B Capital captivates Bogotá for three nights of runway fashion


The audience was captivated by the performance and scene during the first night of B Capital, a showcase and celebration of fashion taking place in Bogotá this week. The Wednesday evening event, led by Kika Vargas and the direction of Laura Villegas in Creative Centre Texture in Puente Aranda, was not only a typical night at the runway but also a whole fashion-theatre expression.

Geometrical origami and blue and red lights decorated the affair where the models displayed the artistic clothes of the designers. The white and pastel colors helped to focus the movement of clothing that could at times be confused for artwork. Waves and folds were the protagonists, and they were perfectly suited for autumn.

While fashion and dancing were the artistic centerpieces of the show, lively music made for an ideal complement and gave the theatre feeling. The main show featured classical music, but the third floor was all “Diesel” that created an electronic party atmosphere. That is what B fashion means — to create an overwhelming, unique experience through fashion.

b-capital art bogota colombia
B Capital showcased art as well as fashion on its opening night. (Photo Credit: Alejandra Dueñas)

If the first night captivated fashionistas, the second day of B Capital also exceeded expectations. It was highlighted with the presentation of the new collection from Colombian designer Olga Piedrahita.

Her collection is a new alternative for the fashion world in Colombia, a line of clothes called “Arkitect” that was created for mega retailers Exito and supermarket company with outlets all over the country.

By incorporating her forward-thinking designs in a new concept where everyone can use it, she was inspired by women and their dreams. She wants every women — common women — to be able to afford and wear clothes that are a means of expression. “It is an attempt to democratize fashion so we don’t stay in the same small world,” said Piedrahita. “We can expand fashion to everyone with a fair price.”

The second night also brought Ricardo Pava, another leading designer, to the capital. His show kicked at 8:00pm at the Creative Centre Texture following an earlier runway shows of different designers.

Among the others on display were Orozco Clothing and Orepéndola from Medellín, Urbano Project, Vásquez and García from Bucaramanga, and El Origen del Mundo from Bogotá.


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