Big Picture: The old colored doors of Quindío

After multiple trips to the heart of Colombia's Coffee Axis, Dutch photographer Fetze Weerstra created a stunning collage of the old doors of Quindío.

Big Picture from Colombia: The northernmost mule of South America

With the stunning backdrop of the Taroa Dunes in Punta Gallinas, the northernmost point of Colombia, a Wayúu family rest with their beast of burden after returning from a local market.

Big Picture: The San José galleon from a Rembus 6000

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution confirmed Monday that a REMBUS 6000 submersible vehicle captured thousands of images of the "holy grail of shipwrecks" - the Galeón San José

Big Picture: A mountain at the heart of art

The majestic stratosphere volcano, Nevado del Tolima, was the source of inspiration for an art exhibition in 1859 called Heart of the Andes by Frederic Edwin Church.

Big Picture: A volcano from the heavens

This stunning image captured from the International Space station by NASA captures the grandeur of the Nevado del Ruíz volcano.

Big Picture: The long journey across the Llanos Orientales

Carlos Pineda's latest coffeetable book "Faena de Llano" is a visual document of daily life on Colombia's Eastern Plains.

Big Picture: Flying the colors of Colombia

Our final Big Picture of 2017 was captured on the majestic Río Guaviare waterway that flows from the high altitude wetlands of the Sumapaz to the Orinoco.

Big Picture: When gastronomy comes calling

During the recent Gastronomy Congress in the southern city of Popayán, known as the White City, these companions were enjoying a morning snack before heading to the local market.

Big Picture: Sixty years of color and tradition in Medellín

Big Picture: The Medellín flower parade celebrated 60 years with an impressive parade of flowers from the region's farms and highlight on Colombia's busy festival calendar.

Big Picture from Colombia: A meeting of mules in Tolima

Photographer Mike Evans has released a book of stunning images taken during seven years in Colombia. We share a Big Picture taken in Murillo, Tolima.

Big Picture: United by Mochilas and a Sacred Mountain

In this image captured by Fransisco Duque, two members of the Arhuaco community enjoy a silent moment of 'mambeo' in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Big Picture: The boy in the Amazonian longhouse

Big Picture: A young boy waits for the elders of his indigenous community in the Amazon to hold a meeting regarding the environmental impact of illegal gold mining.

Maypures: Waterway of the “Eighth Wonder of the World”

Photographer Gabriel Eisenband captured this impressive picture of the Maypures rapids in the Tuparro National Park.

Big Picture: A palm grows in La Candelaria

The mood may recall Marrakech, but even though there is no beach nor desert close to the Colombian capital, palms have been growing in La Candelaria for centuries.

Big Picture: First light in the ‘mother of nations’

Stunning photograph as morning mist rises near Aguadas, Caldas. Photo: Carlos Pineda
Colombia's Rio Magdalena, as photographed by Jorge Panchoaga.

Last light on Colombia’s ‘River of Tombs’

Photographer Jorge Panchoaga captures last light on Colombia's principal river, the Magdalena, a key route for travel, transporting goods and a source of food for centuries.

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