Colombia’s Petro misses meeting Biden at New York reception

Colombia's Gustavo Petro missed a key moment during his five-day trip to New York to meet his U.S counterpart at a dinner reception hosted by Joe Biden for world leaders.


When Queen Elizabeth II hosted Colombia during a state visit

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his wife Maria Clemencia arrived in London this week on a historic state visit to the United Kingdom.

Bogotá’s Botanical Garden rolls out the National Orchid Exhibition

The Bogotá Botanical Garden is showcasing 1,500 varieties of Colombia's national flower this weekend with the National Orchid Exhibition.

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Snow falls on Colombia’s high-altitude Sumapaz

Colombia's high-altitude wetland Sumapaz got its first snowfall in more than 60 years, turning this mountainous region into a winter wonderland.

Danny Esquenazi’s CromoEspectiva at Adrián Ibáñez Gallery

With 32 works on display, artist Danny Esquenazi explores color in its true, complete and abstract dimension. The exhibition in Bogotá's San Felipe arts district runs until October 30.

For Colombia’s ex-combatants: “Words of reconciliation are our only weapons”

After six decades of fighting, it is estimated that almost 20% of Colombia's population is a direct victim of the internal conflict, including almost nine million internally displaced people.

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