Bogotá to stage nine Festivals at the Park with environmental messages

Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán presents the 2024 line-up of the music festivals for the Colombian capital. Photo: Alcaldía.

Bogotá Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán, alongside the district’s Secretary of Culture, Recreation, and Sports, Santiago Trujillo, and María Claudia Parias, Director of the District Institute of Arts (Idartes), unveiled the official dates for the upcoming Festivals at the Park -Festivales al Parque – themed as “Festivals for Water”. From June to November, Bogotá will be immersed in the vibrant musical tapestry curated by Idartes.

“This administration is dedicated to bringing the joy of music and dance to every corner of our city. This year, we are proud to present nine Festivals at the Park, two more than last year, including the newly introduced Vallenato at the Park and Popular at the Park, as part of District Agreements ratified by the Council,” announced Mayor Galán from the Bogotá Planetarium.

The primary goal of this year’s festivals is to raise awareness about the vital importance of preserving and protecting the city’s natural water resources. Attendees will also have the chance to experience two new musical events: “Popular al Parque” and “Vallenato al Parque” – both headlining with slate of slate of national recording artists. “We aim to surpass 800,000 attendees this year, an ambitious goal, but one we believe is achievable,” emphasized Mayor Galán.

These nine festivals will also serve as a platform for environmental consciousness raising and the promotion of local talent, all while minimizing environmental impact. Santiago Trujillo described these events as Bogotá’s “cultural soundtrack”, emphasizing their role in fostering a shared sense of environmental responsibility and social inclusion.

María Claudia Parias highlighted the festivals’ commitment to creative and musical diversity, aiming to enrich the cultural tapestry of the entire city.

Mayor Galán underscored the festivals’ relevance amid Bogotá’s current challenges, particularly its water supply issues. “We are facing the most complex water supply challenge in the last 40 years. Through events like Rock at the Park, we can engage with citizens and catalyze shifts in collective consciousness regarding water management. Today, we want these festivals to not only be about music but also about sustainability and environmental stewardship,” he emphasized.

2024 Festivals at the Park Lineup

  • Joropo al Parque: Celebrating the Work Songs of the Eastern Plains at Plaza de Bolívar, June 14-16.
  • Hip Hop al Parque: Promoting unity under the theme “One culture, one family,” Simón Bolívar Park, July 13-14.
  • Vallenato al Parque: Debuting at La Media Torta on August 3 and Simón Bolívar Park on August 4, celebrating Parranda and Folklore.
  • Gospel al Parque: Fusing various musical genres at the Summer Festival on August 10.
  • Colombia al Parque: Honoring rivers as cultural keystones at Los Novios Park on August 24-25.
  • Popular al Parque: Showcasing diverse music genres from across the hemisphere at El Tunal Metropolitan Park on September 14-15.
  • Jazz al Parque: Uniting cultures through jazz at El Country Park on September 28-29.
  • Salsa al Parque: Exploring salsa’s urban roots at Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park on October 5-6.
  • Rock al Park: Closing the series at Simón Bolívar Park on November 9-11, celebrating subcultures in harmony.

With its diverse lineup and thematic focus on environmental consciousness, the 2024 Festivals at the Park promise to be more than just musical events but platforms for fostering a deeper connection between Bogotá’s nine million residents.