First ‘No Car Day’ of 2017 in Bogotá gets underway


From 5:00 am until 7:30 pm today, more than two million cars that normally fill Bogotá won’t be able to circulate on the streets of the Colombian capital during the first official “No Car Day” of 2017. The mayor’s office also estimates some 400,000 motorcycles will be off the streets as this restriction also includes motorcycles.

No Car Day comes as 26 Nobel Laureates open their 16th Congress, the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, in the city’s Corferias exhibition grounds, the first time the event has been held in a South American nation.

The 70 kilometers of allocated bike paths of the Sunday “Ciclovía” will be active Thursday for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The principal streets and avenues along which the “Ciclovía” runs are: Carrera Séptima, Ave. El Dorado, Ave. Boyacá, and Calle 116. Along the main Carerra Séptima, cyclists can use the Transmilenio lane (and after 5 pm must wear reflective vests).

If you choose to go to work or university on your bicycle, 3,758 slots have been allocated for parking your two wheels at these Transmilenio stations: Banderas, Bicentenario, General Santander, Ricaurte, Avenida Rojas, Pradera, Marsella, Mundo Aventura, Quinta Paredes and San Mateo. The mayor’s office has also allocated 553 new parking spaces for bicycles at the main Transmilenio stations of Portal de la 80 and Portal Dorado.

The city’s Transmilenio and SITP (Integrated System of Transport) bus system said that 100% of the public transportation bus fleet will be operational throughout the day, allowing passengers to move quickly throughout the system. Transport authorities expect a 20% increase in passengers, Thursday.

For those who violate No Car Day restrictions, the fine has been set at $368,900 pesos and vehicles caught on the road will be taken to the city impound in Los Alamos.

The city’s yellow taxis are allowed to circulate during No Car Day, as well as registered premium transportation companies. Armored vehicles are also exempt for the restriction.


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