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Editorial: Take it as a “yes”

In an emotionally-charged campaign before the October 2 plebiscite, Colombians will have their say and the world will listen.

Obama: Mission accomplished?

President Obama's days in The White House are numbered, but history still has to judge his stance and legacy on counterterrorism.

Maritime mayhem: The scourge of piracy

Marine kidnapping for ransom will continue to plague the waters off West Africa until local governments commit to ending corruption.

Levelling the odds with spokes in Bogotá

Writer Richard McColl offers a tarmac-level perspective of getting around Bogotá on two wheels and the many pitfalls out there for cyclists.

On left and right of the political spectrum, populists are revolting

People ought not to be shocked by the ascendency of the likes of Donald Trump. Around the world, politicians are tapping a groundswell of cynicism against mainstream political parties.

Plebiscites: The UK and Colombia conundrum

The decision by UK voters to leave the EU was based more on a rhetoric of fear than facts. As Colombians face their own plebiscite on peace, there are important lessons to be learned.

Editorial: The two Colombias

Even though the proposed date of July 20 is approaching for the final signing of the peace agreement with FARC, the bilateral ceasefire last month essentially sealed the end of a half century conflict.

The importance of “second cities” in reducing poverty

Megacities get all the attention but as world leaders gather in Singapore to explore urban issues, they ought to consider the important role that ‘second cities’ provide in helping to counter poverty and spur economic activity.

David Cameron: Brexit Stage Left

Britain’s vote to leave the EU was supposed to help settle Britain’s ‘European Question’ - instead, it has thrown up more questions than answers.

FIFA: More of the same

FIFA's administration, led by Swiss President Gianni Infantino, is trying to get on with business as usual. What professional issues plague football's governing body?

The future of oil: A crude bargain

Why oil will stay below $60 per barrel for at least the next decade.

Zika: From tragedy to an opportunity for women’s rights

Women’s reproductive rights will be essential to respond to Zika, especially in Latin America where all women must have access to sex education, contraceptives, abortion and safe motherhood.

Britons must decide on historic ‘Brexit’ vote

Britons head to the polls next week to decide their future in the European Union. What implications does 'Brexit' have for the U.K's economic and political future?

World oil prices: A crude bargain

Why oil will stay below $60 per barrel for at least the next decade.

Colombia rises while Venezuela collapses

It took a decade for Colombia and Venezuela to switch roles on the world stage. While Venezuela fights for its survival, Colombia is being hailed as a dream destination.

Editorial: ‘En Hora Buena’

As FARC and the Colombian government tie up loose ends on a four-year long peace process, the future of talks with the ELN remains more uncertain than ever.

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