A Thanksgiving survival guide for that last-minute holiday dinner


If you are into cycling from road to trail, well I have the right place for you: FUGA (Calle 81 No.11-55). Having recently opened you can have a nice cup-a-joe, relax with magazines and coffee table books on mountain trails. In this airy “cafe? and bike studio” you can meet other riders eager about the sport and even buy a bike. It’s an uncomplicated place that also hosts photo exhibitions, such as one currently showing on the photographic eye of cycling enthusiast Camilo Mutis. Oh, this city offers so much, no matter what you are into!

Good-natured supermarket

This is a must share experience. Last Friday I went food shopping at Carulla because it is a great day to get unbelievable discounts especially on wine and sprits. I chose a couple of nice Italians. I took the heavy bundle home. The following day I noticed my wallet was gone. I retraced my steps and thought I could have left it in Carulla. I rushed and asked at what had been my first stop, the bakery. The cashier confirmed that someone had found a small black wallet and I should go to the management.

After verification, there it was, my small black wallet: it contained my credit cards, my ID, my insurance card, everything, even $600,000 (US$200) in cash. I must say I was thrilled to find that all the content was intact. Thank you Carulla for having such honest and incredible employees.

Let’s talk turkey

November the 24th is Thanksgiving Day. In the United States it’s the most important day to be celebrated with family and friends. I love celebrating over turkey no matter where I am and opening up my home to people who may be away from home.

Even though the centerpiece of Thanksgiving is the turkey, it should be accompanied by pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, roasted Brus- sels sprouts and cranberry jelly. Let me tell you that all these ingredients are available in Bogota? and a free-range turkey can be ordered at Suna (Calle 72 No.5-09) a gourmet shop/restaurant that specializes in organic products. It takes a couple of days to get the turkey delivered. The cost is $3,500 per pound. Then there’s PriceSmart (Calle 26 No.68B-70). I don’t want to give them a plug, but I shopped there recently and found dehydrated cranberries! And a Non-GMO Butter Ball at a very affordable price: approximately $100,000 pesos for an 8-pound bird.

If you prefer burger and fries instead of turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, residents of the Zona G now have a “Home” away from home. The popular quick dining franchise Home Burgers recently launched their second city location in the capital’s gourmet district. Home Burgers joins Sierra Nevada and Corral Gourmet on the Carrrera 5 burger strip.

If a meat patty isn’t for you, enjoy the ethnic eateries, such as the Israeli Baita and Middle Eastern Zatar (Cra 5 No.69-15) on the same street.

No matter your choice, a holiday meal is a holiday meal and Bogotá offers plenty of options for the expat palate.

Happy Thanksgiving from Ambrosia!


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