Nobsa, Tibasosa and the Valley of the Sun God

Hiking in high altitude near Laguna de Tota, lots of colonials haciendas, and ruana shopping in Nobsa are some of the attractions of visiting the Valley of Sogamoso.

Ibagué and the sounds of summer

When it comes to music, and music festivals, August out-plays other months with the capital of Tolima, Ibagué hosting the first edition of Ibagué Festival. Read on the highlights.

Alejandro Landes’ Monos delves into the plight of children in war

Monos is the third feature by Colombian director Alejandro Landes, and a survivalist drama that follows a troop of child soldiers on a harrowing odyssey to the heart of the darkness.

Exploring A World of Butterflies at BLAA

Presenting works in various artistic genres, Bogotá's largest public library - BLAA - takes flight with an exhibition on Colombian Butterflies.

Arrival of GTA flight simulator opens up Colombian skies for future aviators

The most advanced A320 flight simulator recently arrived in Bogotá to train commercial airline pilots across the region.

Current Issue

Colombia’s bicentenary: Is it 1819 all over again?

The new exhibition at the National Museum, 1819: A significant year looks at the independence struggle from the vantage of 10 social groups who defined the course of history.

A World of Butterflies at the BLAA in Bogotá

Butterflies capture our imagination and the subject of great literature as well as children's books. For the next six months, BLAA is hosting A World of Butterflies.

Ceremony at Pantano de Vargas marks highlight of Colombia’s bicentenary

Photo Gallery: To mark 200 years of the Pantano de Vargas battle that helped secure Colombia's independence, the monument was the site of an impressive military ceremony.

Why a long-term vision for Bogotá is crucial in the 2019 mayoral race

The race for the Bogotá mayoralty is underway with candidates presenting their agendas on how they would govern the Colombia capital. What is urgently needed is a long-term vision.

Colombia’s Bicentenary: The landmarks of the Liberator

As the country celebrates 200 years of Independence, The City Paper follows the trail of the Liberator from Tame in Arauca, through Casanare, and into the mountains of Boyacá.

Colombia’s Sebastián Pinzón named regional finalist of S.P Young Chef contest

Sebastián Pinzón, chef of Celele, has reached the regional finals of San Pellegrino's prestigious gastronomy award.

Editorial: The scourge of vandalism and incivility take hold of Bogotá

The recent attacks against brand new TransMilenio buses and destruction of historic landmarks during a farmers protest show how vulnerable Bogotá is to vandalism.

Lifting of Canadian entry fee to attract more tourism revenue for Colombia

As of May 1, Canadians no longer have to pay upon arrival in Colombia. The decision to lift the tourism fee will attract more visitors and boost commercial ties between both countries.

Editorial: From a border to broader chaos

Colombia's Iván Duque has waged foreign policy capital on regime change in Venezuela. But, the arrival of Russian military experts to back Maduro will extend the migrant crisis and geopolitical stalemate.

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