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Peace ceremony makes history for Colombia

President Santos and FARC's "Timochenko" exchange peace pins to mark the end of 52 years of conflict.
Victims of Colombia's conflict with the FARC arrive in Cartagena. (Photo courtesy Presidencia de la Republica)

Victims of Colombia’s conflict arrive in Cartagena for ceremony

Representatives of victims groups from across Colombia arrive in Cartagena to attend the peace signing ceremony withe FARC.
President Juan Manuel Santos greets former President Belisario Betancur during a church service on Monday. (Courtesy Presidencia de la Republica)

Follow live video of Colombia’s peace signing with the FARC

Colombia and the FARC guerrilla group will sign an ambitious peace agreement Monday afternoon in Cartagena.

World reacts to Colombia’s peace agreement with FARC

World leaders and international media reacted strongly on Monday to news that Colombia's government would sign a peace agreement with the FARC guerrilla group.
President Juan Manuel Santos walks the streets of Cartagena. (Photo courtesy Presidencia de la Republica)

Gallery: Colombia government, FARC to sign peace agreement

Colombia's government and the FARC prepare to sign a historic peace agreement in Cartagena on Monday.
FARC rebels photographed in the Colombian countryside. (Photo by Carlos Bernate)

FARC “suspended” from EU terror list

Colombia's FARC guerrilla group will be removed from the EU terror organization list following a peace deal signing with the Colombian government on Monday.

Colombia hours from historic peace signing with FARC

On Monday, Colombia's and FARC sign the Final Accord during a ceremony in Cartagena, ending 50-years of war.

World leaders arrive in Cartagena ahead of Monday’s historic peace signing

World leaders have begun arriving in Cartagena ahead of the historic peace signing Monday with FARC.

Former AUC commanders ask Colombians to support peace process

Former senior commanders of the paramilitary AUC have called on Colombians to support the peace process with FARC.

FARC’s final conference a vestige of conflict and look forward to peace

“In your hands," said Timochenko, "lies the fate of Colombia,” as the guerrilla group celebrated its 10th conference in the Eastern plains.

Kerry pledges additional financial support for Colombia’s demining

The U.S Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged an additional US$36 million to the Global Demining Initiative for Colombia.

Pre-Columbian sculpture recovered at London auction house after mysterious disapperance

A priceless pre-Columbian artefact has been recovered in London by Art Recovery Group and handed over to the Colombian Embassy.

Colombia’s La Macarena struggles to move beyond government aid

Towns with little state presence, such as La Macarena, Meta, must fend for their economic prosperity in an era of post-conflict.

Colombian crew member missing in Alaskan waters

A Colombian crew member has been reported missing in Alaskan waters.

FARC commanders prepare for first post-conflict Congress

More than 200 FARC members are preparing their first post-conflcit congress in La Macarena.

Is Colombia’s peace vote a “bark and no bite” endgame?

The Final Accord has the capacity to catapult this nation to a peaceful future with FARC or plunge back to violence of the past. Millions to mobilise for the plebiscite.

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