Tamarine: JW Marriott presents its Pan-Asian restaurant in Bogotá


Tamarine, a JW Marriott hotel restaurant, launched its new menu last month, which promises to lure in diverse and demanding customers. Offering a new take on Pan-Asian cuisine, the listing is ample and includes dishes catering to vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

The service is on par with its high-end hotel brand. The restaurant’s chic decor, intimate lighting, velvet tapestry, and elaborate food presentations contribute to a lavish dining experience, yet the high volume music might be a notch too much for some to enjoy dinner conversation.

Pre-dinner cocktails have an innovative touch as barmen put on a show while preparing signature drinks such as the Zen sake pear smoked infusion or ginger berry Forest vodka, (both $22,000).

Thai born Chef Sombat Phanlamphu conceptualized every single dish on the menu. Living for more than a year and a half in Bogotá, his objective was to be truthful to his gastronomic origins while using as many local ingredients as possible to deliver a genuine, unique and varied gastronomic experience.

With a wide selection of dishes, The Indian Vegetarian Platter ($24,500) includes servings of yogurt, baba ghanoush, hummus, lentils, chickpeas, vegetables, and couscous. A real treat for vegetarians, and to be enjoyed with basmati rice and pitta bread.

The Thai Chicken and Duck duo ($26,400) served with lettuce is best eaten with the hands. Low on spice, it is tasty and satisfying as the peppermint and the cilantro enhance the character of the poultry. Each meat contributes its distinctive flavor, making it possible to choose your favorite, and if you are wondering if two is too many, just remember Asian food is meant to be shared.

Steamed buns or Bao are one of Asia’s most popular street foods. Made from wheat, they are a bite-size feast in themselves when stuffed with shredded pork and garnished with red peppers, cucumbers and onions, such as the Bum Bao ($32,900) served in Tamarine and prepared by Phanlamphu.

“I have put to work all my experience to offer authentic Asian food in every single dish,” explained Phanlamphu, who included Peking style duck ($37,000), an ancient and imperial Beijing dish served in banquets of the highest importance today. Tamarine serves it as a main course over a bed of basil leaves that complement the tangy taste of the meat. Served with cre?pes and garnished with red peppers, red onions, and cucumber, it’s inviting to prepare your own fillings and choose from different sauces such as Peking, and Thai. A true delight for those who love game.

If duck is not for you, try the slow-cooked teriyaki Glazed Pork ($33,600) served on a bed of apple purée and garnished with steamed vegetables. No need for knives, the tender meet breaks easily with a fork and makes for a perfect entrée.

Although many believe Pad Thai originated in China, it is undoubtedly Bangkok’s signature street dish, which delivers typical flavors such as tamarind, garlic, and peppers. The Pad Thai Tamarine ($34,000) is served with shrimp, small stems of broccoli and lobster tail.

Curry is a widely used condiment across South East Asia. Depending on the country, it varies in ingredients and intensity. The Curry Trilogy ($32,500) is served with basmati rice and three types of spices, each offering distinct flavors, including a red massaman Thai beef, a turmeric curry chicken, and a coconut fish curry.

The culinary adventure of Pan-Asian cuisine in Tamarine could not be complete without a sample dessert menu ($36,000) that includes a rice custard, a tofu mousse (a true delight), and sesame chocolate sponge. If rolls are your thing, order the berry-filled Spring Rolls dipped in chocolate and caramel ($25,000), it will not disappoint.

Tamarine, JW Marriott – Calle 73 No. 8-60


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