The Andes stretch across central Colombia and encompass the country’s most populous cities. With an incredible biodiversity ranging from high-altitude páramos to the temperate rolling hills of Medellin and the Coffee Region, the Colombian Andes offer something for everyone.

Lagos de Menegua, near Villavicencio.

Honeymoon for six

Puerto López might not be your typical romantic getaway, but then there’s a place for everyone in Colombia.
In Sabaneta, Antioquia, fake can be fascinating.

Sabaneta: ‘Fonda’ life

Firewater in a '"faux" finca setting? Sabaneta, Antioquia, is home to the 'tipicó' Fonda where ‘fake’ is both charming and fascinating.
Neusa near Bogotá was once a Musica sacred lake.

Neusa: Lake of ‘mystics’

Once a sacred lake of the Muisca, Neusa, with its tranquil waters and pine forests is a great escape for word conscious day-trippers.
Colombia offers spectacular views for campers.

Where to pitch your tent in the Colombian Andes

If enamoured by the landscapes of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, there are several camping options not far from the capital.
View of colonial Honda by William Moore.

Twilight in Tolima

Honda on the Magdalena River is an ideal destination for those who enjoy ranch life, negotiating bulls and afternoon cocktails.
The holiday season offers visitors the chance to enjoy Villa de Leyva.

Villa de Leyva “extreme”

Heading to Villa de Leyva? Catch an ancient music festival and an endurance BMX race by Andes Epic.

Raquira: Red hues of heaven

Why not take advantage of a day trip from Bogotá to explore Cundinamarca's spiritual heartland?

Boyacá backwaters

One of the greenest of all departments in Colombia - Boyacá - offers a varied agenda for tourists.
Flying tandem over the sabana de Bogotá.

Sailing Sopó wind

Get swept off your feet paragliding in the high Andean wind and an easy escape from the Bogotá rush.

Insider’s guide to Villa de Leyva

Hemmed-in by orchards and olive groves, the colonial enclave of Villa de Leyva remains one of Colombia's must see destinations.
One of Colombia's most challenging rivers: Rio Suárez.

Taming the Suárez

For some the ultimate challenge, for others, a night-mare with paddles. The Río Suárez in Santander is all about extreme adrenaline.
Girardot is one of Colombia's most visited resort towns.

Heat of the moments

Melgar and Girardot thrive on low cost tourism. With high temperatures, the fun is staying cool by a pool.
August is the month of wind with the kite festival in Villa de Leyva.

Running with kites

August is the month of kites and a spectacle in one of this country’s most attractive destinations, Villa de Leyva.
Rio Claro offers caving and water activities near Medellin.

Río Claro: Rural refuge

Set among limestone, Río Claro offers tourists caving and exploring the ruins of Escobar’s eccentric Hacienda Napoles.
A beautiful town in Santander offers visitors interesting shopping options.

Adventure shopping in Barichara

From bottles of frothy sabajón to hand-rolled cigars, Barichara on a weekend offers tourists plenty of adventure shopping. Don't miss out on our tips.
The capital of Boyacá is steeped in colonialism.

Gunpowder and colonial churches

Tunja may not get the attention it deserves, but with colonialism on every curb, the capital of Boyacá has its share of history and gastronomic curiosities.

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