Your need to know for U.S citizen absentee voting from Colombia

With 10 months before the U.S presidential election, the caucus state of Iowa kicks-off a busy calendar of pre-election events. If living outside the U.S., exercise your right to vote.

Expoartesanías 2019: From Royal bazaar to your favorite bandeja

Colombia's largest arts and crafts fair Expoartesanías offers visitors a unique chance to buy gifts with a seal of origin. From December 4 to 17.

Café San Alberto: A taste of luxury harvested at the heart of Quindío

Café San Alberto is Colombia's most awarded coffee and grown on an estate that can trace its lineage back three generations.

Colombia’s Sebastián Pinzón named regional finalist of S.P Young Chef contest

Sebastián Pinzón, chef of Celele, has reached the regional finals of San Pellegrino's prestigious gastronomy award.

Medellín hosts MDE design fair with plenty of urban, creative vibe

The capital of Antioquia, Medellín, recently hosted the MDE design fair and showcase of sustainable innovative projects.

Medellín’s The Design Fair showcases innovation and creative industries

The seventh edition of The Design Fair opened Friday in Medellín and the largest gathering in the of national and international exhibitors.

British Council turns 80 in Colombia and takes next step in education

The British Council's presence in Colombia is the largest in the Americas and an achievement that took 80 years in the making. The focus is on the future.

The Colombian whose inspiration comes as a comic

A Colombian illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York, gives voice to issues many immigrants face with personal stories drawn as comics.

Yidan 2018 Laureate Larry Hedges on education to “bridge social divides”

Professor Larry Hedges has been awarded the 2018 Yidan Prize, the world’s largest endowment for education research. The pioneering statistician at Northwestern spoke about the role of higher education in the United States.

Return to Argentina? Pékerman on brink of “adios” to Colombia

Considered the "most successful football coach in Colombian history, Argentina's José Pékerman's days with La Selección are numbered.

The City Paper’s Olga Helena Fernández wins bronze at UANA Championships

Colombia's synchronized swimmers at the UANA Pan American Championships have clinched medals. Among the champs, The City Paper's Olga Helena Fernández.

Colombia classifies for knockout round in World Cup after 1-0 win over Senegal

A goal by defender Yerry Mina in the second half of the final match in Group H has secured Colombia's place in the knockout round of the Russia World Cup.

Colombia World Cup “comeback” depends on final match against Senegal

Hopes are running high that Colombia will defeat Senegal in their final group match Thursday in order to make knock-out stage of World Cup Russia.

Colombia’s Patrulla Aérea: On wings of hope

The flying doctors of Patrulla Aérea have been performing medical missions in the most remote regions of Colombia for more than a half century.

Colombia’s World Cup dream at risk after “draining” loss to Japan

Not all over yet for Colombia despite a heart-wrenching loss against Japan in World Cup opener. La Selección must win against Poland to have a chance to stay in Russia.

Colombia in Russia ahead of World Cup ceremony and opener against Japan

Colombia's national football team has arrived in Russia before the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup on June 14 and first game against Japan in Group H.