CoST Infrastructure Transparency Initiative welcomes Bogotá as its new member

Bogotá joins representatives from 19 nations as the newest member of London-based CoST to guarantee oversight and transparency with infrastructure.

Colombia tourism on course for fast recovery claim experts

Despite huge losses incurred by the Colombian travel sector with the coronavirus pandemic, industry leaders expect a faster than expected recovery for 2021.

Bogotá cultural venues reopen a year after COVID outbreak

Bogotá's cultural venues will reopen to the public this weekend a year after the first case of COVID was confirmed in the Colombian capital.

Colombia begins vaccinating its over 80 population

Colombia's National Vaccine Program has begun inoculating the over 80 population with the arrival of the second shipment of 50,310 doses from Pfizer.

Former FARC hostage and radio host Herbin Hoyos dies from COVID

Every night Herbin Hoyos sent messages from loved ones to the kidnapped across the airwaves. The host of "Voices of the Kidnapped" died, age 58, from coronavirus.

Current Issue

Colombia’s Duque receives death threats from FARC dissident Santrich

In a direct threat against Colombian President Iván Duque, ex-FARC dissident commander Santrich appeared in a video taken in the Venezuelan state of Zulia.

Teatro Mayor launches in-person concerts with premieres by Colombian composers

Pianist Mauricio Arias-Esguerra raises the curtain for the start of in-person concerts at Bogotá's Teatro Mayor.

Orozco-Estrada debuts as Chief Conductor of Vienna Symphony with start of new season

The Colombian violinist and maestro Andrés Orozco-Estrada takes over the Vienna Symphony after tenures at the Houston Symphony and Frankfurt Radio Symphony.

OMS: Freno de la pandemia aún no se debe a las...

El representante irlandés de la OMS advierte que el freno en nuevos contagios podría estar relacionada con cierta estacionalidad del coronavirus.

Sincelejo nurse becomes first Colombian to receive coronavirus vaccine

Verónica Machado became the first frontline health worker to receive the coronavirus vaccine at a Sincelejo hospital.

Colombia’s indigenous peoples lead first census of Andean Condor

Some 300 volunteers conducted the first census of the Colombian Condor. The census involved indigenous communities from the departments of La Guajira to Nariño.

First Colombia vaccine shipment a “moment for history”

The first shipment of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine arrived in Colombia to a government reception and launch of the nationwide vaccination program.

Coronavirus pandemic puts leadership in Colombia to the test

The coronavirus pandemic has shown a spirit of leadership and collaboration among many of Colombia's public officials, while also exposing political enmity and misinformation.

Mayor Claudia López challenges Duque’s easing of lockdown in Bogotá

President Iván Duque has announced easing quarantine for two key sectors of the Colombia economy, but Bogotá's Claudia López wants to extend lockdown for everyone.

Colombia’s Iván Duque and Claudia López show leadership with coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has revealed very different leadership by President Duque and Mayor López. Both share altruistic objectives when it comes to saving lives.