Bogotá blockades continue but food supply “normalizing” states Mayor López

Colombia's southwestern city of Cali is at the epicenter of the much of the violence caused by Paro Nacional. In Bogotá, peaceful protests and road blockades continue.

Colombia’s May 7 protests begin with downing of Bogotá landmark (timeline)

Bogotanos woke up Friday with another conquistador downed by the members of the Misak indigenous group as protests across Colombia enter their tenth day.

Colombia opens humanitarian corridors to move food and medical supplies

The Ministry of Health warned that 126 medical missions have been attacked during the first week of Paro Nacional and called on protestors to show empathy for health workers.

Colombia’s Capitol evacuated during protest, Duque opens “national dialogue”

Vandals attempted to storm the Colombian Congress during a protest in Bogotá, hours after police command posts were attacked and torched during riots.

Vandals attempt to burn 15 police officers trapped in Bogotá riots

Violence in Colombia's capital erupted Tuesday night after rioters targeted police stations and city's transportation infrastructure. Food shortages begin to set-in with prolonged strike.

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Colombia protests leave 19 dead, more than 800 injured as...

Monday saw a deepening political crisis with the resignation of Finance Minister Carrasquilla, road blockades, protests and fears of food and medical shortages.

Elsa Zambrano unveils her curious “Constellations” at Beatriz Esguerra Art

Bogotá artist Elsa Zambrano's latest series Constellations was created during coronavirus lockdowns and inspired by the works of Dadaism's "star-painters."

Colombia to invest US$1.8 Billion this year in cultural reactivation

During the Orange Economy Council, President Duque announced an unprecedented US$1.8 Billion to reactive this year the country's cultural industries.

Opinion: Human rights violations mount with Colombia protests

Human Rights organizations and activists have denounced excessive use of force by Colombia's security forces to quell civic and legitimate protest.

Strike leaders defiant on crippling Colombia during pandemic surge

Despite Bogotá Mayor Claudia López prohibiting all gatherings and protests with the red alert, the Paro Nacional could affect tranquility in the capital for days.

Bogotá’s Claudia López: “We face the most difficult two weeks of our lives”

With Bogotá's ICU occupation above 90% Mayor Claudia López announced new restrictions and banned mass demonstrations until May 9.

Colombia joins 115 nations on US State Department’s “Do Not Travel” list

Colombia joins key US allies Canada, UK, France, Israel and Germany as Level 4 nations for coronavirus infection and "Do Not Visit" nations despite vaccinations.

Opinion: Power to the People

Trump's incitement to violence with the March 6 storming of the U.S Capitol reveals the blurred lines between authoritarianism and democratic revolutions.

Coronavirus pandemic puts leadership in Colombia to the test

The coronavirus pandemic has shown a spirit of leadership and collaboration among many of Colombia's public officials, while also exposing political enmity and misinformation.

Mayor Claudia López challenges Duque’s easing of lockdown in Bogotá

President Iván Duque has announced easing quarantine for two key sectors of the Colombia economy, but Bogotá's Claudia López wants to extend lockdown for everyone.