BARCÚ brings international culture to Bogotá’s La Candelaria

Julian Villafane - The Visitors Series
Julian Villafane - The Visitors Series

BARCÚ – Art and Culture in Bogotá is in its third edition. This culture and art fair takes place as an innovative venue for fine arts and culture in the city.

The event presents 17 galleries from Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Cuba, France, Peru and Bolivia. National and international artists permeate areas of the city, which had rarely been thought of as promising art centers.

Nowadays more and more cities in the world tend to enter new alternative spaces for culture and fine arts. Abandoned houses, remote neighborhoods, far villages, for instance, become some of the new representative venues for the arts.

It has become attractive to audiences, art dealers, galleries and the public in general to travel new roads to arrive at art exhibitions. Beyond this fact, both private and public culutral institutions continue to search for new forms by which to approach art manifestations in the community.

This is precisely the case of BARCÚ. Instead of the traditional spaces of exhibitions, BARCÚ is testing new architectural venues. Take for example, Cicuta, one of La Candelaria’s historical one-floored homes with a central open backyard surrounded by rooms once inhabited by family members. These rooms now assume the role of prominent art gallery locations presenting the works of renowned artists.

As part of this important event for the city and also for the historical downtown of Bogotá, 14 allied houses and projects will participate in this international culture fair, thus building a circuit between Calle 9 and Carrera 2 Este.

Besides the art exhibitions, you can find music, theater, films, workshops, conferences, urban transformation and gastronomy. All the events will be taking place from October 26 to 30.

BARCÚ invites visitors of all parts of the city to “stick your hand in culture,” thus allowing the visitor to transcend the usual considerations of the arts approach.

This culture fair parallels the next celebrated art event in Bogotá, ARTBO, but does not attempt to pose any competition or counterbalance to any other institution or event during the month of the arts in Bogotá.

According to Christopher Paschall, one of the partners in this culture fair, the invitation is to “rediscover the antique town of the capital city by enjoying contemporary culture events.”

Find details of this fair and a circuit map at: and


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