Colombia’s Ministry of Culture to create Orange Economy education


Colombia has been at the forefront of developing sustainable creative industries, from offering low-interest credit to start-ups to transforming derelict urban areas into hubs for design, film, and tech innovation. As one of the national government’s key pillars for economic growth and employment, the promotion of the Orange Economy coincides with 2021 being named by the United Nations as the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. With so much talent to offer, the Ministry of Culture forged an alliance with the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC-Colombia) to educate the creatives of tomorrow.

The International School of the Orange Economy aims to share with Latin American partners and the Ibero-American region the best practices and public policies implemented by Colombia.  The school incorporates two initiatives of mass participation through the use of virtual platforms. The first, Massive Open and Online Course – MOOC- titled “Colombia creates value: tools to increase the competitive value of the Orange Economy,” and second, the Great World Forum. The mission of the Ministry of Culture is to generate greater dialogue surrounding the importance of creative industries at a critical time when global economies are preparing to reactivate after more than a year of the coronavirus pandemic. The Colombian initiative also strengthens leadership in multilateral organizations, among them the OAS and UN to promote joint working agendas, as well as sharing of technical and financial efforts that benefit creativity and innovation.

By developing essential education, APC – Colombia is in charge of developing the school’s Knowledge Hub for South-South Cooperation in which aspiring professionals will be able to take short courses on the virtual campus offered by Colombian companies, thereby gaining value-added skills and experiences to compete in the 21st-century workplace.


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