Some 1,500 Military Police now patrol five Colombian cities

Five Colombian cities, including Bogotá, have been given military support to help local police with urban crime. Bogotá to get an additional 500 soldiers on Saturday.

Colombians empathetic to arrival of Afghan refugees reveals poll

Colombians overwhelmingly agree that their country should offer safe passage to Afghans fleeing persecution and retaliation by the Taliban, reveals a recent poll.

New hope for Colombia’s Terribilis, world’s most poisonous frog

The Golden Poison Dart Frog is endemic to the rainforests of Colombia's Chocó and species with an toxin so deadly that is is considered the world's most poisonous amphibian.

Seventy percent of Bogotá residents have received a COVID-19 vaccine

After a run on COVID-19 vaccines, Colombia will receive more than 4.2 million doses this week. Tuesday marked lowest per day death toll since May, 2020.

Avianca turns page on Chapter 11 with route expansion

On the eve of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy hearing, Colombia's flagship Avianca announced 23 new international routes and return to many South American destinations.

Current Issue

Majestic Betty Garcés returns to the stage of Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor

With theatres recently authorized to reopen, Bogotá audiences have the opportunity to hear Colombia's grand dame of opera, Betty Garcés, in a performance directed by Alejandro Roca.

Elsa Zambrano unveils her curious “Constellations” at Beatriz Esguerra Art

Bogotá artist Elsa Zambrano's latest series Constellations was created during coronavirus lockdowns and inspired by the works of Dadaism's "star-painters."

The Ornate Rainfrog expands range from Ecuador to Colombia

A green and yellow colored rainfrog known to inhabit the forests of Ecuador is expanding its range along Colombia's Pacific coast, confirmed conservationists ProAves.

Op-Ed: Colombia’s falling prey to populism and nobody’s paying attention.

The protests that beseiged Colombia during four months have proven how pandemic-hit democracies remain too exposed to the dangerous narratives of populist leaders.

Colombia’s vaccine drive surpasses 32 million vaccinated adults

Colombia's COVID-19 vaccination plan now includes all adults age 20 or over as per day infections and deaths continue to decelerate.

Colombia’s FARC recruited at least 18,667 child soldiers claims JEP

The parallel justice system established with the 2016 Havana peace accords claims FARC recruited more than 18,600 minors into their rank and file during two decades of conflict.

Opinion: Colombia, “Aleppo of the Andes”?

Social media hysteria, fake news, spamming by K-poppers are just some of the tools Paro Nacional supporters are deviating constructive debate to end the crisis in Colombia.

Opinion: Human rights violations mount with Colombia protests

Human Rights organizations and activists have denounced excessive use of force by Colombia's security forces to quell civic and legitimate protest.

Opinion: Power to the People

Trump's incitement to violence with the March 6 storming of the U.S Capitol reveals the blurred lines between authoritarianism and democratic revolutions.