A letter to Roger Waters from this side of the Moon

Roger Waters' tirade against the Venezuela Live Aid concert organized by Richard Branson seems incongruous with the lyrics of this humanist, poet, rock star.

TransMiCable: Bogotá’s commuter lifeline is a high-flying attraction

The high flying gondolas of TransMiCable are a great way to reconnect with the city far and beyond the historical landmarks.

Bogotá can breathe again, but long term air solutions needed

Bogotá may have overcome the environmental emergency decreed by the mayoralty, but long term solutions are needed to improve air quality.

Current Issue

Branson to host Live Aid Venezuela in Colombian border city of...

Virgin's Richard Branson has set the stage for a musical showdown with the regime of Nicolás Maduro by announcing LiveAid Venezuela in the Colombian border city of Cúcuta.

The piano duo that defies political boundaries at Teatro Mayor

The Kohlberg Haroni duo will offer a one-night performance at Teatro Mayor with classical works composed for the four-hand piano.

Bogotá’s edgy San Felipe host its gallery open Saturday

Bogotá's edgy art district San Felipe hosts its one day San Felipe Open in which 30 galleries and local restaurants showcase the best in the neighborhood.

Francisco Caldas and the age of the New Grenadine explorers

Francisco José de Caldas is the subject of an exhibition at the National Museum, with the maps and instruments used by this New Grenandine explorer.

Academy of Ancient Music marks start of 2019 as UK Year at Teatro Mayor

Soprano Mary Bevan accompanies the Academy of Ancient Music for the opening concert of the UK as Guest Nation of Honor at Teatro Mayor.

Duque and the break with “protocol” explained

The decision by President Iván Duque to shelve the ELN protocol is part of a larger security strategy to fight organized crime at home and overseas.

Short story: Poshlost or Masterpiece?

Installment of author Jimmy Weiskopf's portrayal of literary anti-heroes.

Essay: Is Colombia “Trapped by the Impossible?”

Colombia defies all categorization as history has shown, explains Jimmy Weiskopf.

Editorial: In search of Colombianness and other year-end thoughts

With a mandate of change, Iván Duque must jump-start the country's economic engine and work towards consensus in Colombia.

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