Colombian President Iván Duque extends obligatory isolation until May 11

Presidente Duque anuncia que esta semana monitoreará, junto con la SuperFinanciera, que los canales de crédito para el financiamiento de las nóminas de las Mipyme se esté dando

Colombian President Iván Duque announced Monday, April 20, the extension of the nationwide quarantine known as Obligatory Preventive Isolation until May 11, yet opened the possibility for certain economic sectors to resume productivity if they adhere to strict working protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

President Duque also confirmed that all air travel – domestic and international – will remain suspended until May 30, the timeline for lifting the National Emergency. During this evening address to the nation, President Duque stressed that “this is not the moment for political debates” and that Colombia must remain “united to save lives.”

All overland passenger transport also remains suspended during the new extension. The President warned that even though the manufacturing and construction sectors can resume work to “attend to the needs of Colombians,” if the gradual easing is not respected by companies or contractors tougher measures may need to be enforced.

The construction sector employs close to 600,000 workers in the country. In order to contractors to resume operations, strict bio-security regulations and PPE attire must be respected and assumed by employers.



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