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B Capital: A night of fashion for Bogotá (Gallery)

Photographs from the opening night of B Capital by Inexmoda in Bogotá.
Olga Amaral, Jim Amaral

Bogotá’s MamBo inaugurates “De la línea al espacio”

The Bogotá Museum of Modern Art re-opened after a two month renovation with an exhibition featuring the works of artists Olga de Amaral, Jim Amaral, and Ricardo Cárdenas.

ARTBO 2016 kicks off with inauguration event

Bogotá's International Art Fair (ARTBO) kicked off on Wednesday with an inaugural celebration that drew artists, collectors, celebrities, community figures and more.

C.C El Retiro showcases International Boat show of Bogotá 2016

Bogotá will host the 3rd edition of the International Boat Show for marine enthusiasts and showcasing the latest yachts, boats and recreational equipment.
Miguel Moreno, Juan Manuel Barrientos, David Echavarría.

Chef Barrientos launches signature El Cielo by Matiz coffee

Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos of El Cielo hosts cocktail to celebrate the launch of the signature coffee El Cielo by Matiz
Chris Rawlings, Ambassador Peter Tibber, Tom Miscioscia,

Farewell party for Chris Rawlings

Friends host farewell party for British Council director Chris Rawlings.
Valeriano Lanchas, Dimitra Theodossiou, Sergio Escobar

Bogotá’s Teatro Colón launches two versions of Macbeth

Teatro Colón presents two unique interpretations of Macbeth — the Shakespeare play and the opera by Giuseppe Verdi.
El Retiro EcoChristmas

El Retiro turns trash into tinsel for recycled EcoChristmas

El Retiro Shopping Center asked college students to design Christmas decorations entirely from recycled materials.
Santiago Hernandez, Joaquin Valencia, Luisa Jimeno, Sergio Esteban Velez

Art lovers at BogotAuctions

BogotAuctions' fourth art sale since opening in 2014 drew art lovers, critics, collectors and more from across Colombia and around the world.
Yohana Ruiz - Sami Estrada

Bomberg launch

Swiss watchmaker Bomberg launched their first store in Bogotá with an event that mixed fashion and boxing.
Cedric Watson, Carlos lemoine

Cedric Watson: Cajun in Colombia

Grammy-nominated zydeco, blues and cajun musician Cedric Watson visited Colombia for the first time in June.
Mariela Hellmund, Carlos Eduardo Hellmund

Cercanías opening at Galería Sextante

Galería Sextante held a gala opening for Cercanías, an exhibition of photographer Carlos Eduardo Hellmund.
Celso Alejandro Jaque, Carlos Woida, Ricaro Menendez

Argentine Gastronomic Festival

A cocktail party held at the Bogotá Marriot kicked off the first ever Argentine Gastronomic Festival this month.
Robert Mackenzie, Cynthia Clemente, Peter Baaij, Renato Herrera

Varekai premiere

A red carpet premiere welcomed Varekai, the second masterpiece from Cirque du Soleil to visit Bogotá
Dr. Santiago Cabrera, Director Ejecutivo Fundación Cardioinfantil, Fabio Villegas, Presidente Avianca

RunTour Avianca

Avianca recently held the first RunTour 10K race in Bogotá in order to help support the Cardioinfantil Foundation.

MAMBO: 50-year gala

MAMBO celebrated its 50-year anniversary with a gala to inaugurate an exhibition covering the museum's entire collection.

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