Opinion: Honor victims of the cartels, not victimizers

Netflix's mini-series Narcos reinforces a stereotype that Colombia is a nation of drugs and cocaine traffickers. Medellín's mayor wants to clean up this image.

Buga: Town caught in a spiral of time

This town known for its miracles and imposing Basilica also offers tourists a chance to step back in time to ages of architectural splendour.

Mystery of the Great War nurse who ended up in El Pato, Antioquia

The mystery of how an English nurse ended up in a Colombian gold mine has also revealed the existence of a cemetery for foreigners in El Pato.

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María José Arjona moves to the ‘Infinite Self’ at Bogotá’s Mambo

The Bogotá performance artist María José Arjona is making a stir at Mambo with 4,000 bottles and using her body as a sound instrument.

Emerging Colombian artists to present works at ARCOT in Tokyo

The works by 40 emerging Colombian artists will be shown this month at ARCOT in Tokyo, Japan. This exhibition offers Japanese audiences a fresh perspective on Latin American art.

Manuel Peña: A life of service and rescue of Colombians in need

As a founding member of Defensa Civil Colombiana, Manuel Peña has coordinated complex operations under tragic circumstances.

Casa E’s musical Aguanilé is tremendous fun and tour-de-force in salsa

The musical Aguanilé at Casa E in Bogotá tells the story of Cali in the early 1970s and has audiences on the edge of their seats ready to dance to the greatest hits of salsa.

Candidate Iván Duque with decisive lead over Petro, reveals CNC poll

The right-wing candidate Iván Duque of Centro Democrático is leading in the polls, two months before Colombians cast their votes in the May 27 presidential elections.

Editorial: Reason, not populism, as Colombia’s political landscape shifts

High voter turn out during Sunday's legislative elections shows a trend towards backing rightwing candidates as Colombians challenge the peace process and second term of Santos.

International Women’s Day: Overtime and Underpaid

Efforts to harness the economic potential of women are being hampered: There are only so many hours in the day, and women are already busy tending to their homes and communities.

Editorial : Bogotá sidewalks and semantics

In theory, there is plenty of sidewalk in this metropolis of 9 million and growing. But a garbage collection crisis and broken bicycle pathways are turning sidewalks into a treacherous obstacle course.

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