Local news for the Bogotá area.

With Bogotá protests set for January 21, Claudia López faces first challenge of mayoralty

After a month-long lull in the Paro Nacional, the first mass protests take to the streets in Bogotá on January 21, and first challenge to public order with López as mayor.

Bogotá Mayor Claudia López retires 108 canines from TransMilenio duties

Sniffer dogs will no longer patrol Bogotá's TransMilenio stations after Mayor Claudia López reversed a security strategy citing health concerns for these animals.

Bogotá rolls out first of 483 all-electric SITP bus fleet

On December 23, the first all-electric SITP bus went into service and one 483 vehicles that will contribute in 2020 to clean energy transport in Bogotá.

Claudia López’s inauguration picnic outlines sustainable future for Bogotá

In an outdoor ceremony in Bogotá's largest green space, Claudia López became the first woman mayor of the capital. In her inaugural address on Tuesday, López outlined key policy objectives.

Gravity-defying show comes to Bogotá’s Plaza de Bolívar with El Sueño de Isidro

From December 15 to 23, Bogotanos will be treated to a sound, light and acrobatic spectacle in Plaza de Bolívar titled "El Sueño de Isidro."

Bogotá dazzles for Navidad with free concerts and acrobatic spectacle

With lights to admire every night this holiday season, Bogotá's agenda includes over 100 free events and acrobatic spectacle in Plaza de Bolívar by France's La Maison.

The charm of buying in Bogotá’s weekend pop up Farmers Markets

Sustainable and wholesome agricultural practices are some of the ingredients for the success of Bogotá's weekend Mercados Campesinos.

Bogotá: District documentary reveals city of “Unexpected Neighbors”

A documentary inspired by Bogotá's abundant biodiversity debuts this month and district initiative to inspire conservation and empathy with urban wildlife.

Photo Gallery: Images from the peaceful Paro Nacional in Bogotá

The Paro Nacional in Bogotá has witnessed the participation of large representations of Colombian society marching in solidarity with the unions and victims of the internal conflict.

Mayor Peñalosa outlines security plans for Bogotá ahead of Paro Nacional

Bogotá Mayor Enrique Peñalosa outlined the security operations for the capital to guarantee peaceful protest during the national strike on Thursday, Nov 21.

Bogotá’s San Felipe arts district finds its “ADN” in Orange Economy

Creative districts are thriving in Bogotá with San Felipe joining El Bronx as new hubs for startups and creative industries.

As Colombia faces nationwide strike Nov.21, why are students protesting?

Students are on the march across Colombia in protest over institutional corruption and the right to peaceful protest. Incidents of violence and have changed the discussion.

Festival Brilla: Giant “Wild Lights” illuminate Bogotá for holiday season

Festival Brilla opens in Bogotá's Botanical Garden on November 16 with an end-of-year spectacle involving giant illuminated sculptures of Colombia's biodiversity.

A walking tour of the two Seventh Avenues of downtown Bogotá

Bogotá's Séptima is an obligatory stroll down memory lane, layered by architectural disorder within an urban context.

A quick guide to Sunday’s mayoral election in Bogotá

In preparation for Sunday's mayoral elections, a nationwide alcohol ban goes into effect Saturday evening. Local authorities will boost police presence on the streets of Bogotá.

A Chinese-Canadian consortium wins contract to build Bogotá’s Metro

Ending years of uncertainty, a Chinese-Canadian consortium has won the contract to build Bogotá's electric metro in the next seven years.