The artisans are back in Bogotá with Expoartesanías 2022


Colombia’s largest handicrafts fair – Expoartesanías – has opened in Bogotá’s trade and exhibition grounds Corferias. Taking the theme “Creative Expression” the fair welcomes more than 750 exhibitors from the country’s 32 departments, many traveling great distances to offer their wares to visitors.

The event lasts until December 20, and even though many like to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute, take advantage of this much anticipated event in the yearly calendar to support local artisans, especially from indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.

As the showcase of cultural heritage in the territory, the fair’s organizer – Artesanías de Colombia – works year-round with local artisans to preserve ancestral knowledge, offer technical and design support, as well as business and education training to help small businesses become sustainable over time. For the majority of artisans, this two-week-long event, accounts for 60% of their annual revenue.

One of the novelties this year is the launch of the “Seeds Collection” of the Colombia Design Program of Colombian Crafts. This new line unites craftsmanship with contemporary design and is inspired by 10 Colombian fruits and their trees.

From the most iconic woven items uniting regions with tradition, such as the hammock, mochila, sombrero, and ruana to decorative accessories, home furnishings, contemporary jewelry, the fair also invites merchants from around the world to sell their goods in the “Handicrafts of the World” pavilion.

Some of the guest nations with their homemade crafts and clothing is Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Turkey, India, Iran, Mexico, and Pakistan.

As Expoartesanías covers five pavilions give yourself a full day to explore the fair. The food stalls are located in the central plazoleta and there is plenty of seating to relax and entice one’s appetitie with foods typical of the country’s gastronomically diverse regions. Admission to the fair costs COP$20,000 for persons age 12 and over. Two and Three Day Passes are available for COP$28,000 and COP$39,000. The fair’s opening hours (December 8 to 20) are 10 am to 8 pm.

Corferias. Cra 37 No.24-67