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Mónica de Greiff: “Bogotá Chamber of Commerce is focused on business creation”

The President of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Mónica de Greiff has positioned the Colombian capital as a vital hub for creative industries and investment.

Bogotá Institute of Technology looks to women coders for 21st Century

Bogotá institute of Technology offers beginner and advanced courses in software development. 150 women have enrolled to become future tech professionals.

First Bogotá Madrid Fusión puts spotlight on capital as a culinary destination

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce announces the creation of a new business platform to promote the capital as a hub of gastronomic talents.

Bogotá’s El Dorado welcomes more carriers and new international routes

As a major aviation hub in South America, new carriers will soon be connecting Bogotá with new international destinations, resulting in more competition also on key routes.

Coolto: Making art accessible for Bogotá and even cooler to own and rent

The Bogotá art company Coolto propels education and experience as keys to widening access to the Colombian art market,

INCB ruling on Colombia’s cannabis quota question of time, not quality

The ruling by the UN's INCB to slash Colombia's internal medical-grade cannabis quota reflects the realities of the industry, claims Assocolcann's Ricardo Arcila.

Arrival of GTA flight simulator opens up Colombian skies for future aviators

The most advanced A320 flight simulator recently arrived in Bogotá to train commercial airline pilots across the region.

Bogotá Audiovisual Market puts spotlight on Italy for anniversary edition

The most important showcase of the Colombian film industry celebrates its 10th edition with Italy invited as Guest Nation of Honor.

Standard and Poor’s downgrades Avianca over debt and United loan

Colombia's Avianca exposure to debt and concerns over its capacity to repay United for an alliance covenant has resulted in a credit downgrade by S&P.

The Dutchman who found his Gouda in the Colombian Andes

Tobias Rijnsdorp is helping transform a rural community in Cundinamarca with HolaAndes, a Gouda cheese production company that uses a 19th-century recipe.

Medellín’s Metrocable nominated for inaugural Ross Prize for Cities

The prestigious Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has chosen Medellín's Metrocable as a finalist for its first-ever global award.

Bogotá moves business with third edition of Fashion Week

Colombia's fashion designers are entering new global markets with the success of the third edition of Bogotá Fashion Week.

Colombian gastronomy to be featured by Spain’s Corte Inglés

Spain's retail giant Corte Inglés will offer emblematic Colombian dishes and snacks to their clients in over 100 outlets as part of a Bogotá Chamber of Commerce initiative.

Parent company of PharmaCielo Colombia goes public on TSX

The Canadian parent company of PharmaCielo launched on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Friday, to capitalize their medicinal cannabis growing operations in Colombia.

Cundinamarca’s ELC inaugurates high-tech production plant in Cota

Powered by solar and with a fully automated production, the department's Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca inaugurates new distillery.

Carlos Nieto company draws attention to deforestation in “Made to Succeed”

Men's fashion retailer Carlos Nieto raises awareness of deforestation in Colombia and endangerment to high-altitude wetlands with a tree-planting initiative.