Daily COVID-19 cases in Colombia near 1,000 mark


Daily cases of coronavirus in Colombia are stabilizing at the 1,000 mark. The pandemic appears to be decelerating to such a extent, that this week, per-day cases could drop below 1,000 and numbers not witnessed in the country since April, 2020.

On Tuesday, Colombia registered 1,075 new cases, slightly down from Monday’s 1,088.

Active cases also dropped to 13,596, and represent just 0.27% of Colombia’s total 4,974,400 infections. If recoveries continue at a rate of some 300 individuals per day, the country – by the end of this week – will benchmark in the 12,000 range.

An additional 37 deaths from the disease were confirmed by health authorities on Tuesday, 33 occurring on previous days, yet included in the tally. Deaths were reported in the departments of Antioquia (13), Valle del Cauca (3), Meta (4), Tolima, Guajira, Huila and Bolívar. Bogotá accounted for four victims.

The drop in new cases comes as the country reaches 43 million doses of coronavirus vaccines given to persons age 12 or over. According to the Ministry of Health’s official figures 18.5 million residents have completed the full vaccination cycle, either with a single dose of Janssen or double doses of Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac and AztraZeneca.

Colombia’s daily numbers are in sharp contrast to countries grappling with a fourth wave in new infections despite having greater percentages of their populations fully vaccinated, among them the United States (123,528 cases); Canada (4,414); UK (39,463) and France (5,580), to name a few.


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