Bogotá in the eyes of Botero’s “Mona Lisa”


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Bogotá, September 23, 2023 – As the world mourns the passing of renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, a remarkable tribute unfolds in the heart of Bogotá. Botero’s lifeless body now lies in state at the Capitol building, but his artistry continues to captivate the world.

In a stunning display, a giant thin canvas has been suspended over the façade of the iconic Capitol, adorned with images depicting some of Botero’s most iconic paintings. The spectacle showcases Botero’s unique style and his profound influence on the art world. Tourists and locals alike are gathering to pay homage to a man whose art forever immortalized the spirit and culture of Colombia.

Botero’s legacy lives on, not just in his artwork but in the hearts of those who find inspiration in his vision of beauty. As Bogotá becomes a canvas for his artistry, the city reaffirms its role as a bastion of creativity and culture in the world.

The artist Fernando Botero lies in state at the Colombian Capitol. Photo: Richard Emblin


Richard Emblin
Richard Emblin is the director of The City Paper.

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