Revised measures for Bogotá as ICU and infection rates stabilize

Bogotá's Government Secretary Luis Ernesto Gómez announced revised measures for the capital as ICU occupancy stabilizes and infection rates begin to lower to December levels.

January most violent month in Colombia since 2016 Peace Accord

During their recent Assembly FARC's representatives renamed their party Comunes to break with the past references of conflict as the country faces spiraling violence from dissidents.

Duque decrees 3 days of mourning for Carlos Holmes and 51,000 COVID victims

President Iván Duque has decreed 3 days of national mourning for the death of Carlos Holmes Trujillo and 51,747 victims of the pandemic.

Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Colombia’s Minister of Defense dies from coronavirus

Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Colombia's Defense Minister, has died from coronavirus after a two-week battle with the disease. Holmes Trujillo was a close friend of President Iván Duque.

Colombia tops 2 M coronavirus cases and 50,000 deaths

As the world registers more than 2 million deaths from COVID-19, total cases in Colombia topped 2 million, the second-highest for a South American nation.

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Carlos Holmes responding “favorably” to respiratory support states goverment

Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo remains hospitalized with viral pneumonia due to COVID-19 and on respiratory support claims the government in an official statement.

Orozco-Estrada debuts as Chief Conductor of Vienna Symphony with start of new season

The Colombian violinist and maestro Andrés Orozco-Estrada takes over the Vienna Symphony after tenures at the Houston Symphony and Frankfurt Radio Symphony.

ARTBO replaces 2020 fair with weekend of socially distanced art

The largest art gathering in Bogotá - ARTBO - has furloughed its 16th edition for a virtual showcase of national talent and downsized walk-in tours of galleries.

Foreigners detained in Cartagena for presenting falsified PCR tests

Colombian immigration officials detained three U.S citizens for attempting to leave Cartagena with falsified PCR tests. Overland borders remain closed until March 1.

UK bans entry from Colombia citing Brazilian COVID-19 variant

Colombia joins a host of South American nations barred entry to the UK over concerns of contagion with the Brazilian variant of coronavirus.

Duque extends Mandatory Selective Isolation decree to February 28

President Duque has not ruled out a return to a nationwide quarantine should citizens be indisciplined with obligatory coronavirus measures.

U.S citizen detained in Colombia after flying with positive COVID-19 test

A U.S citizen who knowingly flew on a commercial flight after testing positive for COVID-19 was detained in Bogotá Wednesday by health authorities for violating health regulations.

Coronavirus pandemic puts leadership in Colombia to the test

The coronavirus pandemic has shown a spirit of leadership and collaboration among many of Colombia's public officials, while also exposing political enmity and misinformation.

Mayor Claudia López challenges Duque’s easing of lockdown in Bogotá

President Iván Duque has announced easing quarantine for two key sectors of the Colombia economy, but Bogotá's Claudia López wants to extend lockdown for everyone.

Colombia’s Iván Duque and Claudia López show leadership with coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has revealed very different leadership by President Duque and Mayor López. Both share altruistic objectives when it comes to saving lives.