Editorial: A watershed year for Colombia

A final editorial of a year that consolidated a difficult peace process with FARC and faced legal hurdles in the Congress.

Vicky Colbert of Fundación Escuela Nueva awarded the Yidan Prize for education

Vicky Colbert transformed Colombia's educational landscape when she founded the rural schools Escuela Nueva. This month, the sociologist will be awarded the first-ever Yidan Prize.

Colombia’s Amazon and exploring Leticia’s backyard

At the crossroads of the Amazon, Colombia's port town of Leticia offers visitors riverine adven- tures and a local fish delicacy called pirarucú.

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Casa Gaitán: A boutique hotel that treats you like a Kennedy

The home of a pioneer of architecture in Colombia, Jorge Gaitán Cortés, is a renovated boutique hotel and conservation landmark.

Teatro Mayor rolls out the red carpet with its 2018 programme

Austria, Spain and Mexico bring their very best performing artists to the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in 2018

Editorial: A ‘Day of the Dead’ in Bogotá

Colombia wants tourism to be its post-conflict economic resource, but in order to achieve this, more needs to be done on the ground to keep visitors safe.

Colombia’s Buenaventura joins Creative Cities Network for its traditional kitchens and gastronomy

Buenaventura’s cooks and local kitchens are being recognized by the United Nations for their ancestral traditions and unique recipes.

Valuable Fernando Botero bronze stolen from Parisian gallery

A beautiful bronze by Fernando Botero has been stolen from a Parisian gallery in full view of security cameras. The work titled 'Maternity' is valued at $425,000 Euros.

Tobari: The art of Japanese dance comes to the Colón Theatre

The Japanese dance company Sankai Juku presents two performances at the Colón Theatre of their stylized choreography, modern lighting and sound.

Editorial: Colombia, time to get moving

In an crowded presidential electoral race, the future of Colombia's peace can't be muddied by populist rhetoric. Too much is at stake, including food security and prosperity for rural communities.

Editorial: “Thou shalt not steal”

Pope Francis' recent trip of Colombia was marked by a huge outpouring of affection and millions of faithful attending religious services across the country. But will the message of reconciliation and anti-corruption hold?

Analysis: New Conflicts, new cities

When violence breaks out, public spaces are often the first casualty – along with the customary practices of urban life and the civic rights associated with them.

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