Cirque Farouche takes on Fellini’s “18 1/2” at the Teatro Mayor


Cirque Farouche is an international circus company that uses fear, sensuality and magic to create a unique relationship between the performers and their audience. Incorporating the four elements into the wide range of impressive acrobatics they perform during each show, everything they do is guaranteed to take your breath away.

This year, Farouche are presenting a new creation called “18 ½” based on the Oscar nominated film by Federico Fellini which tells the story of a director who, lacking inspiration, sets up a circus to portray the chaos he is in. In Fellini’s work, the fourth wall is brought down so that the viewer sees everything and understands how it is done, feeling very involved with the performance as a result. With a total of 25 artists taking to the stage in this spectacular production, 18 ½ is bound to be a night to remember.

Directed by Jef Odet, the performance is to take place in Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo over the next two weeks starting May 11. Odet’s vision for 18 ½ is to make the audience think for themselves and for them to feel as though they are on the set of a film, combining circus and cinema in a show that will change every single night as, according to Odet, “circus and cinema have a complicity like jazz and gangsters”.

The circus is an art without borders. Five musicians will play from an original soundtrack written by Damien Fleau which aims to transport the viewer from one reality to another with each piece that is performed. A ‘vertigo’ created by the acrobats will accompany this to convey urgency and danger and the audience will perch on the edge of their seats as they watch jugglers on the verge of death without the possibility of anyone shouting ‘cut’! Performers risk their lives every time that they step onto the stage and it is this bravery, strength and power that draws the audience in.

For a ticket price of $40,000 pesos why not wander down to the Teatro Mayor this weekend for an evening of heart stopping entertainment. Performances on May 11/12/13/19/20 start at 8pm. There’s a matinee performance on May 2O and an 11am show on the 21.

Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Ave Calle 170 No.67-51.


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