Guide to travel in the Colombian Amazon region. Colombia’s Amazon region makes up part of the world’s richest ecosystem. Home to thousands of species of plants and animals, the Amazon is a nature-lover’s paradise.


Tourism to “embrace the serpent” in Colombia’s Mavecure

Deep in Colombia's interior, experience Mavecure, the impressive and iconic location featured in the Oscar-nominated 'Embrace of the Serpent'

Colombia’s Caño Cristales reopens to tourism after six month closure

With the return of rainfall to Los Llanos Orientales, the natural wonder of Caño Cristales reopens to tourism, but with strict environmental regulations.

Tarapoto lakes declared Ramsar site and first for Colombian Amazon

The Tarapoto lakes and swamps in the Colombian Amazon have been declared "a wetland of international importance" to be protected under the Ramsar Convention.

Rupicola: The rock stars of Colombia’s Vaupés department

The Rupicola inhabits the rainforests and caves of Vaupés. An elusive species to even the most tested birders, the cock-of-the-rock was first spotted in British Guiana.

Colombia’s Amazon and exploring Leticia’s backyard

At the crossroads of the Amazon, Colombia's port town of Leticia offers visitors riverine adven- tures and a local fish delicacy called pirarucú.

Inirida: Journey to the heart of the Colombian Amazon

Inírida in the heart of the Guainía department is a colourful town and gateway to an Amazonian adventure with dolphin spotting and pristine rainforest.

More of paradise in a post-conflict Colombia

Think you’ve seen it all? Colombia's post-conflict is opening up travel destinations unseen until now by the outside world.
Cut off for decades by violence, Colombia's Caquetá department is an untouched paradise.

Paradise found in Colombia’s Caquetá department

Cut off from development and tourism for decades, Caquetá is only now being discovered for its natural beauty.
With proper planning, kids can have a great time in Colombia's Amazon region.

How to take kids to the Amazon … and live to tell the tale

Colombia's Amazon region can be intimidating, but kids can have a blast if you travel with these helpful tips.
Sunset in Mitú

Mitú and an Amazon adventure

In the heart of Colombia's Vaupés department, Mitú strives to reach a balance between tradition and tourism.
Ethnographic Museum of Leticia, Colombia

Leticia’s Ethnographic Museum a window into Amazon culture

Colombia's newly re-opened Ethnographic Museum in Leticia takes visitors on a journey through the Amazon past and present.
The Cerro El Mono in the Mavecure, Guainia.

Waterways of Mavecure

Looming over the eastern frontier of Colombia, the Mavecure hills are one of nature’s most unique masterpieces.

Amazon: Into the jungle. Into the night

Colombia's Amazon captivates with its unchartered waterways, nationals and opportunity to observe species in the wild.
The gorges and canyons of the Caqueta department are opening up to tourism after decades of insecurity.

Araracuara: A telling place

The Araracuara River meandering through narrow canyons is opening up to tourism after decades of isolation and insecurity.
Yavari River

Going beyond Leticia

Head to the remote and natural corner of the Amazon, where Peru and Brazil converge along the banks of the Yavari.