Kingdom on a stage: UK Guest Nation of Honour in 2019 at Teatro Mayor

The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo has invited the United Kingdom to the Guest Nation of Honour for its 2019 cultural programme.

Handel’s Messiah and Bogotá’s Christmas concert agenda

Here, some of the cultural highlights of December's concert schedule, as well as exhibitions in museums and galleries.

Carlos Nieto company draws attention to deforestation in “Made to Succeed”

Men's fashion retailer Carlos Nieto raises awareness of deforestation in Colombia and endangerment to high-altitude wetlands with a tree-planting initiative.

Current Issue

Duque enacts austerity measures as Colombia looks to balance budget

President Iván Duque reaches 100 days in office by enacting austerity measures to balance the books with a fiscal deficit and guarantee funds for public education.

Macondo Awards: Here are the 2018 nominees

On Saturday, the Macondo Awards will hand out 17 statuettes to the country's promising film talent, among them Best Film.

Fernando Urbina and the Spanish Conquest in rock art

Fernando Urbina has dedicated 40-years of research to Colombia’s ancient rock art. His discovery of petroglyphs in remote territories show the first contact between conquistadores and Amazonian tribes.

Editorial: The final word for the Latin American left

As migrants flee abject poverty and crime across the region, Venezuela's Maduro can use Trump's anti-Latino rhetoric to give the left in Latin America a voice with the electorate.

Macondo Awards celebrate Colombia’s film talent and personal storytelling

Colombia rolls out the red carpet on its film industry with Macondo Awards and main showcase for productions that have received critical acclaim around the world.

Yidan 2018 Laureate Larry Hedges on education to “bridge social divides”

Professor Larry Hedges has been awarded the 2018 Yidan Prize, the world’s largest endowment for education research. The pioneering statistician at Northwestern spoke about the role of higher education in the United States.

Duque and Trump: A shared vision

President Trump is scheduled to visit Colombia next month, at a time in which the country faces a surge in coca production. Counterpart Duque must prove he isn't "just another Colombian president."

Editorial: The tragedy of the Caminantes

The movement of Venezuelan refugees across Colombia is straining the country's welfare system at a time in which the government of Iván Duque must implement tough economic measures.

Editorial: Inaugurations and a dateline “Colombia”

President Iván Duque's inauguration was covered by 600 international journalists who braved wind and rain to deliver the news. But, it wasn't always easy to get a story from Colombia out there.

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