Mansoor’s masterful “Rembrandt” comes to Cine Colombia theatres


The biographical documentary series of famous artists has opened at the movie theaters of Cine Colombia, with the first tribute going to the great Dutch master, Rembrandt, and filmed inside the National Gallery of London and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Spectators will discover aspects of the artist’s tormented personal life with his wife Saskia – who died in 1642 – and his two other great loves Geertje Dircx and Hendrickje Stoffels.

To mark the 350 years of Rembrandt’s birth, Kat Mansoor’s 2014 film has been remastered and presents many of his most beautiful and detailed self-portraits in situ, as well as other works that defined an artistic life of production to stave off debt and poverty.

Narrated by the English actor Robert Lindsay, “Rembrandt” is visually rich in details and biographical context, presenting an artist that tried to transcend the social mores of his times, living, like the most characteristic attribute in his paintings, on the threshold between light and dark.

The documentary is also a rare chance for audiences to explore the exhibition rooms of two of the world’s most imposing galleries. Rembrandt will be screened at Cine Colombia theatres Unicentro, Avendia Chile and Andino January 30, 31 and February 1 and 2.


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