Colombia and Ecuador to allow humanitarian transit across overland border


The Governments of Colombia and Ecuador have agreed to allow the transit of their citizens across the overland border at the International Bridge Rumichaca, Nariño, as part of on-going humanitarian repatriations. The announcement that both Colombians and Ecuadorians will be allowed to return home was made by Juan Francisco Espinosa, director of Migración Colombia, and based on a bilateral resolution effective immediately. “This gesture is by no means the re-opening of an international border,” stressed Espinosa, given that all air, land and sea borders remain closed with the National Health Emergency until September 1. “In the same way we have been repatriating our citizens, Colombians remain stranded in neighboring countries, including Chile and Argentina,” said Espinosa.

Colombians and permanent foreign residents, including their family nucleus, must meet the same requirements for entry as those who arrive by air and which include travel authorization from the Colombian Consulate in their country and mandatory Health Certificate. All applicants must complete the Registry of Emergencies and Disasters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

For those with private vehicles or motorcycles, the Ministry of Transport must also issue a permit for inter-municipal mobility. Nationals from countries other than Colombia and Ecuador, including Venezuelans heading to their country, are not authorized to cross the border.

The representative of Colombia’s immigration entity confirmed that since the closure of all international borders on March 23, some 80,000 Venezuelans have been able to leave the country.  Migración Colombia has also conducted 17,000 verifications of hotels and hostels where foreigners are residing to make sure quarantine is being respected.


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