Review: Weiskopf’s ‘Amazona’ redeems with truthful storytelling

Director Clare Weiskopf takes on motherhood in a debut feature film titled "Amazona" and a river movie that traces the life of her mother Valerie Meikle.

Colombia’s Humboldt Institute releases Biodiversity Tarot for conservation awareness

The Humboldt Institute has released a beautifully illustrated tarot deck to draw attention to Colombia’s endangered biodiversity. It also reads the future.

It’s tapas time in Bogotá’s “Siete de Agosto”

One Iberian newcomer has opened in the Siete de Agosto barrio, inviting clients to rediscover the joys of tapas.

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Venezuelans dream of home on Bogotá streets

As Venezuelans decide to stay and fight or escape the spiral of violence, Bogotá's Venezuelan community is expressing frustration over conditions in their homeland.

Incerteza Viva: Artists in uncertain times at Mambo

A selection of the 32nd Biennale of Sao Paulo is on display at the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art (Mambo).

A summer with plenty of Winston for Colombia’s movie theatregoers

Three films dedicated to a period of modern history in which Prime Minister Winston Churchill faced tough decisions will come to a theatre near you this summer.

Analysis: New Conflicts, new cities

When violence breaks out, public spaces are often the first casualty – along with the customary practices of urban life and the civic rights associated with them.

Our Cultural Agenda with plenty of Art and Theatre in Bogotá

From Shakespeare in Love to a host of gallery openings, with August almost upon us Bogotá's cultural offerings will keep you entertained.

Conservationists attempt to save Colombia’s magnolia tree from extinction

The Colombian genus of this revered tree is under threat from loggers in Antioquia, but one organization is trying to save the magnolia from extinction.

When disaster-recovery means more than lending a helping hand

The pillar of culture is often missing from aid planning. Investing in what the community wants and empowering local involvement could make aid more efficient and effective.

Editorial: A Matter of Perception, But Let’s Move Forward

Last month's meeting between U.S President Donald Trump and Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos, revived the ghost of decades past when the only talking point was drugs. Can we move on?

The strange rebellion of Brazil’s “Operation Car Wash”

The so-called "Operation Car Wash" is the largest corruption case in Brazil and could force the resignation of President Michel Temer. This multibillion dollar scandal could contaminate the region.

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