Victims of Colombia's conflict with the FARC arrive in Cartagena. (Photo courtesy Presidencia de la Republica)

Victims of Colombia’s conflict arrive in Cartagena for ceremony

Representatives of victims groups from across Colombia arrive in Cartagena to attend the peace signing ceremony withe FARC.

Richter’s “Viejo que Habla” heads to the port of Buenaventura

A mural by artist Leopold Richter will adorn the new cultural center of the Banco de la República in Buenaventura.

Colombia’s panela artisans make life that much sweeter

In many regions of Colombia, the process of panela-making has remained unchanged since the days of the Spanish conquest.

Cine Francés en Colombia launches in Bogotá

The 15th edition of Festival de Cine Francés launches in Bogotá and showcases until the end of October the best of French moviemaking, especially those by women directors.

Grand peace concert in Bogotá’s historic Plaza de Bolívar

The Ministry of Culture and Teatro Colón have teamed up to present a free concert Wednesday in the historic Plaza de Bolívar to celebrate this historic moment for the country.

Pasos de Héroe: Uplifting film tribute to child landmine victims

Colombian film director Henry Rincón's debut feature "Pasos de Héroe" takes on the poignant theme of children landmine victims.

Editorial: Take it as a “yes”

In an emotionally-charged campaign before the October 2 plebiscite, Colombians will have their say and the world will listen.

Obama: Mission accomplished?

President Obama's days in The White House are numbered, but history still has to judge his stance and legacy on counterterrorism.

Maritime mayhem: The scourge of piracy

Marine kidnapping for ransom will continue to plague the waters off West Africa until local governments commit to ending corruption.

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