The Orinoco region, also known as the Llanos Orientales or Eastern Plains, is Colombia’s frontier. Home to cowboys and folk music, the plains stretch from the Central Andes all the way to the border with Venezuela.

More of paradise in a post-conflict Colombia

Think you’ve seen it all? Colombia's post-conflict is opening up travel destinations unseen until now by the outside world.

Taking the plunge in Guaviare

Travel writer Steve Hide ventures overland on a new road which unites Villavicencio with the capital of Guaviare.
Caño Cristales expedition by Vicky Kellaway

Caño Cristales: Long road to the river

Known around the world for surreal rainbow-colored algae the Caño Cristales can be a tough trek, but worth the effort.
Plains of Colombia

Weekend away

Colombia's capital tends to evacuate every long weekend, so try these short trips from Bogotá and don't be left behind.