Valerie Meikle: The Lady of the Amazon

Valerie Meikle paddled 1,500 kms down the Putumayo. A story of endurance, personal loss and life in the Amazon rainforest is the subject of a poignant film.

Meaningful travel in Colombia and plenty of mysterious tombs

Colombia has no shortage of the strange, or bizarre, when it comes to travel. Plan your itinerary for dizzying festivals and astounding archaeology.

El Bembé: Stepping into Bogotá’s salsa scene

Looking for some salsa in your life? Break with monotony and transport yourself to a place that feels surreal. A night at El Bembé, perhaps?

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Santos to Trump: “The U.S. helped us win this battle”

During their first meeting in the Oval Office, U.S. President Trump and Colombia's Santos reaffirmed an already strong bilateral relationship that exists between their two nations.

Cartier-Bresson: A “decisive moment” for photography in Bogotá

A retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson has opened at the MAMU and the most important photography event for a country celebrating Colombia-France Year.

ARTBO Weekend: Cavelier and his ‘Shapes of Time’ at LamaZone

Artist Jorge Cavelier's most recent exhibition at LamaZone marks a departure from works created after his kidnapping. Yet, the Colombian landscape remains at the heart of his visual journeys.

An ARTBO Weekend of Art in Bogotá

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce has launched ARTBO Fin de Semana as a way to incentivate the gallery going public and a midyear preview of one of the region's most vibrant arts capitals.

ARTBO Weekend: Apes and artistic discovery at NC-Arte

The NC-Arte gallery presents an exhibition by Amalia Pica, inspired by the relationship between humans and African primates.

ARTBO Weekend: Azout and her ‘Umbrales’

Artist Lydia Azout is participating in ARTBO weekend with her most recent exhibition 'Umbrales' at the Alonso Garcés Gallery in Bogotá.

Editorial: The tragedy of Venezuela

Venezuela is on the brink of collapse, and for more than a month, millions have taken to the streets protesting the ant-democratic government of Nicolás Maduro.

How developing nations can help rethink earthquake resiliency

Western know-how can help developing nations withstand and recover from earthquakes. But to be most effective, there has to be an understanding about the facts on the ground.

How cities can help solve global problems

Urban areas have a front-row seat for global issues like climate change and social welfare. Increasingly, it will be these spaces that provide the leadership and the wherewithal to address them.

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