Bogotá to adopt Vatican protocols during Easter Week


Bogotá Mayor Claudia López presented the protocols for a safe Easter in the Colombian capital, warning residents that Holy Week cannot “give us another Christmas.” The remark was made as Christians prepare to celebrate a week of religious events that begin on Palm Sunday and have traditionally involved a Good Friday procession in the historic neighborhood of barrio Egipto and pilgrimage to the Church of the Fallen Christ atop of Monserrate mountain.

Mayor López highlighted that the district would adopt the “Vatican protocols,” which recommend open-air masses and virtual religious services. The Vatican protocols were also adopted for Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, to avoid contact between the faithful and clergy.

According to the district’s Government Secretariat Luis Ernesto Gómez, biosecurity measures will be strengthened to avoid a spike in contagion, and all churches in the city should contact the Mayoralty to request an assigned plaza or park to carry host their congregations. “We must be careful avoiding processions or any event that generates a crowd,” insisted Gómez, who added that “Holy Week is a time for reflection, prayer and care for life.” Everyone participating in the outdoor services is also obliged to wear face masks and social distance.



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