Bolívar’s sword to be shown at Petro inauguration

One of Simon Bolivar's swords will be presented during Gustavo Petro's Presidential inauguration on August 7, and symbol of the former M-19 guerrilla.

Cali Salsa declared Intangible Cultural Patrimony of Colombia.

The fast steps, gyrating hips and sultry moves of Cali’s legendary dance – salsa caleña – has been recognized by Colombia’s Ministry of Culture...


Bogotá, how did we do in 2021?

The most recent report by Bogotá Como Vamos reveals a worrisome panorama of insecurity and income inequality as the city began in 2021 economic reactivation.

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Snow falls on Colombia’s high-altitude Sumapaz

Colombia's high-altitude wetland Sumapaz got its first snowfall in more than 60 years, turning this mountainous region into a winter wonderland.

For Colombia’s ex-combatants: “Words of reconciliation are our only weapons”

After six decades of fighting, it is estimated that almost 20% of Colombia's population is a direct victim of the internal conflict, including almost nine million internally displaced people.

The American Women’s Club 2022 Mother’s Day bazaar

The American Women's Club hosted a two day bazaar at Club FAC to celebrate Mother's Day, welcome newcomers to Colombia's capital and a highlight of the 2022 calendar.

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