Claudia Hakim: Putting the modern back into Bogotá’s MamBo

Claudia Hakim was recently named director of the country’s most important contemporary arts museum, MamBo. This accomplished artist and former gallery owner is bringing change to a landmark space.

La Arenosa: A guide to what’s new in Colombia’s vibrant port city

Here’s a guide to what’s new and “hot” in Colombia’s port city of Barranquilla, fondly known as La Arenosa.

Bogotá’s Catedral Primada to resound to Bach with free concert series

The Ministry of Culture wants Bogotanos to appreciate the complete organ works of the great Baroque composer, J.S Bach. This free concert series runs until September.

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Bogotá is the Romantic Russia: A festival for everyone at the Teatro Mayor

“Bogotá is the Romantic Russia” is one of the most anticipated cultural events in a year in with an unprecedented line-up of international performers are coming to the capital.

Editorial: So, stay tuned Colombia

There are plenty of reasons to get stressed out with the state of the economy and ongoing corruption scandals. But maintaining a sense of humour is necessary for living in Colombia.

Opinion: Can Colombia actually put its peace plan into action?

The slow implementation of the final peace accord with FARC is generating fears that the financial costs and security concerns may be too much for the administration of President Santos.

Preview of photographer Malcolm Linton’s “When the Ink Dries”

The award-winning British photojournalist Malcolm Linton gave The City Paper a preview of his most recent essay: photographs of the final days of FARC.

Opinion: America First? Not So Fast

Donald Trump’s goal to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States seems to ignore the economic realities and business practices that dominate the global economy.

Tackling the refugee crisis can be of virtue and profit

The resilience and tenacity refugees demonstrate in their journey to safety often means they will also make exceptional entrepreneurs.

Editorial: The hats we wear as periodistas

As the Colombian conflict writes its final chapter, as journalists we must focus our profession on covering those stories that were sidetracked or shelved by the war.

Biodiversity: Just how big the body count?

There can be no denying that habitat destruction is the main reason why human actions drive species to extinction. Organizations such as SavingSpecies can play a role in helping local conservation efforts.

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