Colombia’s vaccine drive surpasses 32 million vaccinated adults

Rodrigo Sura/EFE

The number of coronavirus cases that remain active in Colombia has dropped below 40,000 and number, that as of Tuesday, represents 0.78% of the country’s total 4.874.169 infections. Infections accumulated since the outbreak of the pandemic on March 6.

The day’s 37,410 active cases are also among the lowest reported by the Ministry of Health since March 24 when there were 38,307 persons infected.

As the deceleration in new cases continues, so too, per day deaths, with 108 victims confirmed on Tuesday. Having reached a five-month low in the mortality rate, ICU occupation in Bogotá stands at 60% or 695 units used in the private and public hospital system.

The downward trend comes also as 13.8 million Colombians have completed their vaccination cycle – including 2.6 million with a single shot of Janssen. Add to these numbers more than 18.3 million citizens with a first dose, and Colombia has surpassed 32 million doses administered under the National Vaccine Plan. The 32 million plus doses represent growing levels of immunity among the nation’s 36 million strong adult population.

Colombia’s vaccination push continues to accelerate – and catch up to richer nations – given that people generally trust vaccines and their country’s historical track record of vaccinating large populations against hepatitis, yellow fever, typhoid and cholera. Vaccine supply problems for many countries across South America are also being overcome as large shipments continue to arrive from the U.S, Canada, Spain and China. Another factor why South Americans are eager to get vaccinated comes down to a prolonged third wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths, that ravaged the continent for months and region considered among the worst hit of the pandemic.

During the first week of August, President Joe Biden confirmed that the U.S had donated more than 110 million doses to 65 countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. The White House also announced on Tuesday that, by the end of this month, the U.S government will begin shipping 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to 100 low-income countries, many doses destined as booster jabs for the most vulnerable given the surge in new variants.


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