In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

San José: From Potosí to a shallow grave near Cartagena

Who gets to keep the treasure from the San José galleon is a recurring debate that has continental twists and turns, as well as a chain smoking deity in Bolivia smiling.

Leyner Palacios: A leader of Colombian reconciliation recognized globally

Leyner Palacios has been nominated to one of the most prestigious humanitarian awards. The survivor of the 2002 Bojayá massacre started a grass roots campaign to recognize the rights of victims.

Colombia’s Humboldt Institute releases Biodiversity Tarot for conservation awareness

The Humboldt Institute has released a beautifully illustrated tarot deck to draw attention to Colombia’s endangered biodiversity. It also reads the future.

A band called Niche that forever changed salsa

Their sound would change salsa and the identity of Cali as a musical capital. As Grupo Niche reaches middle age, their future as a band remains unchallenged.

Conservationists attempt to save Colombia’s magnolia tree from extinction

The Colombian genus of this revered tree is under threat from loggers in Antioquia, but one organization is trying to save the magnolia from extinction.

Marginal de la Selva: In search of Deforestation Road

The Marginal de la Selva is a mega road project to unite Venezuela with Ecuador. The environmental impact could be devastating to Colombia’s Amazonia.

Video Journal from a FARC demobilization camp

Dutch photojournalist Niels Van Iperen on assignment for The City Paper sends this report from the FARC's demobilization camp in Icononzo, Tolima.

Valerie Meikle: The Lady of the Amazon

Valerie Meikle paddled 1,500 kms down the Putumayo. A story of endurance, personal loss and life in the Amazon rainforest is the subject of a poignant film.

Colombia’s “Witching Hour”

Demonized by the media, redeemed by justice, Colombia has its women of the “Witching Hour”

Demining in Colombia: Rats to the rescue

Heroic rats are sniffing out landmines as an initiative by Apopo, an NGO that recently registered in Colombia to help with landmine detection.

Profile: The caricaturist Vladdo and his muse ‘Aleida’

The caricaturist known as ‘Vladdo’ shapes public opinion on printed pages and his alter ego 'Aleida' reaches millions on a weekly basis.

International Day of Forests: The deforestation dilemma

Despite advanced monitoring systems and global initiatives and policies aimed at preserving the world’s rainforests, controversy remains over whether deforestation rates are, in fact, declining.

Preview of photographer Malcolm Linton’s “When the Ink Dries”

The award-winning British photojournalist Malcolm Linton gave The City Paper a preview of his most recent essay: photographs of the final days of FARC.
9 Disparos FICCI Colombia Film Documentary Jorge Giraldo

9 Disparos: A “reel” testament for peace in Colombia

A Colombian soldier has turned his life, and near death, into a harrowing documentary of survival and enduring faith in his country.

El Cocuy: Trouble on the mountain, resolution on the horizon?

Local activists recently closed El Cocuy mountain after a football was kicked around on an endangered glacier. Now many are wondering when, or if, this National Park will reopen.

The Colombian chiva and Pineda’s mandalas in motion

Colombian photographer Carlos Pineda spent years documenting the art of chiva bus design in the coffee region to discover unique mandala designs.

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