Inside the BBC craft brewery.

Three craft breweries are combining passion and business savvy to change how Colombians drink beer.
Panoramica ARTBO 2014 (4)

The most important art fair in Colombia, ARTBO, prepares to host the world with a record number of galleries...
Opinion-Urban Music

From the 'canción protesta' to his fear and loathing of vallenato, writer Richard McColl tries to keep his...
Artist Ben Betsalel painting Florencia.

Artist Ben Betsalel gives those who are incarcerated a voice and empowerment through a unique portrait series and which...

Millions around the world will be able to appreciate a Supermoon total lunar eclipse Sunday. In Bogotá, favourable weather...



During an historic encounter in Havana, the Colombian government and FARC announce that a peace deal will be reached before March 2016.
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The prestigious Rio de Janeiro based dance company takes on Pushkin’s “Tatyana” during three night at the Colón Theatre.
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During three full days, Bogotá will host the fashion extravaganza ‘BFashion’ and which offers guests the chance to buy the latest in Colombian fashion.
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Community radio plays an important role in broadcasting news in remote regions of Colombia, but also plays its part in peace building.
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In Colombia, the sports commentary is almost as important as the game unfolding on the field.
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Colombians are becoming more engaged with Apps in order to promote their businesses and help others get the download.
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In Colombia, the cult of the “faja” reflects a growing trend for women to wear extreme and wired clothing.
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As candidates for Mayor of Bogotá present their agendas, the capital is in dire need of leadership and unity to face difficult challenges.
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Opinion writer Richard McColl know his English Premiere League football and begins to match the team with the front running candidates.
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Frustration and anger over the due process of law is allowing vigilante justice to prosper.
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