Colombia updates entry requirements for Cruise Ship passengers

Jasperdo/Creative Commons.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection updated the requirements for all international passengers entering the country via air or sea. Signed into effect by Minister of Health Fernando Ruíz Gómez on January 26, 2022, Resolution 111 aligns current entry rules for air travel with new maritime regulations, and which apply to all passengers, port operators, ship and flight crews, as well as customs and cargo agents.

“All international passengers, age 18 or over, who enter the country much present a complete vaccination certificate with at least 14-days post immunization.  The accepted vaccines are those authorized by the World Health Organization,” reads article 3.1

“Foreigners, age 18 or over, and non-residents of Colombia, who do not present a complete vaccination certificate, or have not met the 14-day post immunization period, must present a negative COVID-19 test issued no later than 72-hours prior to departure. Non-residents can also provide proof of an antigen test, issued within 48 hours.”

Within article 3.2 (see below in Spanish), the resolution also states that “Non-resident foreigners who are not vaccinated are not exempt from these entry requirements, nor is a PCR or antigen test an alternative to enter the country.”

The same rules apply to Colombians, diplomats and permanent residents (article 3.3). In other words, if you are fully vaccinated and received your second dose, at least 14 days before traveling, you do not need a PCR or antigen test to enter by air or sea. If, however, you are still waiting for a second jab, you must present a negative PCR test issued by a medical authority within 72 hours of departure. For passengers on a cruise, the 72 hours applies to the port of embarkment.

A hard copy, or digital version of a vaccinate certificate, is valid proof for immigration authorities. All travelers must also complete the Check-MIG App of Migración Colombia at least 48 hours prior to departure.

Minister Ruíz updated the maritime guidelines to ease on-arrival requirements for international passengers during a busy winter season when major cruise operators include Cartagena and San Andrés in their Caribbean itineraries.