Colombians pessimistic on state of the nation as Duque’s ratings reach mid-term high

Despite high approval ratings for coronavirus management, President Iván Duque's mid-term results are marked by pessimism over the state of the nation.

Colombia’s National Museum reopens to the public with biosecurity protocols

One of Colombia's most important cultural landmarks has reopened to the public after it was forced to close with the pandemic. All visitors are required to wear facemasks and maintain social distancing.

Colombian Supreme Court orders house arrest for former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Colombia's Supreme Court has ordered house arrest for former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez for his alleged role in paramilitary activity and witness tampering.

Colombian biologists discover new genus of reptiles adding to trove of biodiversity

Biologists from the University of Antioquia have discovered a new genus of reptiles endemic to the lowlands of the Magdalena River valley.

Colombia faces most difficult month of pandemic as epicenter shifts to Medellín

After months in which Bogotá has been at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, new cases of infection in Medellín have surpassed those of the Colombian capital.

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Colombian Independence Day festivities include virtual concert and Niagara Falls illumination

This year's Veinte de Julio celebrations include the first-ever illumination of Niagara Falls in Canada with the colors of the national flag and virtual concert with well-known musicians.

Colombia’s Museo Nacional explores the hidden mysteries of Chiribiquete

The National Museum will host on Friday the virtual inauguration of its temporary exhibition Chiribiquete: The Jaguar and The Butterfly.

Bogotá Chamber of Commerce presents ARTBO’s 2020 all virtual agenda

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce has launched the agenda for ARTBO and its art platforms which in 2020 will all be online given the coronavirus pandemic.

After ventilator dispute, government tells Mayor López: “You can always count on us”

After days of tension between the national government and Mayor Claudia López, Bogotá's highest authority received praise for her pandemic management.

Colombia’s MinCultura launches Best 100 Songs playlist to mark Independence

MinCultura has released a 100 Best Colombian Songs playlist to inspire hope in the future as the country grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

Teaching children how to read and draw with the works of Fernando Botero

The Central Bank's latest publication introduces youngsters to the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet with illustrations and details from the works of artist Fernando Botero.

Coronavirus pandemic puts leadership in Colombia to the test

The coronavirus pandemic has shown a spirit of leadership and collaboration among many of Colombia's public officials, while also exposing political enmity and misinformation.

Mayor Claudia López challenges Duque’s easing of lockdown in Bogotá

President Iván Duque has announced easing quarantine for two key sectors of the Colombia economy, but Bogotá's Claudia López wants to extend lockdown for everyone.

Colombia’s Iván Duque and Claudia López show leadership with coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has revealed very different leadership by President Duque and Mayor López. Both share altruistic objectives when it comes to saving lives.