Ashley Poulos: ” I am deeply saddened for the family of Valentina Trespalacios”

The former wife of the suspected murderer of Valentina Trespalacios, Ashley Poulos, released a statement in which she is "deeply saddened for the family of Valentina Trespalacios and for all those involved in this tragedy."

“Giselle” opens Spain Year at Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor

Starting its second consecutive year as Guest Nation of Honor at Teatro Mayor, Spain officially launches its 2023 program on Thursday, 26 January, with the National Dance Company’s interpretation of “Giselle.”


At La Trocha, ex-guerrillas defend peace with craft beer

With post-conflict financing after the 2016 Peace Accord with FARC, ex-combatants are brewing an exceptional craft beer in Bogotá's Teusaquillo neighborhood.

Bogotá hosts Sustainable Mobility Week, No Car Day included.

During a week in which Bogotá is showcasing environmentally-friendly mobility and advance of the Metro's first line, the national government is drafting legislation to ban ride-sharing Apps.

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A choir from Nazareth, hymns from La Guajira

At the tip of Colombia's department of La Guajira is the small town of Nazareth and at the heart of Wayúu culture. The girls boarding school is one of its most important landmarks.

Fundraising with the AWC’s Masquerade Ball

The American Women’s Club - AWC - annual Masquerade Ball and fundraising event was held on october 1 at the Country Club in Bogotá. The event raised funds for 10 charities.

Nadin Ospina opening at El Museo gallery

The Galeria El Museo inaugurated three exhibits on Saturday, September 17, showcasing the works of artist Nadín Ospina, Edwin Monsalve and a women's collective.

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