Bogotá sees second consecutive day of low COVID-19 cases with new national total at 2852

Una mujer venezolana recibe un tapabocas este lunes en la alcaldía de Cali (Colombia), durante una jornada de salud e identificación de 200 venezolanos que mañana saldrían en buses desde Cali hacia la frontera en Cúcuta para regresar a su país. EFE/ Ernesto Guzmán Jr

As the number of infected patients with COVID-19 reached 2 million worldwide on Monday and death toll of 118,800 according to Johns Hopkins University, in Colombia, the number of new cases of coronavirus increased 76 putting the national total at 2,852.

The Ministry of Health reported 3 more deaths in the last 24 hours putting the country’s official death toll at 112. The three hospitalized patients who died are an 80-year old woman in Bogotá with pre-existing heart problems, a 76-year old woman in Cartagena with a medical history of colon cancer and a 76-year old man in Zona Bananera (Magdalena) diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Bogotá reported 20 new cases of COVID-19, down one case from Sunday; followed by the department of Antioquia with 12, Cartagena 11, Valle 9, Santa Marta 5, Cundinamarca 4, Huila 3, Caldas 2, Atlántico 2, Tolima 2, Meta 2, Quindío 2, Barranquilla 1 and Risaralda 1.

After two consecutive days of low coronavirus cases in Bogotá there is expectation that the so-called “epi-curve” could be leveling, and at a time in which the city completes more than three weeks under lockdown.

On Monday, President Iván Duque and Bogotá Mayor Claudia López held a meeting at Casa de Nariño to consolidate strategies with the pandemic that extended a nationwide quarantine until April 27.

Monday also marked the first day of gender-based mobility restrictions in the capital, with men being able to run essential errands on odd number calendar days and women on even days.

The department of Valle del Cauca continues to have the second-highest number of infections with 498 after Bogotá with 1205.

According to the daily case study by the National Institute of Health, 1256 tests were performed on patients with symptoms on Monday and 319 patients have recovered from COVID-19.


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