Local news for the Bogotá area.

FILBO 2019 ready to host Colombia as the guest nation

With Colombia chosen as Guest Nation for its bicentenary, the page-turning programme of FILBO 2019 includes a historical library and plenty of gastronomic fare.

Three Romantics for a Holy Week music festival in Bogotá

Schubert, Schumann and Brahms are the protagonists of the IV International Music Festival of Bogota that starts, April 17.

More police to patrol Bogotá’s designated bike lanes after muggings

Bogotá's bike-friendly reputation has been tarnished after a series of violent muggings. The mayoralty has enacted new measures to keep two-wheelers safe.

A walking tour through Bogotá’s centro

A walk through Bogotá's centro reveals an uncompromising resistance to gentrification and cultural melee of eclecticism.

More bad air for Bogotá: License plate restriction back in effect

For the second time in a month, Bogotá has issued a Yellow Alert deteriorating air quality and enacted the Environmental license plate restriction until Monday, March 11.

TransMiCable: Bogotá’s commuter lifeline is a high-flying attraction

The high flying gondolas of TransMiCable are a great way to reconnect with the city far and beyond the historical landmarks.

Bogotá can breathe again, but long term air solutions needed

Bogotá may have overcome the environmental emergency decreed by the mayoralty, but long term solutions are needed to improve air quality.

Bogotá’s air quality improves, but vehicular restrictions still in effect

The mayoralty is keeping up the pressure to reduce the air quality index in Bogotá by closing factories and enforcing the license plate restriction this week.

Bogotá extends license plate restriction to weekends to mitigate smog

After the district issued a yellow alert for smog levels in Bogotá, Pico y Placa has been extended to include weekends.

Bogotá under “yellow alert” for deteriorating air quality

Bogotá has issued a "yellow alert" for deteriorating air quality as the dry summer intensifies and Trade Winds decrease.

First No Car Day of the year for Bogotá on February 7

More than two million bicycles are expected on Bogotá streets, Thursday, February 7, as the city readies for its first No Car Day of 2019.

Bogotá’s Parque 93 to host second edition of indie booksellers fair

Book readings, lectures, concerts and film come to Bogotá's Parque 93 this month with the second edition of the park's literary festival.

Bogotá gets drones for surveillance and emergency response

Mayor Enrique Peñalosa announced that camera drones will be used in the skies above Bogotá for security surveillance and emergency response.

Bogotá’s Los Héroes to be moved in 2019 with city’s first metro line

The iconic monument to the Heroes of Independence has to find a new home with construction of the Bogotá Metro. Bolívar's future remains uncertain.

Bogotá leads with BestCities Alliance for conventions and summits

Bogotá has established itself as the only city in Latin America to be part of the BestCities Alliance and global leader with hosting large-scale events.

Colombia’s largest arts and crafts fair Expoartesanías opens with new look for ancient trades.

The country's arts and crafts fair Expoartesanías has opened in Bogotá with 30 departments represented with the largest showcase of traditional and contemporary designs by artisans.