Artist Spencer Tunick photographs hundreds and even thousands of nude subjects for projects around the world.

Days before his Bogotá photoshoot, Spencer Tunick explains his interest in Colombia and why people should take off their...
Colombia's Esteban Chaves smiles after taking the lead in the Giro d'Italia on Friday. Chaves finished the race in second place on Sunday.

Colombia's Esteban Chaves finished second in the 99th Giro d'Italia just behind Italy's Vicenzo Nibali on Sunday. Three Colombians...
Spanish journalist Salud Hernández went missing over the weekend in Colombia's Catatumbo region.

Spanish journalist Salud Hernández was freed by the ELN guerrilla group on Friday afternoon according to various Colombian media.

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Las Aventuras de Nuku represented Colombia on Wednesday at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Colombian animated film Las Aventuras de Nuku, which tells the story of a young Kogui boy, screened Wednesday at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
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Author Walter Broderick poses in his home in La Macarena, near Bogotá's city center.

Author Walter Broderick recounts a life following the ELN guerrilla group and it’s brief but influential leader, Camilo Torres.
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James Rodríguez colombia

James Rodríguez and Colombia’s other international football stars have a had a big year, but the pressure is on in the next few weeks.
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Alset Bolton football club helps young Colombians break into the tough world of competitive sports, but it also prepares them for life beyond the pitch.
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Colombia is known for its coffee, but a real café experience has more to do with who you’re with and where you’re sipping ‘tinto.’
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Thirty-three circus lions liberated from ramshackle operations in Colombia and Peru are now walking free in South African cat sanctuaries.
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Richard McColl discovers that something as seemingly simple as an apartment renovation can be a big challenge in Bogotá.
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Colombia prepares for an historic moment even as Latin American neighbors struggle with crises both natural and manmade.
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As North Korea works to expand its economy, a growing nuclear program cuts off any benefits at the root.
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