U-20 World Cup: Future stars to shine

The U-20 World Cup has attracted legions of scouts in the hope of securing the next star of the future.
Fans of Independiente Santa Fe.

Barras bravas: Can South America control its fans?

Across South America, the barras bravas command power with football clubs. But how can the sport stem the violence?

‘Ultimate’ friendships

Ultimate Frisbee can create lasting friendships, especially for those looking to integrate into a new community.
Underwater Rugby hosts its championship in Colombia.

Goals in zero gravity

It may be hard to build an audience, but Underwater Rugby has a following in Colombia with its many skilled athletes.
Tejo was declared Colombia's national sport in 2000.

Tejo: Most muddy sport

If you thought rugby was messy, try Tejo. Colombia’s national sport involves heavy metal discs and lots of team spirit.
Ultimate Frisbee in Bogotá

The ultimate frisbee town

Relatively new to Colombia, ultimate frisbee is taking the nation by storm, with more than 175 teams registered.
Suesca Cundinamarca by Jennifer Stevens

Rockin’ in the hills of Suesca

Feeling on the ropes? Head to Suesca, just outside of Bogotá, for a chance to scale the Andes one rock at a time.
Billiard players in Bogotá

Bogotá is billiards

Uniting Bogotanos for decades, the city's old billiards halls are iconic and a key meeting space for residents.
Kids in Tumaco by Piers Calvert

Cradle of champions

For kids in Tumaco, football is often seen as one of the only ways out of the impoverished fishing town.
Jack Greenwall of Independiente Santa Fe

The ‘Jack’ of Santa Fe

All but forgotten, Jack Greenwell was one of the more illustrious foreigners to lead Independiente de Santa Fe.
Cricket players by Dave Whelan

Cali is cricket country

In Cali, expats and locals alike brave high temperatures to make England's noble game a new tradition in the salsa city.
Football in Bogotá

The other “Football”

Colombia's first sport will always be football, but North American football is gaining popularity with a handful of teams around the country.