Colombia’s leading daily El Tiempo endorses Duque as next President

Colombia’s national newspaper El Tiempo has endorsed the presidential bid of Iván Duque, the right-wing candidate of the Centro Democrático party. In an editorial titled ‘Reasons for support,’ the 108-year old daily referred to Duque’s government agenda as “serious and one that represents generational change.”

Sunday’s editorial was accompanied by the last poll conducted by Guarumo, in which the 41-year old economist and former Senator has 52,5% of voting intention compared with lefist Gustavo Petro at 36%. The newspaper also mentioned that it was “impossible to forget the bad quality of administration” the candidate of Colombia Humana showed as mayor of Bogotá, and “far from resolving the problems of the capital, exacerbated them, appealing to an incendiary discourse based on the excuse of class struggle.”

On Sunday, June 17, 36 million Colombians are eligible to vote in the presidential runoff between Duque and Petro.