In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

International Day of Forests: The deforestation dilemma

Despite advanced monitoring systems and global initiatives and policies aimed at preserving the world’s rainforests, controversy remains over whether deforestation rates are, in fact, declining.

Preview of photographer Malcolm Linton’s “When the Ink Dries”

The award-winning British photojournalist Malcolm Linton gave The City Paper a preview of his most recent essay: photographs of the final days of FARC.
9 Disparos FICCI Colombia Film Documentary Jorge Giraldo

9 Disparos: A “reel” testament for peace in Colombia

A Colombian soldier has turned his life, and near death, into a harrowing documentary of survival and enduring faith in his country.

El Cocuy: Trouble on the mountain, resolution on the horizon?

Local activists recently closed El Cocuy mountain after a football was kicked around on an endangered glacier. Now many are wondering when, or if, this National Park will reopen.

The Colombian chiva and Pineda’s mandalas in motion

Colombian photographer Carlos Pineda spent years documenting the art of chiva bus design in the coffee region to discover unique mandala designs.

Letter from “Anonymous”: I was a prisoner of FARC

In a letter, one prominent businessman recalls how we has sold into captivity and endured 10 months as an "economic prisoner" of the Colombian guerrilla.

El Comandante and the Venezuelan “revolution” revisited

A 60-episode series produced by RCN on the life of Hugo Chavez's premiered recently across Latin America. Three former presidents recall the leader and his "revolution."

Ruby Rumié: The artist of our living patrimony

Artist Ruby Rumié’s representation of palenqueras is art-psychology. Thirty exceptional women who contribute to the living patrimony of this nation are part of her latest photographic project "Tejiendo Calle."

Surfing with the elusive Chocó sun

Colombia’s Chocó region is known for its natural wonders, abundant rainfall and rich biodiversity, but thrill-seeking tourists are leading the waves, with Nuquí’s new-found surfing culture
Cartagena International Music Festival

Julia Salvi: A commitment to classical Cartagena

After the 10th annual Cartagena International Music Festival this month, a look at the family who founded this celebration of classical music in the colonial city.
Alvaro Soto

Álvaro Soto: Pioneer of the Sierra Nevada

Colombian anthropologist Alvaro Soto discovered the Ciudad Perdida in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 40 years ago.

Colombia: Fifty shades of parrot green

Colombia is parrot paradise, but many are hard to spot because their green matches their leafy homes. Ongoing threats to their habitats is endangering this rather feisty species.

A snapshot of a bygone Bogotá

A press conference during the height of the narco war, offers one journalist the opportunity to become a Colombian.

Year in Review: Peace through the eyes of a foreigner

2016 was the year thousands marched in cities across Colombia to demand peace between the government and FARC. For many foreigners it was a chance to be part of an historical accord.

Prestigious Rogelio Salmona prize heads to Cuenca, Ecuador

The prestigious Salmona architecture prize has been awarded to Boris Albornoz and his renovation of the neo-Republican market in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Alejandra Borrero

A performance for life

Alejandra Borrero's work and creative life projects, including the Casa-E Social performance group, have helped thousands of Colombians heal from the scourge of sexual violence through visual and performing arts.

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