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Colombia is full of rich cultural and artistic offerings, from traditional artesanias to modern art, film and dance. And while the entire country is bursting at the seams with artistic offerings, few cities in the world have as much to experience as Bogotá. The City Paper Bogotá is your guide to the visual, cinematic, literary, dance and theatrical culture of Colombia and its capital city.


Visual Arts

Photography, painting, sculpture and more. Colombia is home to an impressive array of visual artists working in diverse media and genres. From art exhibitions to auctions, this is your source for news and information on visual art in Colombia and Bogotá.

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Colombia’s film industry is booming with productions both local and foreign. But from blockbusters to indie films, there’s no shortage of Colombian talent on the silver screen.

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From Salsa to Cumbia to Vallenato, Colombia’s musical culture is as diverse as any in the world. But it’s traditional music culture is just as strong as its pop, electronic and rock scene, making Colombia one of the most exciting countries in the world for great music old and new.

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Home of literary giants like Gabriel García Márquez, Colombia gave birth to magical realism. But the country has much more to offer than just the works of its Nobel laureate author. Colombia’s literature draws from its intensely vibrant landscape and its remarkable, memorable people.

Colombian author Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez talks about Colombia, his muse, La Candelaria and writing as a way to discover his home country.
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Bogotá is renowned as one of the world’s great theatre cities, and the cultural options regularly on display don’t disappoint. From experimental dramas to crowd-pleasing favorites, there’s something on stage for almost anyone in Colombia’s capital.

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