Colombia on course for world’s longest lockdown after extension to July 1

President Iván Duque has extended quarantine to July 1 with Decree 749 putting the nation on course for the world's longest-running coronavirus lockdown.

Colombia to receive 800 U.S Army troops on June 1 for counter-narcotics support

As part of long-standing bilateral commitments in the War on Drugs, Colombia will receive 800 U.S Army troops to support counter-narcotics efforts.

With COVID-19 cases at 24,104 Colombia breaks daily record for testing

Colombia breaks a daily record for COVID-19 testing as the country confirms 24,104 cases. Quarantine extended for seniors until June 30 as Duque continues with "flexibilization."

Bogotá’s La Cometa gallery presents its latest online show Brittle Structures

The Bogotá art gallery La Cometa presents works by two artists whose graphic narrative reflects on consumerism and capitalism.

Hay Festival streams literary world for its 2020 edition

Live session with authors, essayists and celebrities from the film world join the first Hay Digital from the festival's seat Hay-on-Wye. The event runs until May 31.

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Teatro Mayor celebrates a decade with streaming of its 10 Best performances

Teatro Mayor is hosting a virtual celebration of its first decade with streaming of the 10 Best performances in all its categories. Access is free to audiences.

Medellín Philharmonic launches virtual season with Pinzón premiere

The Medellín Philharmonic will present the world premiere of renowned Colombian contemporary composer Jorge Pinzón on Saturday with live streaming.

Bogotá to the Big Apple: Actor Fabian Zarta balances dreams in...

New York actor Fabian Zarta is in Colombia after borders closed with COVID-19. From Broadway to films, Zarta's latest calling is helping poor families endure the pandemic.

What to expect with the “flexible” reopening of Colombia after May 31

President Iván Duque announced a series of measures that after May 31 return some degree of productivity to Colombia as part of a "flexible" re-opening.

Colombia extends quarantine to May 31 and Health Emergency to August 31

Despite postive results with coronavirus in Colombia, President Duque extends quarantine for a fourth time to May 31 with economic easing phased in for June.

Humanitarian flights repatriate 5,000 Colombians stranded with pandemic

Since the declaration of the National Health Emergency that closed international air travel, 5,000 Colombians have been repatriated in the last two months.

Mayor Claudia López challenges Duque’s easing of lockdown in Bogotá

President Iván Duque has announced easing quarantine for two key sectors of the Colombia economy, but Bogotá's Claudia López wants to extend lockdown for everyone.

Colombia’s Iván Duque and Claudia López show leadership with coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has revealed very different leadership by President Duque and Mayor López. Both share altruistic objectives when it comes to saving lives.

Coronavirus: Humanity’s unrivaled “equalizer”

The coronavirus pandemic is a reminder to the world's populations that nature ultimately dictates the future of our planet, not government nor man-made boundaries.