Dr.Harper on Neurosplasticity: “It takes a village to build a brain”

The occupational therapist Dr. Julia Harper comes to Bogotá to offer advice to parents and educators on how to nurture and inspire developing minds.

Gaspar: A relaxed gourmand in Bogotá’s Parque 93

Chef Alvaro Clavijo is behind a relaxed French style bistro facing the Parque 93 and a welcome newcomer to this neighbourhood’s fussy dining scene.

Avianca strike causes disruptions, yet airline prepares for long-haul

The first day of the anticipated Avianca pilots strike disrupted the travel plans of some 18,000 passengers and grounded 150 flights. Talks between the company and ACDAC union continue.

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Santos to UN: Colombia paid “high price” in drug war

In his final address to the United Nations, President Santos reminded world leaders of his country's sacrifice in the war on drugs and need for a peaceful resolution in Venezuela.

King before Kingdom: The Reconquest at the Museo Nacional

The latest exhibition of the National Museum looks at a transition period in this country’s search for Independence.

Editorial: “Thou shalt not steal”

Pope Francis' recent trip of Colombia was marked by a huge outpouring of affection and millions of faithful attending religious services across the country. But will the message of reconciliation and anti-corruption hold?

Leyner Palacios: A leader of Colombian reconciliation recognized globally

Leyner Palacios has been nominated to one of the most prestigious humanitarian awards. The survivor of the 2002 Bojayá massacre started a grass roots campaign to recognize the rights of victims.

Ortega Díaz abandons Colombia for U.S., amidst Santos – Maduro dispute

After fleeing Venezuela, ousted Attorney General Luisa Ortega is heading to the U.S. By granting the lawmaker safe passage, Santos and Maduro remain embroiled in a bitter dispute.

Chapinero keeps on getting trendier with new venues and some familiar faces

Innovative foodies, eco-chefs and a gallery invasion is changing the face of Chapinero.

Analysis: New Conflicts, new cities

When violence breaks out, public spaces are often the first casualty – along with the customary practices of urban life and the civic rights associated with them.

When disaster-recovery means more than lending a helping hand

The pillar of culture is often missing from aid planning. Investing in what the community wants and empowering local involvement could make aid more efficient and effective.

Editorial: A Matter of Perception, But Let’s Move Forward

Last month's meeting between U.S President Donald Trump and Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos, revived the ghost of decades past when the only talking point was drugs. Can we move on?

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