Colombia’s passport recognized as Safest in the World by experts

Security experts gathered in Tallinn, Estonia for the eID Forum awarded the Colombian passport the top award for its security features, as well as stunning visuals.

Canadian gold mine workers targeted by armed group in Antioquia

An attack Thursday against geologists and contractors working for the Canadian gold mining company Continental Gold was allegedly perpetrated by ex-FARC dissents.

Two Bogotá theme cafés let coffee do the talking and washing

Bogotá is an entrepreneurial city with a slate of start-ups, including two theme cafés that offer clients much more than just coffee and pastries.

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Colombia’s National Museum presents the young art of Botero

Fernando Botero's artistic style evolved over decades as a landmark exhibition at the Museo Nacional reveals.

Editorial: The tragedy of the Caminantes

The movement of Venezuelan refugees across Colombia is straining the country's welfare system at a time in which the government of Iván Duque must implement tough economic measures.

The best of Spain’s El Prado Museum under Bogotá skies

A selection of high-quality reproductions of El Prado's art collection are on display in Bogotá's Plaza de Bolívar.

UNESCO’s Tim Curtis: Colombia’s Intangible Culture “not just rural”

The head of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage spoke to The City Paper about Colombia’s participation in the Representative List.

Return to Argentina? Pékerman on brink of “adios” to Colombia

Considered the "most successful football coach in Colombian history, Argentina's José Pékerman's days with La Selección are numbered.

Editorial: Inaugurations and a dateline “Colombia”

President Iván Duque's inauguration was covered by 600 international journalists who braved wind and rain to deliver the news. But, it wasn't always easy to get a story from Colombia out there.

Editorial: Showing our true colors

On the eve of the final match of FIFA World Cup Russia, Colombia may have been ousted too early, but the tournament gave us great moments and plenty of social media vitriol.

Colombia and Kosovo: In the name of reconciliation

After Colombians recently elected their first post-conflict president, Kosovo's attempt at reconciling its ethnically diverse population is an important lesson for the South American nation.

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