Renown plant-based chef Matthew Kenney opens eatery in Bogotá


The City Paper spoke to Matthew Kenney about his expectations regarding the opening of his first restaurant in Bogota? – Makeout.

The City Paper, TCP: Why open a plant-based restaurant in Bogota??

Matthew Kenney, MK: I believe there are people passionate about plant-based in most major cities throughout the world. When we meet partners who are aligned with our vision, we feel comfortable entering their market. We met the right partners and along with the quality ingredients available in Bogota?, we knew this was the right timing.

TCP: Would you include endemic Colombian fruits, vegetables, plants or tubers in your recipes and restaurants around the world?

MK: We work as locally as possible, although we are always inspired by our travels and our global restaurants. If we can find quality ingredients, we will use them anywhere we can.

TCP: What expectations do you have of your upcoming trip to Bogota??

MK: The most gratifying aspect of my job is the connection I make to the communities we do business in. I simply want to connect with people and embrace the opportunity we have there to share our cuisine.

TCP: How would you explain the benefits plant-based cooking to people who aren’t familiar with the concept?

MK: Plant based foods are full of life and oxygen. The benefits are unlimited, although the overall benefit is a greatly reduced aging of our cells, which results in a more fulfilling, vibrant lifestyle.

TCP: How did you incur in to the plant-based movement?

MK: I was practicing a lot of meditation and yoga, and listening to my body more. I eventually realized that plants made my life so much better, and made the decision to commit my life to showing others the benefit of this path.

TCP: Are you familiar with Dr. Michale Gregor, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. John McDougall precepts? What opinion do you have of them?

MK: I am familiar with them. I support anyone who works to educate the world toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Bestelling books on plant-based food.

How not to Die Cookbook by Michael Gregor M.D., FACL. How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B Esselstyn Jr. MD. The healthiest Diet on the Planet by John McDougall M.D.


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