Bogotá Mayor Claudia López diagnosed with coronavirus


Bogotá Mayor Claudia López “must rest and self-isolate” after confirming Friday morning on Twitter that she has coronavirus.

The news López got infected, yet will “continue to take care of everyone,” comes less than a week after the district’s Government Secretariat Luis Ernest Gómez was admitted to hospital with coronavirus-related symptoms. With the capital’s second-in-command recovering at home after suffering breathing problems, Bogotá’s Health Secretariat Alejandro Gómez, according to Mayor López, “is now in charge” of the Colombian capital.

Mayor López attended Thursday the opening of a cultural and wellness center – Centro Felicidad Fontanar del Río – that offers free activities and learning spaces for some 380,000 persons living in the northwestern locality of Suba. Mayor López was accompanied during the event by the district’s Culture Secretariat Nicolás Montero.

Mayor López is one of 852,988 coronavirus cases confirmed in the capital since the outbreak of the pandemic on March 6, 2020. On Thursday, the Colombian capital registered 7,742 cases and among the highest per-day increases since the start of anti-government protests with Paro Nacional on April 28.

Friday registered a slight deceleration in infections across Colombia with 16,581 cases, of which Bogotá accounted for 4,433. The day also registered 490 victims pushing the death toll to 80,250.



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