Michelin-starred chefs showcase second Bogotá Madrid Fusión


Bogotá Madrid Fusión is the gastronomy showcase of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and Spanish communications company Vocento Group, and returns to the Ágora Convention Center, between November 25 and 26. With a list of world-renowned chefs, restaurateurs and emerging industry names, the second edition of BMF builds on the experiences of its highly-successful 2019 edition to position Bogotá as an epicenter of gastronomy in Latin America.

This year’s slate of national and international chefs include Repsol Guide and Michelin starred recipients Gastón Acurio (Peru), Alberto Ferrúz (Spain), Ramón Freixa (Spain), Oriol Castro (Spain), René Frank (Germany), Viviana Varese (Italy), Najat Kaanache. (Morocco – Spain), Eneko Atxa (Spain), Davide Caranchini (Italy), Ángel León (Spain), Eduard Xatruch (Spain) and Mateu Casañas (Spain). Colombia is represented by Leonor Espinosa, Juan Manuel Barrientos, Harry Sasson, Álvaro Clavijo, Eduardo Martínez, Jennifer Rodríguez, José Luis Cote, and Laura Hernández. And from Argentina comes the chef/owner of El Baqueano, Fernando Rivarola.

The event hosts 16 lectures, 3 virtual, and 6 master workshops by the 24 invited chefs. The lectures, and main stage presentations, explore culinary practices, sustainable value chains, and global trends in haute cuisine.

As the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce hosts many of the world’s best chefs, and others building solid reputations for innovative cuisine, more than 70 food companies from buyers to suppliers will meet to generate businesses opportunities on the CCB’s digital platform Food and Gastronomy Cluster Initiative. The Food and Gastronomy Cluster Initiative is at the heart of gastronomy promotion for a key sector in the economic reactivation of Bogotá.

During almost two years of the coronavirus pandemic, and which forced BMF to be suspended in 2020 given restrictive health measures, Bogotá’s gastronomy sector is represented by 27 different economic activities, from individual ventures to catering and industrial production. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the number of food related businesses in Bogotá – and 59 municipalities under jurisdiction of the CCB – increased 9% as of September 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, or 33,273 compared to 30,617.

With audiences gathered in-situ to meet the many names transforming global gastronomy, BMF also tributes the guardians of ancestral recipes and those protecting our biodiversity. With supply chains increasingly disrupted by the pandemic, and many agricultural communities facing rising costs for growing essential crops, this trade show covers extensive thematic terrain, with equal importance given to farmers as to consumers. The “democratization” of supply networks and citizen-focused conservation efforts are part of a universal food ecosystem, one increasingly endangered by over-production, deforestation and climate change. At BMF, chefs, once again, hold to key to inspiration, and safeguarding our food security.

The event is open to the general public and tickets can be purchased at: www.bogotamadridfusion.co



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