De Serpa + Saenz jacket

Tailor made

AnnMarie de Serpa, along with business partner Luis Saenz, focus on quality clothing tailored to each client.
Fireworks in Villa de Leyva on New Year's Eve

New year, old traditions

It's almost time to ring in 2013, so check out some New Year's history and traditions from around the world.
Fire juggler

Red light society

Red lights in Bogotá are often an opportunity to witness impressive live shows from performers who take street art seriously.

Plans for the end

Get your affairs in order before December 21, 2012 in these cosmically significant Colombian destinations.
Christmas in Bogotá

Navidad in the city

If you find yourself in Bogotá for Christmas, remember that even as the city empties out, the party is just getting started.
Bogota Beer Company

Bonding with beer

A new tour by the Bogotá Beer Company (BBC) offers an innovative intro to the city through its specialty beers.
Bogota Mango Vendor

Mango mania

Savory or sweet and always in season, the tropical, versatile mango is more than just Bogotá street food.

Creating coffee culture

A wave of coffee enthusiasts in Bogotá hope to make the city an epicenter of gourmet café.
Hypnotherapist Sarah Wall

Healing the mind

Hypnotherapy has powerful applications for improving a number of issues from addiction to low self-esteem.
Football in Bogotá

The other “Football”

Colombia's first sport will always be football, but North American football is gaining popularity with a handful of teams around the country.
Bokashi bucket

Bogotá ready for Bokashi?

Bokashi uses microorganisms to break down organic waste in a special bucket.Recycling on a personal scale.

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