The latest in breaking news and current events from Colombia.

Santos: Formal peace talks set to begin with Colombia’s ELN in February

President Juan Manuel Santos announces that formal peace negotiations with the National Liberation Army (ELN) will begin February 8 in Quito.

Implementation of peace accord with FARC faces hurdles in 2017

A spate of targeted killings, the logistics of demobilization, and guerrillas deserting the FARC all continue to threaten peace.

Santos receives Nobel prize as “tribute to the Colombian people”

President Juan Manuel Santos accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, saying it gave a boost to an "impossible dream" of ending more than a half-century of conflict in Colombia.

Colombia outraged over brutal murder of young girl from humble indigenous family

The brutal rape, torture, and killing of a seven-year young girl from an indigenous community has outraged Colombians. A prominent Bogotá architect is now in custody.
colombia senate peace

Colombian Senate approves peace accord in 75-0 vote

Former President Uribe's Democratic Center political party left the chamber in protest and refused to take part in the vote.

Authorities begin investigation into cause of tragic Chapecoense crash

Officials have recovered the "black box" voice and flight recorder and an investigation is already underway into the cause of the crash.

Brazilian football team plane crashes in central Colombia, 71 confirmed dead

It remains unclear how many people survived the crash. At least three players are believed to be alive.
Santos and Timochenko celebrate the signing of a final peace accord in Bogotá.

Colombia, FARC sign historic end to conflict

On Thursday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader alias "Timochenko" met in Bogotá to sign a new final peace accord.

Final and revised peace accord to be signed Thursday at the Colón Theatre

The revised peace accord between the Colombian Government and FARC will be signed Thursday in Bogotá's iconic Colón Theatre.

Revised Final Accord with FARC could be signed Tuesday in Colombia’s capital

The revised Final Accord with FARC will be signed Tuesday in the Colombia capital during a solemn ceremony in the colonial home of Liberator Simon Bolivar.

New Final Accord will be the final accord, says peace negotiator

"There's really no room for more negotiation," said Humberto De la Calle.
President Juan Manuel Santos to receive additional treatment for prostate cancer following 2012 surgery. (Photo by Presidencia de la República)

Colombia’s President Santos to undergo treatment for prostate cancer in Baltimore

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is expected to receive surgery for prostate cancer at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital, according to reports.
Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia signs revised peace accord with FARC

"It is the time for union and reconciliation," said President Juan Manuel Santos.

Report: Military spending in Colombia fell 17 percent in 2015

According to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Institute, Colombia reduced its military expenditures by nearly USD$2 billion in 2015.
President Santos and Queen Elizabeth II arrive at Buckingham Palace. (Photo Presidencia de la República)

Gallery: Colombia’s state visit to the United Kingdom

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his wife Maria Clemencia arrived in London this week on a historic state visit to the United Kingdom.
President Santos meets with the mayor of London during a state visit to the UK. (Photo credit Presidencia de la República)

Santos: new peace accord could be implemented by Congress

President Juan Manuel Santos announced Tuesday that a new peace accord with the FARC could go through Congress instead of a vote.

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