Conservationists attempt to save Colombia’s magnolia tree from extinction

The Colombian genus of this revered tree is under threat from loggers in Antioquia, but one organization is trying to save the magnolia from extinction.

Alonso Garcés gallery turns 40 with exhibition by Francisco Fernández

Galería Alonso Garcés turns 40 this month and to celebrate this achievement hosts an exhibition by Francisco Fernández titled "For Your Eyes Only".

Minca: The Ultimate Getaway in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Minca, in the hills above Santa Marta, has positioned itself as an obligatory destination on the travel circuit of the coast. Here, an insider's guide to this tropical getaway.

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‘Shakespeare in Love’ adapted to Colombian stage by novelist Vásquez

The love story of Will Shakespeare and Viola de Lesseps debuts this month at the Colón Theatre and adaptation by novelist Juan Gabriel Vásquez of Stoppard's play.

When disaster-recovery means more than lending a helping hand

The pillar of culture is often missing from aid planning. Investing in what the community wants and empowering local involvement could make aid more efficient and effective.

Colombia’s Magín Díaz recognized with Lifetime Award for Culture

The singer and songwriter from Gamero, Bolívar, who wrote one of Colombia's most loved songs, was awarded at age 95 the Lifetime Award for Culture.

The Sierra Nevada of ‘Z’

Director James Gray's Lost City of 'Z' has received critical acclaim for its stunning cinematography and art direction. The story of an early 20th century explorer Percy Fawcett, was filmed in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Suspects in Colombia’s Andino attack could be militants of new terror group

The Attorney General's Office confirms the existence of a new terrorist urban militia group, amidst end of the 53-year war against the FARC.

Editorial: A Matter of Perception, But Let’s Move Forward

Last month's meeting between U.S President Donald Trump and Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos, revived the ghost of decades past when the only talking point was drugs. Can we move on?

The strange rebellion of Brazil’s “Operation Car Wash”

The so-called "Operation Car Wash" is the largest corruption case in Brazil and could force the resignation of President Michel Temer. This multibillion dollar scandal could contaminate the region.

Editorial: The tragedy of Venezuela

Venezuela is on the brink of collapse, and for more than a month, millions have taken to the streets protesting the ant-democratic government of Nicolás Maduro.

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