Coolto: Making art accessible for Bogotá and even cooler to own and rent

The Bogotá art company Coolto propels education and experience as keys to widening access to the Colombian art market,

ARTBO 2019: Celebrating 15 years of Bogotá at the heart of the art scene

Celebrating 15 years as the country's most important showcase for contemporary art, ARTBO rolls out a cast of renowned galleries and curators.

Bogotá’s art festival Barcú “takes back the streets of La Candelaria”

For its sixth edition, the popular La Candelaria cultural festival Barcú puts Glastonbury on the stage and hosts a DJ duel in a Silent Disco.

Fragmentos: Art floored by memory and protest

Artists Clemencia Echeverri and Felipe Arturo inaugurate in the hallowed space of Doris Salcedo's tiled counter-monument.

Colombia’s ex-FARC combatants become tour guides in post-conflict

The international recognition of "Remando por la Paz" on the rafting circuit gives ex-FARC combatants employment opportunities in sports and eco-tourism.

Current Issue

Colombia’s eco-warrior “Artemisa” combats deforestation in nation’s parks

Artemisa is the new frontline of a military campaign to combat deforestation across Colombia, particularly in National Parks. The offensive also targets animal traffickers.

Ibagué and the sounds of summer

When it comes to music, and music festivals, August out-plays other months with the capital of Tolima, Ibagué hosting the first edition of Ibagué Festival. Read on the highlights.

Alejandro Landes’ Monos delves into the plight of children in war

Monos is the third feature by Colombian director Alejandro Landes, and a survivalist drama that follows a troop of child soldiers on a harrowing odyssey to the heart of the darkness.

Interview with sculptor Hugo Zapata: The soul of the stone

As a key figure in Colombian contemporary art, Zapata spoke with The City Paper about a life dedicated to the hidden manifestations of the earth and uncompromising relationship with stone.

Café San Alberto: A taste of luxury harvested at the heart of Quindío

Café San Alberto is Colombia's most awarded coffee and grown on an estate that can trace its lineage back three generations.

Colombia to get Pre-clearance within a year, confirms U.S Ambassador Whitaker

Before handing over his post as U.S Ambassador to Colombia, Kevin Whitaker confirmed that all travelers heading stateside will have U.S immigration pre-clearance at Bogotá's El Dorado airport.

Editorial: Colombia is a nation on the move

The improved security situation across Colombia is presenting many with the option of living in smaller cities, and that offer good quality of life and new-found business opportunities.

Why a long-term vision for Bogotá is crucial in the 2019 mayoral race

The race for the Bogotá mayoralty is underway with candidates presenting their agendas on how they would govern the Colombia capital. What is urgently needed is a long-term vision.

Editorial: The scourge of vandalism and incivility take hold of Bogotá

The recent attacks against brand new TransMilenio buses and destruction of historic landmarks during a farmers protest show how vulnerable Bogotá is to vandalism.

Lifting of Canadian entry fee to attract more tourism revenue for Colombia

As of May 1, Canadians no longer have to pay upon arrival in Colombia. The decision to lift the tourism fee will attract more visitors and boost commercial ties between both countries.

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