Major infrastructure project collapses in Colombia, multiple deaths confirmed

A modern suspension bridge on the Vía al Llano and that was to be completed by 2018 has collapsed in the Ríonegro gorge, killing many workers.

State Department’s travel advisory categorizes Colombia as Level Two nation

The U.S State Department has categorized Colombia as a "Level Two" nation in its most recent travel advisory. An improved security panorama has opened up many areas of the country as now "safe to visit."

Editorial: High stakes for Colombia as election year begins

The country's pre-election landscape is heating up with coalitions and alliances. Several candidates maintain their lead with voting intention, but with four months to go, the stakes remain high.

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UN Secretary General visits Colombia to boost confidence in peace process...

The UN Secretary General António Guterres has begun a visit to Colombia to urge the Marxist ELN guerrilla to resume their cease-fire and boost confidence in the current peace process with FARC.

Salsa all-star Yuri Buenaventura closes Colón year with one night show

Colombian salsa singer and songwriter Yuri Buenaventura headlines with a one night show at the Colón Theatre Wednesday.

A Christmas in Boyacá without Great Uncle Günter

Finding a lost relative in the Boyacá mountains was a Christmas wish come true for Anja. But Great Uncle Günter, exiled from his native Germany, had his share of secrets.

Endulzar la palabra: Peace and resistance in the Museo Nacional

The National Museum presents an exhibition on the importance of memory for reconciliation and told through the stories of eight indigenous groups.

Editorial: A watershed year for Colombia

A final editorial of a year that consolidated a difficult peace process with FARC and faced legal hurdles in the Congress.

Colombia’s Amazon and exploring Leticia’s backyard

At the crossroads of the Amazon, Colombia's port town of Leticia offers visitors riverine adven- tures and a local fish delicacy called pirarucú.

Editorial: A ‘Day of the Dead’ in Bogotá

Colombia wants tourism to be its post-conflict economic resource, but in order to achieve this, more needs to be done on the ground to keep visitors safe.

Editorial: Colombia, time to get moving

In an crowded presidential electoral race, the future of Colombia's peace can't be muddied by populist rhetoric. Too much is at stake, including food security and prosperity for rural communities.

Editorial: “Thou shalt not steal”

Pope Francis' recent trip of Colombia was marked by a huge outpouring of affection and millions of faithful attending religious services across the country. But will the message of reconciliation and anti-corruption hold?

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