The latest in breaking news and current events from Colombia.

Colombia receives $5 billion from U.S to finance projects in coca-growing regions

Colombia will receive U.S$5 billion to invest in regions impacted by coca. President Duque also received on Thursday a message of friendship from Trump for eradication efforts.

A year after Bogotá bombing, Attorney General’s Office to charge ELN commanders

The commanders of the National Liberation Army (ELN) will be charged by the Attorney General's Office for the bombing of Bogotá's Police Academy last year.

FARC’s Timochenko thanks Colombia’s Police and Army for saving his life

FARC's political leader and former top commander "Timochenko" thanked Colombian security forces for thwarting an assassination attempt during the weekend.

Uber and out for Colombia operations of ridesharing company? Save that App

The global ridesharing company Uber ends operations in Colombia after legislators failed to regulate legal loopholes favoring the transport guild over the technology-based company.

Colombia’s human rights defender Leyner Palacios threatened by armed group

President Iván Duque has pledged heightened security measures for the inhabitants of Bojayá after social activist Leyner Palacios receives death threats from an illegal armed group.

Claudia López’s inauguration picnic outlines sustainable future for Bogotá

In an outdoor ceremony in Bogotá's largest green space, Claudia López became the first woman mayor of the capital. In her inaugural address on Tuesday, López outlined key policy objectives.

Colombia’s traditional trades included in UNESCO’s safeguarding register

The Colombian methodology of apprentice-teacher learning and work schools for peacebuilding has been included in UNESCO's Register of Good Safeguarding Practices.

Bogotá dazzles for Navidad with free concerts and acrobatic spectacle

With lights to admire every night this holiday season, Bogotá's agenda includes over 100 free events and acrobatic spectacle in Plaza de Bolívar by France's La Maison.

Tragedy among Colombia’s Nasa: A photo essay by Malcolm Linton

In southwest Colombia, illegal armed groups have killed community leaders of the Nasa indigenous community as they seize control of lucrative drug routes.

With peaceful marches in Bogotá against President Duque, a policeman clings to his life.

Thousands marched Wednesday in Bogotá in the second general strike of the Paro Nacional. The protests have crippled the city's public transport system.

Colombians call for “peaceful protest” with 24-hour strike Wednesday

As Paro Nacional enters its sixth day, a general strike has been called by the Strike Committee for Wednesday. Colombians are demanding peaceful protest.

Bogotá protests claim first civilian life with death of student Dilan Cruz

The Bogotá student Dilan Cruz who was shot by the National Police anti-riot squad during a demonstration died Monday from his injuries.

Judge denies arrest order against vandal “influencer” who smashed Bogotá’s TransMilenio

A social media influencer taped herself taking a hammer to a TransMilenio station during Thursday's protests. Her vandalism video has outraged Colombians.

Colombia deports 59 Venezuelans for acts of vandalism during Bogotá protests

Migración Colombia expelled 59 Venezuelans on Monday for committing acts of violence and vandalism in Bogotá.

Bogotá protests result in 340 injured, one student in critical condition

Four days of protests in Bogotá has left scores of civilians and police officers injured. Colombia's capital braces for another week of demonstrations.

President Duque authorizes curfew for Bogotá starting 9:00 pm

In a move to restore law and order to the Colombian capital after days of unrest and vandalism, President Iván Duque and Mayor Enrique Peñalosa order a curfew starting 9:00 pm