Colombia rankings among Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Colombia is well-ranked among the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America, with an extended 51-100 list that includes a host of innovative chefs.

Avianca flies out of Chapter 11 with streamlined business model

Colombia's flagship Avianca has left Chapter 11 with a streamlined business model that competes with low-cost carriers and over U.S$1 billion in liquidity.

Biden to announce strict entry requirements for all travelers heading to U.S

The government of President Joe Biden is weighing stricter measures for all travelers entering the U.S to curb the spread of the Omicron variant.

Colombia’s COVID-19 fourth wave eludes as world faces Omicron

Despite every COVID-19 variant circulating in Colombia, the country appears to have skewed the fourth wave of infection. But with Omicron, the pandemic could surge again.

Traditional dances of La Chorrera nominated for Intangible Patrimony of Colombia

The traditional dances of the indigenous peoples who inhabit La Chorrera, Amazonas, have been nominated as Intangible Patrimony of Colombia.

Colombia marks five years of Final Accord with FARC

As Colombia marks five years since the signing of the Final Accord with FARC, deep political divisions continue over the future of a fragile peace.

BLAA’s Literature Today series looks to Africa and its acclaimed writers

Seven award-winning African novelists join BLAA's contemporary literature series with interviews hosted by Gilbert Shang Ndi.

Teatro Mayor’s 2022 season brings Spain to the stage

Bogotá's Teatro Mayor has unveiled its 2022 season with Spain as Guest Nation. The curtain rises on great performances, from symphony orchestras to gender defying flamenco.

Busiest travel week in U.S since start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite increasing cases of COVID-19 infection in many cities and states across the U.S, this week was the busiest in travel since 2019.

Pedro Manrique Figueroa: Colombia’s contemporary arts enigma

An new exhibition at Casa Republicana in Bogotá recreates fragments of the life of one of Colombia's most enigmatic contemporary artists: Pedro Manrique Figueroa.

Renowned conductors take the stage with Bogotá is Baroque

Five leading conductors are in charge of ensembles and orchestras during the four-day Bogotá is Baroque music festival.

Highlights of the Bogotá is Baroque festival programme

With an extensive music programme covering three Baroque composers and slate of musicians, here some highlights of the Bogotá is Baroque festival

Op-Ed: Colombia’s falling prey to populism and nobody’s paying attention.

The protests that beseiged Colombia during four months have proven how pandemic-hit democracies remain too exposed to the dangerous narratives of populist leaders.

Opinion: Colombia, “Aleppo of the Andes”?

Social media hysteria, fake news, spamming by K-poppers are just some of the tools Paro Nacional supporters are deviating constructive debate to end the crisis in Colombia.

Opinion: Human rights violations mount with Colombia protests

Human Rights organizations and activists have denounced excessive use of force by Colombia's security forces to quell civic and legitimate protest.