New icons: Colombia’s most exciting fashion up-and-comers

Courtesy: Maragenta, Soreil_lingerie, A New Cross, Baobab, fenomena.


With its catchy slogan “round the world It girls,” Marargent has risen to the top of the global affordable luxury line in only a matter of years, thanks to its reasonable price point, cool minimal aesthetic and savvy marketing strategy. Their croissant-shaped bag – the “Pierre” – comes in a regular size and neutral color palette, and in fun shades in its mini version. Colombia’s It bag has been sported by local and international celebrities, socialites and influencers, among them, top models Bella Hadid, Elsa Hosk and Kaia Gerber.

My personal favorites: The beige “Pierre” bag, of course, but I’m also partial to the “Claude” in black.

The “It” bag by Marargent.

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Raw emeralds framed in gold-plated pieces of jewelry are now a staple of Colombian fashion, thanks to the caleño design label Fenomena. Imitated by many, surpassed by none, the brand’s handmade pieces have earned their spot in closets and jewelry boxes around the country. With an affordable price tag that doesn’t take away from the feeling of luxe, they’re now delving into fine jewelry, so keep your eye out for that if you can allow yourself to splurge.

My personal favorites: The “Triple Electro” studs (which makes for a perfect gift), but some of their fine jewelry on my wishlist.

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A New Cross

Bogotá’s A New Cross is best described as wearable art. Designer Nicolás Quevedo employs careful embroidery and weaving, natural and sustainable fabrics, and a truly masterful tailoring in his edgy and minimal designs – for a result that’s raw and carefully curated. The brand recently won the Fashion Trust Arabia award, which is just a sign of what’s to come.

My personal favorites: Every ANC piece is so unique it’s best you make an appointment and head to their showroom in Bogotá to get a feel of what they do.

 IG: @Anewcross

Urban designs by Cemadier.


This list would be doing readers a disservice if we left out Baobab, which appears to be the new Colombian giant when it comes to resort and swimwear. With so many options in the market, we can understand the hype – affordable yet stylish pieces that make for a great photo op? Yes, sign me up. The It brand of the moment (and, likely, of years to come), there’s no one doing it like them. A small tip, though: When shopping for special events, try getting one of their lesser-known pieces to avoid wearing the same dress as another guest – that’s how popular they are!

My personal favorites: The stunning “Cabana” dress for walking around Cartagena’s historic Old City, and ivory “Lula” bikini, for diving into the sea.

IG: @baobab

Soreil Lingerie

You don’t wear Soreil Lingerie’s pieces on just any regular day, but the label’s rococo and baroque-inspired pieces will make any day a special one. Romantic and hand-made in only the best luxury fabrics, these sets and corsets are meant to make any woman feel sensual and cared for, with every detail taken care of. Their success? Completely due to brand creator and designer Jackie Sasson, who carefully takes care of every single part of the creative process, from idea to client experience. Advice: Don’t shop online if you’re in Bogotá, head over instead to a gorgeous showroom in Quinta Camacho. They might even have some tea and cookies waiting for you.

 My personal favorites: The “Emma” stay corset, and “Snapdragon” set.

Hand-made lingerie by Soreil.

IG: @soreil_lingerie

Sofía Llanos

No accessory brand screams “cool” like Sofía Llanos. Characterized by their holographic and geometrical pieces made from stainless steel, they’re the brand for those looking to wear non-traditional jewelry, boys and girls alike. If what you’re looking for goes along the lines of “fun” and “durable”, they’re likely your best bet.

My personal favorites: The small “Chunky Holographic Hoops”, but the pink “Arkidia” ring is not far behind.

Stainless steel earrings by Sofia Llanos.

IG: @sofiallanosaccessories


Young, fun and graphic, La Marie recently became Cemadier, and with that change came a stunning rebranding and a charming new collection, featuring a new set of bright colors, fun doodles and vital prints. Cemadier makes city-wear for fun souls – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a boring or basic piece among their ranks. They’re also very well-tailored pieces.

My personal favorites: I’m into the “Sleepy Face” jacket and “Daisy Days” pants.

IG: @cemadierdesign