In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Prestigious Rogelio Salmona prize heads to Cuenca, Ecuador

The prestigious Salmona architecture prize has been awarded to Boris Albornoz and his renovation of the neo-Republican market in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Alejandra Borrero

A performance for life

Alejandra Borrero's work and creative life projects, including the Casa-E Social performance group, have helped thousands of Colombians heal from the scourge of sexual violence through visual and performing arts.

Colombian Navy escorts baby sea turtles back to safety in the Pacific Ocean

The Colombian Navy went on a mission last week to protect baby sea turtles as they migrate to the sea after born on a beach in the Chocó department.

Thomas Defler: a life with Colombia’s monkeys

Scientist and adventurer Thomas Defler reflects on his life spent in Colombia's Amazon region searching for rare and undiscovered monkeys.

Colombia: A nation of percussionists

If you happen to have a tapping issue, compulsive or mild, you will find comfort in this rhythm nation.

The slow death of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta

The Ciénaga Grande has been under threat since industrial agriculture arrived on the coastal lowlands. Today, the situation is even more critical given mega infrastructure.

Pasos de Héroe: Uplifting film tribute to child landmine victims

Colombian film director Henry Rincón's debut feature "Pasos de Héroe" takes on the poignant theme of children landmine victims.

The search for little Toro in the Sierra Nevada

Thought to be extinct, a small rodent has been rediscovered in the Sierra Nevada and now focus of a major scientific expedition

Álvaréz: A “Knight” of Colombian culture

At the helm of the Colón Theatre, Manuel José Álvarez has dedicated a life in progress to opening up Colombian culture to all.

Colombia’s Betty Garcés: A voice from heaven

From Buenaventura to performing on the world stage, soprano Betty Garcés is Colombia’s operatic revelation.

Colombia’s Alto Baudó: At the crossroads of oceans

The Alto Baudó in the heart of the Chocómay be inhospitable to reach, but is steeped in rich inter-oceanic history.

Santa Marta’s giant leatherback delivers 36 hatchlings

Santa Marta made conservation history in Colombia when a giant leatherback turtle that came ashore on a tourist beach gave birth to many hatchlings.

Cristina Mutis, the Colombian champion of horse endurance

At age 24, “Tata” Mutis has clinched many international tournaments of endurance. Today, she rides with for the royals of the Middle East.

Abused circus lions in Colombia adapting to their South African habitat

The City Paper caught up with the co-owner of the South African Emory Big Cats Sanctuary to see how the 33 circus lions rescued in Colombia are doing in their ancestral habitat.
Author Walter Broderick poses in his home in La Macarena, near Bogotá's city center.

Walter Broderick and the story of ELN leader Camilo Torres

Author Walter Broderick recounts a life following the ELN guerrilla group and it's brief but influential leader, Camilo Torres.
Colombian author Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez discovers Colombia through his writing

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez talks about Colombia, his muse, La Candelaria and writing as a way to discover his home country.

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