Car bomb explodes in Bogotá, 10 killed in blast and 65 injured

A car bomb has exploded inside the National Police Cadet School in Bogotá. Eyewitnesses claim the car was driven at high speed before detonating.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cat opens 2019 season at Teatro Mayor

The short story by Edgar Allan Poe, Black Cat opens the 2019 season of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo with a performance that includes a soundtrack by David Sylvian.

Crocodile catches vacationers in Tayrona National Park by surprise

Vacationers on Cañaveral beach in PNN Tayrona came into contact with a large crocodile as it headed from mangrove to seashore.

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Duque monitors preventive floodgate closure at Hidroituango

As a preventive measure to save the Hidroituango electrical power generating project after a sinkhole was discovered, EPM successfully closed a floodgate.

Love and time travel at the International Music Festival of Cartagena

The 13th edition of the International Music Festival of Cartagena ended with a stellar performance of Mozart's opera buffa Cosi Fan Tutte and Gustav Holst's The Planets.

Italy’s violin-makers showcased at Cartagena Music Festival.

The International Music Festival of Cartagena is hosting as part of its education agenda workshops and talks on the tradition of Italy's luthiers.

International Music Festival of Cartagena defies gravity with stellar concerts

Stellar performances Thursday during the International Music Festival of Cartagena show why this yearly event is a must for music lovers.

The Colombian whose inspiration comes as a comic

A Colombian illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York, gives voice to issues many immigrants face with personal stories drawn as comics.

Short story: Poshlost or Masterpiece?

Installment of author Jimmy Weiskopf's portrayal of literary anti-heroes.

Essay: Is Colombia “Trapped by the Impossible?”

Colombia defies all categorization as history has shown, explains Jimmy Weiskopf.

Editorial: In search of Colombianness and other year-end thoughts

With a mandate of change, Iván Duque must jump-start the country's economic engine and work towards consensus in Colombia.

Editorial: The final word for the Latin American left

As migrants flee abject poverty and crime across the region, Venezuela's Maduro can use Trump's anti-Latino rhetoric to give the left in Latin America a voice with the electorate.

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