Velosa of the Carrangeros de Raquira.

Jorge Velosa: Colombia’s lone ranger of carranga

Jorge Velosa is the master minstrel of Colombia's legendary musical rovers Los Carrangueros de Raquira. Band rooted in historical memory and melancholy.

Vega String Quartet makes Colombia debut at Teatro Mayor

The Atlanta-based Vega String Quartet makes its South American debut at Teatro Mayor in Bogotá with a one night performance on Thursday.

Durga Puja in Bogotá to tribute Colombia’s frontline health workers

Bogotá chef Arun Pal is hosting his seventh Durga Puja charity event in which more 200 meals will be donated to the city's frontline COVID-19 health workers.

Colombia’s Magdalena valley guards a deep seismic secret

The Magdalena River valley guards a seismic secret that has prevented - so far - Bogotá, and other large cities, from bearing the full brunt of powerful earthquakes.

Colombia on UK red list raises ire of British expats

A petition is circulating among Britons residing in Colombia to remove the country from the UK's travel red list.

Colombia and Venezuela reopen international border for trade

Colombia and Venezuela reopened overland borders at Cúcuta and San Antonio after the two bridges were barricaded with the 2019 humanitarian aid convoy fiasco.

Op-Ed: Colombia’s falling prey to populism and nobody’s paying attention.

The protests that beseiged Colombia during four months have proven how pandemic-hit democracies remain too exposed to the dangerous narratives of populist leaders.

Opinion: Colombia, “Aleppo of the Andes”?

Social media hysteria, fake news, spamming by K-poppers are just some of the tools Paro Nacional supporters are deviating constructive debate to end the crisis in Colombia.

Opinion: Human rights violations mount with Colombia protests

Human Rights organizations and activists have denounced excessive use of force by Colombia's security forces to quell civic and legitimate protest.