Leon Tovar unveils artistic showcase in Bogotá’s Atrio Tower

Gallery-owner León Tovar (right) accompanied by Claudia Hakim of the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art, and Nayib Neme. Photo: Richard Emblin

In a groundbreaking cultural endeavor, Leon Tovar, the esteemed New York gallerist, has inaugurated a captivating artistic concept within the iconic Atrio building in Bogotá. This ephemeral project aims to introduce avant-garde Latin American masterpieces against the breathtaking backdrop of the award-winning Atrio Tower, a defining architectural skyscraper in the Colombian capital designed by the acclaimed architects Sir Richard Rogers and Giancarlo Mazzanti. The Atrio Tower not only stands as a testament to architectural excellence but also ranks among the tallest structures in Colombia.

Embarking on this exciting venture, the gallery unveiled a public exhibition featuring the latest creation of the acclaimed Peruvian conceptual artist, Jaime Miranda-Bambarén. The exhibition, titled “Semillas” or (“Seeds”), showcases hand-carved spheres meticulously crafted from recovered Peruvian eucalyptus roots. Miranda-Bambarén’s work transcends conventional artistic boundaries, offering a profound exploration of nature’s resilience and the transformative power of art.

Installation by Peruvian artist Jaime Miranda-Bambarén at Atrio. Photo:Richard Emblin

Delving into the artist’s background, Jaime Miranda-Bambarén emerges as a visionary in the contemporary art scene, hailing from the rich cultural tapestry of Peru. His artistic repertoire reflects a deep connection to the environment and a keen exploration of sustainable materials, as evidenced in the ethereal beauty of “Semillas.” Miranda-Bambarén’s innovative approach has garnered acclaim globally, making him a pivotal figure in the realm of conceptual art.

As part of this immersive experience, the gallery debuted a new space – LEON TOVAR PROJECTS. This ephemeral extension in Bogotá represents a bold expansion of the New York program, bringing together both established and emerging Latin American artists under one roof in León Tovar’s hometown.

The Leon Tovar Gallery extended a warm invitation to art enthusiasts and the public to visit Miranda-Bambarén’s exhibition starting December 4th, 2023. The event kicked off with an evening of artistic exploration and cultural celebration, drawing members of the country’s artistic community and friends of the gallery. The event coincided with a birthday tribute to the renowned Colombian artist Santiago Cárdenas, adding an extra layer of significance to this extraordinary cultural gathering.

Alfred Wild and Jorge Pelaez. Photo: Richard Emblin
Carolina Gutierrez and Saul Sasson. Photo: Richard Emblin
Artist Santiago Cárdenas and art restorer María Cecilia Alvarez.
León Tovar and Sofia Wheatley. Photo: Richard Emblin
Nayib Neme and Santiago Cardenás. Photo: Richard Emblin
Claudia Hakim, director of the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO), Photo: Richard Emblin