Danny Esquenazi’s CromoEspectiva at Adrián Ibáñez Gallery

'Ondulatorio eruleo' by artist Danny Esquenazi.

Danny Esquenazi exhibits his latest work CromoEspectiva/La Mirada Contenida at Gallery Adrián Ibáñez (Calle 72 No.22-35) in Bogotá’s alternative San Felipe arts district. The exhibition runs until October 30.

With 32 pieces on display, artist Danny Esquenazi explores color in its true, complete and abstract dimension, which enables viewers to lose themselves in the infinite possibilities and variation of hues.

His study of chromatics goes beyond  the spectrum of light and is able to acquire space and time by elongating itself in to forms and harmonic sculptures.

With close attention to detail, Esquenazi achieves a balance between his obsession for the sublte variations of color and his ability as an artisan to use different materials to compose color-based pieces of art. He works with materials such as wood and wood derivates, high pressure laminates, glass, brass, aluminium, polyurethane paints and lacquers.

Gallery owner Adrian Ibáñez poetically introduces the artist’s works as “the architecture of dreams.” And considers him a “mathematician, an architect, an engineer, a rigid shape finder driven by a free spirit that allows a direct connection with the earth, with the tree, with the water, with galaxies and constellations. His inspiration emanates from everyday life itself and the numerical processes that explode to give rise to the origin itself”.

In the words of curator Natalia Vega, Danny Esquenazi’s works, “move away from other proposals of the abstract geometry tradition by presenting a refreshing playful component, carrying out complex formal games that in turn play with the viewer.”

She considers that Esquenazi’s works, “connect with the viewer through the senses and affect their perceptual and emotional system through an experience and interaction that the viewer himself activates randomly or intentionally with his movement and his gaze; they allow you to discover sensations that are not part of the experience of everyday life.

The exhibit opened to the public on Saturday, September 17, were guests had the chance to meet the artist and enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Open from Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Saturdays: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.
For private appointments: +57 (312) 417 4747


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Artist Danny Esquenazi at Gallery Adrián Ibáñez in Bogotá’s San Felipe district. Photo: María Claudia Peña.
In the picture (left to right): Natalia Esquenazi, Katherine Reyna, Isabel Neira and Federico Pfeiffer. PH: María Claudia Peña
Freddy Sanabria and Vanessa Gilchrist at Gallery Adrían Ibáñez. PH: María Claudia Peña
Helmer Junco, Mariangela Guzman, and Mónica Savdie. PH: María Claudia Peña.
Carlos Monovich, Daniel Esquenazi and Aliza Eskenazi . PH: María Claudia Peña.
Julio Acosta and Jeanette Esquenazi. PH: María Claudia Peña
Gallery owner Adrián Ibáñez/Courtesy Adrían Ibáñez Gallery.