Shibboleth at the Tate Modern

As Colombia opens up to the world, the country's artists are gaining a stronger following overseas.
Christmas light watching in Medellin

In Colombia, tiny towns and big cities alike get decked out for the holidays, but these are the best...
Ely Ríos Bonilla participates in the Theatre of the Oppressed workshop in Bogotá.

Ely Ríos Bonilla hopes theatre and song can help her Caribbean community of Libertad prosper even in the face...
Henry Arellano measures carbon in tropical forests

Scientist Henry Arellano thinks deforestation is driving climate change, and he's measuring thousands of Colombian trees to prove it.
A rendering of the Bogotá metro line.

Debate hinges on whether the metro will travel above or below ground, but the most important thing is that...



A Bogotá film festival aims to promote women’s rights and open up the discussion of the role of women in Colombia’s film industry. The event runs for 10 days.
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Natives of Colombia's Caquetá department met to establish their right to participate in government.

A document drafted by 500 indigenous groups in Colombia’s Caquetá department demands a role in policy decision-making.
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Millions around the world will be able to appreciate a Supermoon total lunar eclipse Sunday. In Bogotá, favourable weather is predicted to better observe this rare celestial event.
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Dr. Hildermann Pedraza holds up a medicinal maggot used for cleaning wounds and infections.

Can an ancient form of therapy become accepted as an alternative form of wound healing? A Colombian doctor wants maggots back in medicine.
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A striking advertising campaign in Cartagena looks to empower its Afro-Colombian population.
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Community radio plays an important role in broadcasting news in remote regions of Colombia, but also plays its part in peace building.
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In Colombia, the sports commentary is almost as important as the game unfolding on the field.
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Between now and January, Enrique Peñalosa must be visionary to pull Bogotá back from the brink, writes Richard McColl.
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A new mayor will guide Bogotá in a post-conflict Colombia, and it won’t be an easy job.
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From the ‘canción protesta’ to his fear and loathing of vallenato, writer Richard McColl tries to keep his cool with Bogotá’s music culture.
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