Betty Garcés

From Buenaventura to performing on the world stage, soprano Betty Garcés is Colombia’s operatic revelation.
El Abrazo de la Serpiente

Ciro Guerra's tale from the Colombian Amazon wins yet another major international award.
human trafficking Carlos Vives

Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches a campaign against the scourge of human trafficking.


Nunca Más by Niels Van Iperen.

Dutch photographer Niels Van Iperen presents Nunca más, an exhibition of portraits of the relatives of “false positives.”
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The Alto Baudó in the heart of the Chocómay be inhospitable to reach, but is steeped in rich inter-oceanic history.
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Mural by Guache

Street artists share their heritage by incorporating indigenous themes into murals, but some politicians are trying to erase their work in cities across Latin America.
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Copa America

Colombia’s national football team restores faith in the game writes Richard McColl and breaks with the rancorous behaviour of English fans.
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Team Colombia faces its final match in the Copa America Centenario Saturday against the USA. What failed Wednesday to dash hopes for a final against Argentina?
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Colombia wasn’t good — but David Ospina was great. And that was enough to get by Peru and advance to the semifinals.
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hat was José Pékerman thinking? After a thrilling game that featured two goals in the first seven minutes — and
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People ought not to be shocked by the ascendency of the likes of Donald Trump. Around the world, politicians are tapping a groundswell of cynicism against mainstream political parties.
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The decision by UK voters to leave the EU was based more on a rhetoric of fear than facts. As Colombians face their own plebiscite on peace, there are important lessons to be learned.
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Even though the proposed date of July 20 is approaching for the final signing of the peace agreement with FARC, the bilateral ceasefire last month essentially sealed the end of a half century conflict.
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