In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Claudia Triana: “Colombia’s filmmakers are nation builders”

Colombia is open to international film production companies looking for a diversity in locations, professional crews believes ProImágenes' Claudia Triana.

Stage to Bogotá streets: The musicians of the Venezuelan migration

Playing for pesos is a reality many Venezuelan musicians face on the streets of Bogotá to survive with the economic collapse of their country.

Interview with Jorge Orlando Melo: “Colombia is a field of research unto itself”

Jorge Orlando Melo covers plenty of historical terrain with Colombia and subject of his most recent book.

Julia Salvi: “This festival is a showcase of Colombia”

The theme of January's edition of the International Music Festival of Cartagena is Celestial Harmony with invited guests John Eliot Gardiner and London's Philharmonia among others.

A Colombian Roadmap for climate change

Colombia could be a leader in supplying the world with food, but to do so, needs to tackle a major agent of climate change: deforestation.

Aviario Nacional: A sanctuary that lets trafficked birds fly again

A bird sanctuary on the Barú peninsula in northern Colombia has become an important tourist attraction for its conservation efforts.

Fernando Urbina and the Spanish Conquest in rock art

Fernando Urbina has dedicated 40-years of research to Colombia’s ancient rock art. His discovery of petroglyphs in remote territories show the first contact between conquistadores and Amazonian tribes.

The Elders and a Huitoto healing

The Elders of the Huitoto are commemorating 30-years of the Colombian government's recognition of their ancestral territory.

Ruven Afanador and Ana González capture the secret Colombia

Photographer Ruven Afanador and artist Ana González tribute the beauty and inherent sense of style of Colombia's indigenous women in a collaborative project: Daughters of Water

Ayahuasca: Tribal tradition or dangerous hallucinogenic brew?

Ayahuasca ceremonies are performed by many indigenous groups in Colombia's Amazon region. But, how safe is yagé for foreigners? We asked an expert.

UNESCO’s Tim Curtis: Colombia’s Intangible Culture “not just rural”

The head of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage spoke to The City Paper about Colombia’s participation in the Representative List.

Lights, camera, Gallego: The feminine force in Colombian cinema

In her directorial debut with Birds of Passage, Cristina Gallego chronicles the birth of the marijuana trade in La Guajira and the role of women among the Wayúu.

Juan José Nieto Gil recognized as Colombia’s black president

A replica of Colombia's only black president is being displayed in Casa de Nariño, but the legacy of Juan José Nieto Gil remains one of abandonment and historical exclusion

Andrés Delgado: A “cachaco” in Colombia’s Alta Guajira

As the founder of Kaishi Travel, Andrés Delgado is relentless in his quest for sustainability and helping communities improve their tourism standards.

Colegio Filadelfia: A Bogotá school where deaf learn leadership

Colegio Filadelfia Para Los Sordos was founded three decades ago by an American educator to provide quality education for deaf children in Bogotá.

Consuegra: Preserving the future of Colombia’s food heritage

Cristina Consuegra is a food anthropologist who has safeguarded ancestral recipes for future generations to enjoy and research.

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