The end of Bogotá’s Los Héroes monument

Bogotá's Los Héroes monument has reached a sad and innocuous end after vandals destroyed the landmark during months of anti-government protests.

Art and newsprint: Periódicos de Ayer exhibit at MAMU

A recently opened exhibition at MAMU in Bogotá tributes the rebellious age of Latin American newspapers and how they gave voice to contemporary artists.

Colombia’s natural medicine cabinet: A fist full of Caléndula

Visit any farmer's market in Colombia and you'll see orange caléndula brimming from wooden carts. This ceremonial flower ranks high with medicinal qualities.

Colombia drops below 19,000 active COVID-19 cases

Colombia continues with a downturn in new cases of infections and deaths from coronavirus. The death toll from the virus will surpass 126,000 this week.

Duque presents a multilateral Colombia during final speech to UN

President Duque marked his final address to the UN Assembly with a vision of Colombia on the world stage and multilateral player on global issues.

Current Issue

Avianca launches Bogotá – Toronto service on December 17

The Bogotá - Toronto route will operate on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The flight will compete with Air Canada's direct 787 Dreamliner service.

Majestic Betty Garcés returns to the stage of Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor

With theatres recently authorized to reopen, Bogotá audiences have the opportunity to hear Colombia's grand dame of opera, Betty Garcés, in a performance directed by Alejandro Roca.

Elsa Zambrano unveils her curious “Constellations” at Beatriz Esguerra Art

Bogotá artist Elsa Zambrano's latest series Constellations was created during coronavirus lockdowns and inspired by the works of Dadaism's "star-painters."

New hope for Colombia’s Terribilis, world’s most poisonous frog

The Golden Poison Dart Frog is endemic to the rainforests of Colombia's Chocó and species with an toxin so deadly that is is considered the world's most poisonous amphibian.

Colombia’s Amazonas reports zero fatalities from Covid-19

As coronavirus cases decelerate across Colombia, the departmental capital of Amazonas, Leticia, reported on Thursday zero fatalities from the virus.

As Mu variant advances Colombia’s daily COVID-19 cases drop to 1,125

Colombia continues to decelerate in new coronavirus infections despite circulation of Delta and Mu, the latter known as the "Colombia variant."

Colombia’s per day COVID-19 cases lowest since June 2020.

Colombia registered the lowest per day cases in COVID-19 infections since June 2020. The deceleration comes as vaccine coverage extends to minors age 12 to 14.

Op-Ed: Colombia’s falling prey to populism and nobody’s paying attention.

The protests that beseiged Colombia during four months have proven how pandemic-hit democracies remain too exposed to the dangerous narratives of populist leaders.

Opinion: Colombia, “Aleppo of the Andes”?

Social media hysteria, fake news, spamming by K-poppers are just some of the tools Paro Nacional supporters are deviating constructive debate to end the crisis in Colombia.

Opinion: Human rights violations mount with Colombia protests

Human Rights organizations and activists have denounced excessive use of force by Colombia's security forces to quell civic and legitimate protest.