Cinemateca de Bogotá presents works by two emerging Canadian directors

Maison du Bonheur by Sofia Bohdanowicz

Ficción/no/Ficción is a screening series bringing contemporary cinema which explores ideas around the ”real.” For the first edition two young filmmakers, Sofia Bohdanowicz and Lina Rodríguez, have been selected based on their filmographies and collective works that “collapse the distance between documentary, fiction, experimental and essay-film formats,” says co-curator Emily Wright.

Both Bohdanowicz and Rodríguez deliver a profoundly personal and aesthetically idiosyncratic approach to film, using the medium to delve into universal themes of geography and identity, the past and fleeting present, the material and immaterial.

Like an estuary of memory, the narratives converge around personal and shared, private and political histories. Their films – intimate chronicles of daily, domestic life – use different formats of film and digital and often re-work archive into a potent act of reinterpretation that takes us closer to the truth. Working outside the traditional systems of funding and distribution, both Bohdanowicz y Rodríguez share Canada as a home that is also contested elsewhere: Colombia in the case of Rodríguez, and Poland in the case of Bohdanowicz’s ancestors.

‘Uniting the selected works is a strong creative impulse, grounded in poetry and nonconformity”, state Emily Wright and Isabel Cuadros Pedroza, curators of this showcase. ”Both filmmakers explore ideas around memory, mining personal and family stories to moving effect.”

Their work has been shown in Berlin, Locarno, HotDocs, Viennale, Buenos Aires and London Film Festival.

The showcase opens on Thursday, 12 December at 19:00 at the Cinemateca de Bogotá and includes the series of short films by each director followed by a question and answers session with the directors. The first edition of Ficción/no/Ficción was supported by the Cinemateca de Bogotá and Canadian Embassy in Colombia.

Cinemateca de Bogotá – Cra 3 No.19-10. Admission to the opening is free, and screenings at regular Cinemateca prices.

Click here for the full programme of the first edition of Ficción/no/Ficción: Sofia Bohdanowicz and Lina Rodríguez


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