In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Salamina: Bewitching architecture of the Antioquia colonization

A recently released book looks at the architecture of Salamina and town that charms architects inspired by the Antioquia colonization.

One Starry Night Toad in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Revered as a symbol of fertility by the Elders of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a rare harlequin toad is the focus of a conservation/photography project.

Ramiro Osorio of Teatro Mayor talks about the importance of inclusive culture for Bogotá

As Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo reaches its first decade, director Ramiro Osorio talks about the company's excellence in performing arts and its anniversary 2020 line-up.

Tragedy among Colombia’s Nasa: A photo essay by Malcolm Linton

In southwest Colombia, illegal armed groups have killed community leaders of the Nasa indigenous community as they seize control of lucrative drug routes.

Clemencia Echeverri and projected realities in Liminal

Two decades of artistic creation by Clemencia Echeverri is the subject of a retrospective at the Banco de la República’s Museum Miguel Urrutía (MAMU).

Scientists identify hundreds of species in Colombia’s Chiribiquete Park

A scientific expedition carried out in the river basins of Puerto Abeja, Mesay and Cuñare has revealed more than 300 species inside this protected parkland.

The director of Bogotá’s Gold Museum talks about the 80-year collection

Archaeologist María Alicia Uribe is in charge of conserving one of the most impressive gold collections in the world as director of Bogotá's Museo del Oro.

Mambe series: Sacred plants reservations and “ayahuasca tourism”

is the mainstreaming of mambe and other sacred plants and excuse to view the world through the prism of hallucinogens?

Envionmentalist Martin von Hildebrand and The Path of the Anaconda

As Colombia's most influential environmentalist, Martín von Hildebrand is working to secure a massive biological corridor to guarantee the survival of the Amazon.

Mambe series: I offer my dreams up to science

Jimmy Weiskopf examines the importance of mambe in indigenous cosmogeny in generating dreams both when asleep and awake.

Interview with sculptor Hugo Zapata: The soul of the stone

As a key figure in Colombian contemporary art, Zapata spoke with The City Paper about a life dedicated to the hidden manifestations of the earth and uncompromising relationship with stone.

Mambe series: Staying still to be smart with the plant

This month's mambe article explores the criminalization of an ancestral substance and misuse by those in search of its psychotropic effects.

Ceremony at Pantano de Vargas marks highlight of Colombia’s bicentenary

Photo Gallery: To mark 200 years of the Pantano de Vargas battle that helped secure Colombia's independence, the monument was the site of an impressive military ceremony.

Colombia’s Bicentenary: The landmarks of the Liberator

As the country celebrates 200 years of Independence, The City Paper follows the trail of the Liberator from Tame in Arauca, through Casanare, and into the mountains of Boyacá.

Feature: The giant catfish fishermen of the Araracuara Canyon

The Río Caquetá is home to some of the largest catfish of the Orionco and Amazon basins, and important food source for the communities of Huitoto who inhabit the region.

Tiempo de Juego: The life changer that begins with a game

Esteban Reyes is the director of Tiempo de Juego, a non-profit created in 2006 to give vulnerable youth motivational and leadership skills through football.