Some Tayrona peace of mind

Beautiful Tayrona Park at sunrise

Beautiful Tayrona Park at sunrise

Tayrona National Natural Park covets three Departments in Colombia: César, Magdalena and La Guajira. Extending a green dominion from the Caribbean to its high peaks of Bolívar and Colón, the Sierra Nevada is home to several indigenous groups who consider their mountain a sacred place. The parklands are increasingly an important tourist destination in the country and which offer rustic lodging in rounded malokas or camping on the beach. Hidden behind lush jungles and shrouded by palms are the pristine bays of Cañaveral, Arrecifes and Playa Cristal, and an easy day trip from the colonial city of Santa Marta.

The cold mountain streams which flow from the summit and meet the turquoise sea have sculptured boulders that now form tranquil bays and natural reefs. From secluded estuaries walk along a network of stone footpaths which once belonged to the early pre-Columbian peoples of the coastal Sierra and bask in some necessary Tayrona peace of mind.

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