Shake up the New Year

Inside the Bogota night club Baum.

Once you’ve kicked back a few cold ones doing your Colombian duty with the Novena sing-along, the night might still be younger than you are. Keep the festive spirit alive into the New Year with these seven city clubs and a great chance to live the Bogotá bar hop?

Latora 4 Brazos

When you walk into this Chapinero bar you feel like you are stepping into a cozy mansion tucked away somewhere in the countryside. But don’t be fooled! this is one of Bogotá’s most progressive bars, and innovative local DJs.

Cra 8 No.40-18


If you are on the look out for electronic beats and to rub shoulders with the Bogotá beautiful, then Baum is not far from your alley. For lovers of good rumba, this club in La Marcarena neighbourhood is divided into a main hall and central bar area; as well as a terrace where you can take in a view of Bogotá with the first light, and the pulsating sounds of van Buuren.

Calle 33 No.6-24

Armando Records

Good music and an interesting alternative crowd, as many of the clients are vinylphiles, musicians, filmmakers and graphic artists. Located at the heart of the Zona T, this bar and terrace is known for its cocktails, bar bites and tropical playlist.

Clle 85 No.14-46


The largest LGBT club in South and flamboyant excess. This temple to “everything goes” is also a fun place to be incognito and break free from the zealous, although not the jealous. The cover at the door is steep, but includes free drinks. Once in this industrial space of three floors and a rooftop bar, let the ambience of kitsch seduce.

Calle 58 No. 10-34


If it’s Saturday it must be Céntrico. This bar located on the 41st floor of the San Martin tower near the National Museum is a place for those who like it late and a rumba with some vertigo. The music is crossover from merengue to salsa, pop and some champeta.

Cra 7 No.32-16

Billares Londres

This recently renovated, iconic bil- liard hall on the Séptima, has always been a popular haunt for the after “after party.” With a bar, terrace and disco floor, Billares Londres is glitz with mirrors reflecting urban fashionistas.

Carrera 7 No.21-94

Queen Victoria

It’s not a Sunday tearoom and cucumber sandwiches sort of place, but rather a bar with a penchant for Scotch and fine single malts. On the terrace of the Hotel GHL 93, Queen Victoria is all about bartending and a great option to start the holiday bar hop. From traditional cocktails with gin and flavored rums, lounge by the bar and enjoy some elements of a ‘Love Actually’ moment next to a red telephone box.

Calle 93 No.11A – 31




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