The latest in breaking news and current events from Colombia.

Colombia’s IDEAM issues “red alert” for floods after unseasonable heavy rains

Even though the winter has to officially begin, most of Colombia is experiencing heavy rainfall prompting authorities to issue a "red alert" for floods and mudslides.

Mysterious disease blamed on Kogi deaths in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada

The recent rise in deaths among the Kogi peoples of Colombia's Sierra Nevada is being blamed on a mysterious respiratory-related illness.

Vatican announces Pope Francis will visit Colombia on a six-day trip in September

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will visit Colombia for six days in September to show his support for the peace process with FARC and the importance of reconciliation.

Brownfield: U.S.-Colombia relationship “excellent” amidst surge in coca harvest

Despite a sharp increase in hectares planted with the illegal coca crop, the top counternarcotics official William Brownfield praised the excellent U.S.-Colombia relationship.

U.S. anti-narcotics agencies to press Colombia on illicit coca cultivations

U.S. President Donald Trump's drug policy in Colombia will be put to the test next week when senior officials meet to discuss the spike in coca cultivation.

China executes Monday first Colombian for trafficking cocaine in 2010

Despite requests for clemency from the Colombian government, Ismael Enrique Arciniegas from Cali was executed by Chinese authorities Monday night.
enrique penalosa eln bombing

ELN guerrillas claim responsibility for La Macarena bombing

The Colombian government called the bombing an act of terrorism and said it has put current peace talks with ELN at risk.

Who is behind the recent rash of bombings in Bogotá?

A recent wave of bombings in the Colombian capital has authorities on alert. Sunday's explosion in La Macarena neighborhood targeted the National Police.
la guajira crowdfunding water connect 2 colombia solvatten

Connect 2 Colombia is crowdfunding clean water solutions for La Guajira

Water scarcity is nothing new in this dry peninsula, but extra-arid conditions and corruption have combined to create a humanitarian crisis in La Guajira.

Trump – Santos to respect “special relationship” but will immigration changes take flight in...

U.S President Donald Trump and Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos want to maintain strong diplomatic ties, but will immigration policy changes affect a "special relationship"?

Search continues for Colombian Catholic nun kidnapped in southern Mali

Search and rescue operations continues in southern Mali to secure the release of the Colombian Franciscan nun, Gloria Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, taken by a gang of armed jihadists.

Ay, qué calor! Heat wave in Bogotá breaks historical record

The national weather agency IDEAM recorded the highest temperature ever for Bogotá on Wednesday. The current heat spell will continue for the next several days.

Odebrecht: Santos calls for probe into 2014 re-election bribery allegations

The Odebrecht corruption scandal allegedly implicates President Juan Manuel Santos and his 2014 re-election campaign. Santos denies these allegations and asks for probe.

Corruption: Last hurdle for Colombia’s post-conflict?

Recent scandals involving bribes for government contracts have forced President Santos to make the fight against corruption his number-one priority.

Time among FARC: “Rifles can be silenced”

As thousands of FARC combatants demobilize across Colombia, The City Paper's director Richard Emblin recalls time among the guerrilla in the DMZ of the Cagúan.

Majority of FARC combatants reach “Transitional Zones” across Colombia

After weeks of mass mobilization, the government confirms that ninety-four percent of FARC combatants have reached their Transitional Zones.

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