Amazon to launch in Colombia with customer service center in Bogotá

The online retail giant, Amazon, has announced the launch of a customer service center in Bogotá, scheduled for October.

Juan José Nieto Gil recognized as Colombia’s black president

A replica of Colombia's only black president is being displayed in Casa de Nariño, but the legacy of Juan José Nieto Gil remains one of abandonment and historical exclusion

Hansberry’s American classic comes to the Colón Theatre

The award-winning play by Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the sun, comes to the iconic Colón Theatre in Bogotá for a two-week performance.

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Lo-foto-gráfico: When photography transcends the image

El Museo gallery in Bogotá has launched an exhibition of 30 Latin American photographers who examine the importance of the graphic element in their works.

Bogotá’s Mambo presents some very “Disobedient Art”

The exhibit "Art of Disobedience" at Bogotá's Museum of Modern Art (Mambo) presents works by artists who challenged the cultural and political norms of their times.

The City Paper’s Olga Helena Fernández wins bronze at UANA Championships

Colombia's synchronized swimmers at the UANA Pan American Championships have clinched medals. Among the champs, The City Paper's Olga Helena Fernández.

Scinax Caprarius: Goat sounding frog discovered in Colombia

The Humboldt Institute has announced that a peculiar frog has been discovered in the humid forests of the Magdalena River valley: the goat sounding Scinax Caprarius.

Supreme Court opens criminal investigation against Uribe Vélez

Colombia's highest court has opened a criminal case against ex-president Alvaro Uribe after a former paramilitary claims he was bribed to change testimony.

Editorial: Showing our true colors

On the eve of the final match of FIFA World Cup Russia, Colombia may have been ousted too early, but the tournament gave us great moments and plenty of social media vitriol.

Colombia and Kosovo: In the name of reconciliation

After Colombians recently elected their first post-conflict president, Kosovo's attempt at reconciling its ethnically diverse population is an important lesson for the South American nation.

Colombian Elections 2018: Candidates reach for some sort of center

On Sunday June 17, many Colombians will abstain from casting their ballot in the runoff election between right-wing candidate Iván Duque and leftist Gustavo Petro.

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