With the world transfixed on the unprecedented U.S election, Colombia’s coronavirus cases increased slightly this week after a two month deceleration with Tuesday reporting 6,136 additional cases and 9,893 on Thursday. In a move to spur tourism and boost reactivation of the country’s most prized holiday destinations, the Colombian Government has amended Resolution 1627 to lift the obligatory negative PCR test for all passengers traveling by air to the country.

The resolution was introduced mid-September as part of the government’s migratory requirements as airports prepared to reopen and certain international routes authorized to resume operations. Passengers had been obliged to present a negative PCR test taken up to 96 hours prior to their flight.

The lifting of the requirement went into effect as of November 4.

The amendment now establishes that travelers must fill-out the Check-Mig App of Migración Colombia and report their health status. Passengers who show fever symptoms or respiratory problems will not be able to board the flight. Airlines are obliged to inform passengers that upon arrival they will be monitored by their insurer, local health departments, and national Contract Tracking and Tracing Center (CCNR). Passengers above the age of 2 must wear a face mask for the duration of the flight and within the airport. Passengers must also remain in their assigned seats and avoid using the bathroom facilities on flights lasting less than two hours.

For passengers leaving Colombia, the same regulations apply, including a three hour pre-board departure time at the airport. All travelers must also know the quarantine measures for their port of arrival given increasing cases of Covid-19 in many countries with direct connectivity with Colombia.

The decision by the government comes as the country prepares to receive tourists for the end-of-year peak holiday season. According to Migración Colombia, since airports reopened mid-September, an estimated 3,000 foreigners are entering the country every day.

As of Friday, Colombia has registered 1,117.977 total cases of coronavirus with 1,011.166 patients recovered. The death toll stands at 32,209.